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PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2008 2:01 am
by kurupetos

Once again :!: The key to the solution of the CYprob is no third party interference. Turkey, Greece, UK ALL OUT. Strong central power, no dividing clauses in the constitution. The rest is details. :wink:

PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2008 2:28 am
by Big Al
geez a total response of 7, a true representation of the country. Did it represent a real cross section of the cypriot community??? what was the margin for error????

PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2008 3:02 am
by repulsewarrior
Big Al, you don't have to be a statistician to have a heart. And you don't have to be to smart to know what's Right, and for you personally, just think about it, Girne would not be Greek, you could swim in that water as a Cypriot, and in your daily life you can sustain the Turkish nature you are proud of, respecting the existence of Minorities amongst yourself, and in demonstration of your grace, providing for their special needs, as well.

It is not a dream, and if you do your homework you will find it is nothing new, it has a sound basis in our history, and more importantly it is founded on Principals which have been agreed to, not only by "us", but by all Mankind.

Cyprus is an island.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2008 3:06 am
by repulsewarrior
kurupetos wrote:Hello,

Once again :!: The key to the solution of the CYprob is no third party interference. Turkey, Greece, UK ALL OUT. Strong central power, no dividing clauses in the constitution. The rest is details. :wink:

thank you mr.k., and I agree.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 5:25 pm
by Muzzy70
Hi Repulse, it's been a long time and I apologise for only just getting round to read your topic. I find your proposal somewhat confusing but then maybe I'm intellectually bankrupt !

There are certain red lines that the TC's will not cross:

1: A bi-zonal and clearly delineated geographical area. (as present but with territorial amendments)
2: The full and unfettered right to govern the geographical area.
3: Equal representation and decision making (including the possibility of a rotational presidency - a GC for 3 years, a TC for 1 year for example).
4: A symbolic Turkish troop presence of 650 to allay psychological security fears of the TC community. The troops could possibly be withdrawn post the accession of Turkey into the EU.
5: The continued guarantee of Turkey of the area administered by the TC's only. This could also be reviewed post her accession to the EU.

We have to live in the real world and I think that an eventual settlement will pan out along the above lines.

It's interesting to note that your proposal bears some resemblance to that given by Bulent Ecevit at the Geneva conference in 1974. He proposed the continuation of the RoC as a cantonal federation.

Re: A Just Proposal

PostPosted: Thu Dec 25, 2014 2:37 am
by repulsewarrior
...simply put, the debate is flawed because it has been divided into what is "Turkish", and what is not "Turkish" (read: "Greek").

what is required, for a solution Bicomunal Bizonal, and a Federation, is: a Republic where we identify ourselves as Citizens and as Individuals, and, Constituencies where we can sustain a distinct identity as Electors, and thus as Persons. Two levels of Government would facilitate the equal needs that all Cypriot Constituencies have (as a People and as Peoples). by choice, Cypriots will defend each other as a People, and they will secure with this Freedom as such, the Liberty to represent themselves respectfully toward the minorities within their respective communities as Peoples.

geographically speaking, Constituencies can be made up of components. there is one Sovereignty, just as the existence of Cypriots and a Cypriot State is a certainty. yet within, as i've said before even if the island has a "Green Line" very much as it is today, Bizonally speaking, this does not exclude, it precludes the existence of enclaves as Jurisdictional Territories, north and south of that line, many parts, to facilitate what must be seen, the displaced, at least for some their re-population, Justice, to return as they were forced to leave, (not just as Individuals), but as Persons, as Communities. and if it were the case, a National Assembly, that represents a Greek Constituency could have many components, a Maronite, a Latin, an Armenian, (even a British), and a Turkish Constituency respectively, is realisable, effectively because, as Cypriots, these "majorities" in any "zone" are prepared to demonstrate their conviction toward Universal Principals, being one People, as a Republic of Cyprus, (firstly, (which also exists)), one island, and one country. the Cypriot way (i think it is GR that coined the phrase), is not necessarily "Greek", and not "Turkish", because its basis is rooted in something older, closer to the land, and dare i say, something more permanent too; newer thinking, if you will, i think should reflect such intentions.

...we are Bicommunal if we are: Cypriot above all, (not (just) "Greeks", and "Turks", indeed, because there are many more Cypriot Constituencies, but) as Individuals we see ourselves as Persons as well.

merry Christmas, all.

Re: A Just Proposal

PostPosted: Thu Dec 25, 2014 3:18 am
by bill cobbett
Yes... Merry Xmas for 2017, RW.

Taking a few years for your posts to reach us on your dial-up connection.

Re: A Just Proposal

PostPosted: Thu Dec 25, 2014 8:35 am
by repulsewarrior no bill, not since aug 2013, which seems so long ago already, where i took up a residence where i might imagine it could be permanent, that is more than temporary after so many years (but that is another story), i gave up dial-up because it became impossible even to load-up sights, let alone leave comments. from $6.95 (and a telephone at $22.80), to $65. 63, and to get that "deal" (for the housing quite frankly i am not yet ready to call a home), i had to get a bundle, TV by wireless too (3 TV's), and a telephone which sometimes rings but i don't know who because i never gave the phone number to anyone, having a cell phone, for an additional $92.00; you see, just the high speed internet is $150.00, (all this plus tax of course). modern living, gives me the creeps, but i like to remain a minimalist, entertainment is not something i feel good having to pay for, still, good value perhaps, the least amount possible for the highest price, on what costs pennies actually to the providers. uTube i like, no FB because they won't accept the name "repulsewarrior", or twitter, i don't feel ready for that, i really don't feel the need to be 'me' so to speak, or so welcoming to their invasive algorithms. the TV is ok but frankly the basic selection although more plentiful is no better than what can be captured as airwaves, i have a blog i keep up to date, and after 6-7 years the readership is up to hundreds per month, that is surprising to me, how it peaks sometimes with a readership from over the whole globe, because really i try to keep it as bland as possible, nor am i looking for notoriety, but that i hope my contribution is helpful, to Cyprus, the Freedom of Cyprus, and for Liberty, for Liberty as Cypriots, too.

merry xmas bill

Re: A Just Proposal

PostPosted: Thu Dec 25, 2014 5:48 pm
by kurupetos
bill cobbett wrote:Yes... Merry Xmas for 2017, RW.

Taking a few years for your posts to reach us on your dial-up connection.