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PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:25 am
by repulsewarrior
my plan is not a Cypriot Plan, and for those of you
who may know me understand my expression;
liberty of Cyprus, Liberty of its Cypriots: steadfast.
with the impasse this, we lost: as "Greeks" and "Turks"
...but what do i/I know coming from a "mixed" village?

read my manifesto, the mantra of an Individual who is
a citizen of the world, who as a Person sees the threats
to many ethnospheres not unlike his(plural) own. here
small bijoux that Humankind can cherish; a template
to define practical governance bicommunally, and now
bizonally. as a social scientist; the lament of a Canadian
with a Cypriot root these observations: Lest We Forget,
...our enemy is Ignorance, and not each other

sooner or later this dialog between us will take place,
hope is that how we divide our occupation of this land is
a question of choice; it is not tearing tearing this Heritance
in some portion of two. Cyprus belongs to no one, its
dwellers are stewards, and they are Sovereign because
United they love this island, they defend a wider interest
within a Family of Man, and in their National Assemblies
through their Territorial Jurisdictions they have a means
to sustain distinct identities recognising Universal Principals
by respecting the Minorities and their special needs, that live
amongst them. things cannot remain the same. too, our thinking.

please forgive the rant but in it is real meat...


cheers!, and