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Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Sun Jun 24, 2012 12:32 pm
by Schnauzer
'The Torch of the Brotherhood'.

In this year of 'The Olympics' whilst the 'Torch' is being relayed across the nations as a symbol of 'Unity' and 'Good Fellowship' among all those who compete for 'Gold Medals', there are other agencies at work which are far more interested in the procurement of 'Gold' than they are in 'Symbolic Medals', sadly, 'Good Fellowship' is possibly the least of their concerns as they bombard the general public with advertisements encouraging them to dispose of their 'Unwanted Gold Articles', so successful have the advertising campaigns been, one can hardly pass though a 'Shopping Precinct' or 'Market Place' without being confronted by 'Billboards' or small 'Kiosks' urging one to dispose of such valuables, indeed, if the 'Campaigns' increase much further, they may well be able to convince the general public that the 'Dealers' are doing the public a 'Favour' by relieving them of their goods.

In the 'Wake' of the success of the 'Gold Campaigns', others emerged, whether as a result of such success Or, possibly the 'Slowing Down' of business on account of there not being a great deal of 'Gold Articles' left in the possession of the general public, the new enterprises are after whatever other 'Articles of Value' may be left in the homes of the 'Unwary' folk who are currently suffering as a result of the recent 'Financial Crisis' which has beset many nations, 'Antiques', 'Paintings', 'Watches', even 'Old Cars' might turn a 'Few Quid' for the needy.

In the UK (where the 'Olympic Flame' is currently being relayed) the 'Proletariat' (and I use this description advisedly since the 'Upper Classes' couldn't care less) had hardly recovered from the 'Euphoria' of the 'Royal Marriage' before their senses were assailed with the prospect of celebrating the 'Diamond Jubilee', which will leave them suitably 'Numbed' before the onset of the actual 'Olympic Ceremonies' and in the meantime the 'Football Fiasco's' will keep them nicely occupied, as their 'Government' decides on which will be their next dastardly action in the 'Middle East' whilst the 'Festivities are in full swing.

This systematic 'Bamboozling' of the 'Proletariat Brain' ensures that they will remain the 'Most Productive' members of society whilst remaining the 'Least Appreciated', 'Least Respected' and 'Least Rewarded' members of it, furthermore, so successful has the 'Bamboozling' been, the mere suggestion of ANY action (whether 'Lawful or not) by the 'Authorities' which control them, invariably produces a 'Split Camp' of opinions among them and THAT is the cleverest 'Trick' of all since 'Disharmony' preserves the position of the said 'Authorities'.

Throughout their entire lives, the 'Proles' are obliged to 'Fumble Through' their existences like 'Blind Beggars' in a fog, some DO manage to free themselves of the 'Yoke' that is imposed upon them BUT, they are greatly in the 'Minority' and soon aspire to rid themselves of their 'Station' in life and hopefully join the 'Upper Classes', the only problem being that their 'Education' does not lend itself to such ambitions and they are even more easily 'Manipulated' by those who occupy the positions they aspire to.

In other parts of the world, the 'Aged' are regarded as the 'Wise' and the younger generations look to them for 'Guidance' and offer them respect for their 'Wisdom' BUT, in the societies which are prone to systematically 'Bamboozle' their charges, the 'End Product' can hardly be expected to be other than the "Silly Old Codgers" who ultimately MUST inhabit such societies, precisely because of their acceptance of the aforementioned impositions which were foisted upon them.

One could be forgiven for thinking that the onset of 'Senile Dementia' might be the result of such 'Aged Minds' struggling to rid themselves of the 'Cudgelling' received in their lifetime.

With such thoughts in his mind, 'Chief Inspector Patrick Muldoon' mulled over the events of his past life, he had seen and experienced much injustice in his time, he had witnessed what one could only describe as 'Savagery' committed by (or at the behest of) those in authority and it grieved him to think that HE was (supposedly) now one in concert with such 'Authority', furthermore, he mentally broached the subject of 'Racial intolerance' and it was plain to him that 'Racism' was 'Desirable' to those that ruled since, if all else failed, a quick 'Stirring Up' of 'Hatred', could nicely fill in any 'Gaps' that might occur between 'Royal' (or other) events, he even smiled a little as the thought crossed his mind that up until the time when the 'Political Career' of 'Jeremy Thorpe' was under threat, 'Homosexuality' was an 'Offence' and 'Imprisonment' was mandatory for such practices, nowadays, 'Elton John' (and many others of his persuasion) have received 'Knighthoods' and similar accolades and have even 'Entertained' the same 'Heads of State' that would have condemned them a few years ago.

It was quite by chance that he had first come into contact with 'The Brotherhood', he had applied for assistance when he wished to leave 'Eire' and seek his fortune in the UK, he was not altogether sure that he was making the right move BUT, something stirred within him and he rather fancied the prospect of joining the 'Police Force' since others he had known had done so before him, however, his past history would hardly be an 'Asset' to his application and therefore he needed a 'New Identity' which (in those days) was rather a problem.

One of his former associates 'Pug Mahone' (Formerly 'Donal Desmond) learned of his plight and together with 'Sean O'Sullivan', introduced him to the principal 'Codes' of 'The Brotherhood', which 'Ernie O'Hara' (for that was his given name at the time) found particularly suited to his OWN character, he took the 'Oath' and his allegiance to 'The Brotherhood' has NEVER been in question since he did so, there are NO 'Vices' in 'The Brotherhood', ALL men are equal and 'Lies and Deceit' are simply NOT tolerated, it is as simple as that.

'Sean O'Sullivan' was never given a 'Nom de Plume', he categorically stated that he would never leave his homeland and further indicated that such a title might draw some unnecessary attention to him if he did so, EVERY 'Irishman' has a 'Nickname', it is part of their culture BUT, such are usually associated to an 'Action' or 'Habit' peculiar to them, 'Sean' is already widely known as 'Whispering Willy' (due to his method of conversing)) and whether he likes it or not, he is stuck with it.

Thus we are now informed as to how 'Chief Inspector Patrick Muldoon' arrived at his current position, he was particularly good at his job and rose through the 'Ranks' quite quickly, he had a great understanding of the 'Reasons' for why so many hitherto honest citizens fell foul of the 'Law' and even sympathised with them on certain occasions, he would often state that he would rather deal with an "Honest Thief" than a "Liardy Politician" and was also quite apt to say, "God protect us from these men of integrity" whenever he had dealings with 'Self Styled Gentlemen' who considered their positions to be 'Above the Law' merely because they had 'Careers'.

The 'Brutality, Injustice and 'Racial Abuse' imposed upon 'Amos DeCrow' were probably (when considered together) the 'Catalyst' which prompted 'Patrick' to re-assess his position in the 'Police Force', he had been given a clear indication that he was in line for promotion to 'Superintendent' in the near future and it crossed his mind that 'Amos DeCrow' might be a very valuable 'Contact' for 'The Brotherhood', 'Amos' had expressed certain opinions which were indicative of the fact that he was not altogether in agreement with many aspects of the current society, he seemed to possess a similar 'Moral Compass' to his own and THAT was entirely acceptable to 'The Brotherhood' who were constantly eager to recruit such persons as 'Amos'.

One of the fundamental requirements of membership to 'The Brotherhood' (subsequent to taking the 'Oath' and passing through the 'Probationary Period' of 'One Year') was that each of the 'Members' should endeavour to 'Swell the Ranks' by introducing suitable candidates to 'The Brotherhood' and in so doing, enhance their own position within it (providing their 'Recruit' proved his worthiness') with the passage of time.

It was very easy for 'Patrick' to locate 'Amos', he had all his details and resolved to make contact with him as soon as he had obtained the necessary permissions from the 'Elder' who was responsible for the 'Area' in which this new 'Prospect' lived, once more 'The Fates' do smile upon 'Jimmy Light', for HE is both 'Elder' to such 'Area' and 'Superior Elder' of 'The Brotherhood'.

It was harder to locate 'Jimmy' however, since he had temporarily 'Gone to Ground' in order to consider his next move in connection with his anticipated 'Claim for Compensation' whilst at the same time, ensuring that his concerns about his 'Personal Safety' were made known to ALL 'Elders' and advising them of the circumstances surrounding his reasons for making them aware of such concerns.

In common with ALL 'Societies' and in particular with those that rely upon 'Secrecy' and the ability of 'Members' to respect the importance of it for their own good, there are numerous 'Signs' and 'Signals' (whether by word or action) which are essential for 'Identification', it would be quite pointless to enquire whether or not one was a 'Member' of 'The Brotherhood' since nobody outside of it would know of it's existence and those within it would never respond to such an enquiry without the required 'Identifications', therefore, 'Patrick' was obliged to contact 'Pug Mahone' (an 'Elder') in order to secure permission from the correct source (unknown to him at the time) before making any contact with 'Amos DeCrow'.

As mentioned earlier, 'Membership' is not an easy process, one's 'Moral Compass' MUST be acceptable and it is usually most evident among persons who have known 'Suffering' and 'Hardship' in their lives, such folk have a developed sense of 'Compassion' and 'Respect' for their fellow man, they also abhor 'Injustice' and strive to maintain the 'Freedom' that their association with their 'Brothers' allows them, they place a sure dependence upon the 'Laws of Equivalence' and are ever insistent that such 'Laws' must prevail at all times.

The 'Nine Commandments' of 'The Brotherhood' and 'The Oath' that attends them, is the 'Code' that the 'Brothers' live and die by (Once in never out) and THAT is why there are so many 'Irish Tinkers' and other 'Itinerant Folk' among those of 'The Brotherhood', every one of them aware of the fact that there is 'No Crime' in resisting 'Oppressive Laws' and 'No Crime' in the breaking of 'Unjust' ones, their whole life is governed by 'Pure Truth' (in accordance with their 'Code') and THEY are the 'Torch Bearers' which deserve recognition and respect, sadly, the opposite is so often the case BUT, one is invited to contemplate the possibility that 'ENVY' might be the source of the derisive remarks so often directed towards those 'Free People' who have little regard for 'Authorities' which attempt to control their lives and keep them suitably 'Entertained' with 'Royal Events', 'Olympic Games' and 'Football Matches', they much prefer to exercise their minds with 'THOUGHTS' of their own and as one 'Brother' declared :- "We are MEN not Horses, why then should we be 'Blinkered' all our lives?", he may have a point. :wink:

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2012 11:01 am
by Schnauzer
(Seizing a small window of opportunity, I hope all you good folks are well, it looks as if I will be absent for some time yet, perhaps another two weeks. I will try to add further reading material as and when I can, Best Wishes, Schnauzer. X.) :wink:

"A peek at Inner Self"

Engaged in the thoughts that he was having, 'Patrick' considered the differences between 'Himself' and the vast majority of his 'Fellow Man', even though he had experienced personal hardships (whether as a result of imposed 'Oppressions', 'Insult', 'Ill Treatment' or other sources) YET, he was somehow able to sympathise with those who had not, precisely because they 'Had Not' and on thinking such thoughts, a 'NEW' revelation came to him, the probability that they (His Fellow Man) are actually unable to grasp the fact that (to a lesser degree perhaps) they ARE subjected to exactly the same 'Impositions' as himself but are oblivious to it.

Reflecting on his OWN childhood and the circumstances that formed his character, 'Patrick' smiled to himself as he considered the fact that he had only the vaguest recollection of where he originated and who his 'REAL' Parents were, the opportunity to investigate his 'Origins' did not present itself until much later in his life and by then, only 'Snippets' of information could be gleaned from whatever records existed and he had to rely upon his 'Memory' as a child to come to terms with it.

Perhaps the very fact that he was NOT subjected to the same 'Lifetime Lessons' as his present day 'Peers', enabled him to view various situations from a different perspective and he felt it necessary to (wherever possible) compare HIS experiences to those of his associates.

As a 'Senior Police Officer', he obviously could not openly condemn the 'Administration of the Law' BUT, from time to time he was able to highlight the 'Hypocrisy' which often attends it and at such times he did so, for instance, when 'Tony Blair' was 'Prime Minister', he actually delivered an 'Apology' to the people of 'Ireland' for the savage treatment they endured at the behest of 'Charles Trevelyan' in the 'Times of the Famine', without a hint of 'Irony', he condemned the harshness of the 'Laws' imposed upon the population which certainly contributed to the deaths of well over 'One Million' innocent people as a result of them YET, this same person is directly responsible for the slaughter of 'Millions More' innocents worldwide and denies any responsibility for such deaths, perhaps some future 'Politician' will apologise on HIS behalf.

There are MANY examples of such 'Hypocrisy' in the annals of 'Political and Social History' BUT, as aforementioned, the 'Difference' is that 'Patrick' can see them, others maybe cannot.
'Patrick' reasoned that his involvement with 'The Brotherhood' is probably THE most important change to his life since the day he had the good fortune to meet with 'Donal O'Hara' and his lovely wife 'Hannah', he shuddered at the thought that, had it not been for such a chance encounter, he would probably NEVER have the capacity to THINK for himself and that the 'Code' by which he now lived, had enhanced his inner feelings of 'Self Worth' beyond his wildest dreams, he was a 'Free' man 'Inwardly' even though his 'Uniform' might suggest otherwise.

'Patrick' sat down in front of his desk and began to write the story of his young life, the earlier part he could only recount from information that he had gathered later BUT, for the most part he could recall incidents that were still fresh in his mind.............. somewhat.

I was left abandoned on the doorstep of a couple in the 'East End' of 'London' some time in 'October' of 1958, a letter was left in the 'Cardboard Box' which contained me explaining the reason for my abandonment and more particularly the 'REASON' for this couple's selection as my 'Guardians'.

They were renowned in the area for their kindness and consideration (I was later informed) and were thus selected by my distressed young 'Mother' who could not bear to place me in 'Care', a wise choice indeed since my new (soon to become) 'Parents' were apparently smitten by the sad contents of my unfortunate 'Mother's' missive.

Lord knows what 'Legal Entanglements' my new 'Parents' were obliged to unravel in order to secure the 'Rights of Adoption', (I have never really had the opportunity to probe such issues since I was unaware of them until much later in life) I spent 'Six Years' happily enjoying the everyday joys a child with loving parents generally experiences until the fateful day when it all ended abruptly, the house we lived in was 'Razed by Fire' and both my 'Parents' perished as a result of it, had I not been at 'School' at the time, perhaps the same fate would have befallen me.

I was placed in 'Care' and despite the efforts of those who had my best interests at heart (I am sure), I would neither speak nor join in any activity with my young 'Peers' and as a result, it was assumed that I was a 'Simpleton' (since the 'Expertise' necessary to deal with such a case was not available in those days) and for 'Two Years' I maintained absolute silence thus earning the 'Nickname of 'Dummy'.

It was decided that I should be removed to a 'Special Establishment in Yorkshire', there to be 'Schooled' in accordance with my inability to communicate, unfortunately my seemingly 'Morose Attitude' became something of a annoyance to the 'Frumpish Matriarch' who controlled the staff there and it was not long before I became a 'Target' due to their own inabilities to understand my condition, subsequently I was subjected to 'Daily Punishments' and it became some kind of 'Game' to them to see which one of them, with the application of 'The Stick', could inflict sufficient pain on me to encourage some sounds of distress.

I was aware of their objectives and proudly state that they did not succeed in their evil intent, I remained absolutely silent and have lain curses upon every one of my 'Tormentors', I KNOW they will suffer , fro such is the 'Lot' of ANY who inflict suffering upon others, be they ever so mighty.

For almost 'Four Years' I endured my captivity in that establishment (now no longer in existence) until the 'Christmas Period' of 1970 when, for the first time, my 'Cell' (room) door was carelessly left unlocked and I made good the opportunity afforded to me and 'Absconded'.

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As I said yesterday, it must be the heat!

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by Schnauzer
Hi Folks, another small period of living in 'Comparative Civilization' permits me to forward a further page to my story, it would appear that my prospects of returning to Cyprus (as hoped) have been put on hold for a further indefinite period, glad to have had the small opportunity of watching SOME of the 'Olympics' on T.V. but sadly my locations are often so remote, I scarcely get the chance to indulge in such luxuries.

Best Wishes to ALL members, hope to be back nearer 'Home' soon and will try to engage further as and when the opportunities permit me to do so. Good Luck. Schnauzer. x.

"The Bond and the Free"

I climbed through a small 'Dormer Window' which was situated at the end of a passageway on the top floor of the dormitory building and gained access to the snow covered roof, I then clambered along the ridge of the roof and jumped down onto the flat roof of the 'Extension' building which abutted the main structure and climbed down a drainpipe to the 'Yard Area', from there I hastily crossed the forecourt and made good my escape by scaling the perimeter wall.

I was aware that my 'Footprints' would reveal the direction of my escape route as I headed for the main road leading 'South', I gained the centre of it where vehicular traffic had churned the snow to 'Slush' and changed direction heading 'further 'North'.

It was easy to avoid being seen since it was dark and I skipped off the road whenever a 'Headlight' appeared in the distance, it was approaching 'Dawn' when I came across a small 'Farm' in the 'Howarth Area' of 'Yorkshire', fearful of being discovered (there may be Dogs) I decided to sleep it out in the open until darkness fell again, I found a sheet of 'Corrugated Iron' and leaned it against a perimeter wall, crawled under it and shivered throughout the entire day until 'Dusk' descended once again.

There was a 'Barn' fairly remote from the actual 'Farmhouse' and I furtively approached it, I could see the warm glow of the 'Farmhouse Lights' and caught the sounds of 'Merriment' from within, I suppose it must have been 'Christmas Eve' BUT, if it was, there was no way I would have known since 'Christmas Festivities' were never part of life to one such as I in the 'Home' from which I had departed, I gained access to the 'Barn' and scrabbled around for food, I found some boxes of what I imagine were 'Turnips' or 'Swedes' (probably for the 'Cattle') and a bucket filled with water (probably 'Rainwater') which I drank in order to wash down the awful hardness of that which I had just chewed and swallowed, in dread of being discovered, I set about about the task of affording myself some concealment and found some old 'Wooden Planking' which I leaned against a wall of the 'Barn', I practised darting in and out of my hiding place in the darkness and remained in the 'Barn for about 'Three Days' (not really sure) during which time I took careful note of any movements at the farm.

It must have been a couple of days after 'Boxing Day' that the 'Farmer' approached the 'Barn', I hid behind the 'Planking' and peered through a crack between them, the 'Farmer' lifted a sack over his shoulder and withdrew, I watched him through a small hole at the other end of the 'Barn' and saw him approach another building close by, it was a 'Stable' and I was soon treated to the sight of two fine 'Shire Horses' being led out of the 'Stable' and down into a field.

That night, I stealthily approached the 'Stable' and immediately felt the warmth of it, the 'Body Heat' of the 'Horses' in the confined space was sufficient to obviate the necessity of rubbing my hands together in order to generate some warmth to my numbed fingers, the 'Horses' and I enjoyed a sumptuous meal of 'Oats' and water and for the first time in days, I felt as though I had eaten substantially.

I set about making myself comfortable for the night and came up with a wonderful 'Idea', I overlaid some 'Straw' with an old 'Horse Blanket' and shovelled fresh 'Manure' on top of it, I then crawled under the blanket and can tell you that I have since slept in some 'High Class Hotels' in many parts of the world BUT, the night's sleep I had in that stable, was a memorable one and I slept like a log.

Early the next morning I awoke to the sound of raised voices coming from the direction of the 'Farmhouse', I carefully peered through the central gap in the stable door and saw that a 'Horse Drawn Caravan' was outside the 'Picket Fence' of the 'Farmhouse', the 'Farmer' was gesticulating and another man was shouting in response to his movements, I recognised the accent of the 'Stranger' to be that of an 'Irishman' and I immediately formulated my next movement.

I watched the 'Caravan' as it passed through the 'Farm Gates' and noted the direction it took on gaining access to the road, I hurriedly took leave of my two 'Gentle Companions' and ran along the inside of the stone perimeter wall in a crouched position until I had outstripped the progress of the 'Caravan', I leaped over the wall and began to walk toward it.

I will NEVER forget the face of that man who sat up on the 'Driving Board', he had 'Steel Blue Eyes' that shone as bright as 'Sirius' and a complexion which left no doubt in the mind of the observer that HERE was a man used to the rigours of 'Outdoors', he halted his progress and held his hand down to me offering assistance as I clambered aboard and sat beside him, he 'Clicked' his teeth and set the 'Caravan' in motion then, turning to me he gently said "You have some trouble Son?" and it was as though he had read my situation in an instant, a 'Curtain' which covered the entrance to the 'Creel Structure' at the front was drawn open and a wonderful 'Lady' peered out, so moved was I by the feeling that these two 'Strangers' were able to pass to me without words, I cried like a drain and felt the warmth of a consoling arm around me in response to my distress.

For the first time in 'Years', I uttered sounds, I always COULD speak, there was no reason for me not to, I just didn't want to up until THIS meeting.

These two people, this Man, this Woman, these two 'Angels' who had suffered the 'Stigma' of being insulted almost daily because their 'Station' in life was considered below accepted 'Standards', these scorned upon 'Tinkers' achieved in 'Five Minutes' what the 'Experts' had failed to do in as many years.

We travelled as a 'Family', I as their 'Son' and 'Donal O'Hara' (for that was this 'Tinker's name) gave me the name of 'Ernie', he said it was suitable because (after telling him of my past and the manner of my escape) he reasoned that I had 'Earned' my 'Freedom', he was also particularly fond of the name because it contained the letters which could spell both 'Erin' and 'Eire'.

We made our way to the 'Liverpool Ferry' and I began my new life in 'Ireland', land of the 'Poets' where 'Musicians' (and I refer to music which emanates from the soul and tumbles through the swaying grass) where the people are born with 'Courage' and a 'Determination' which sets them apart from the 'Ordinary', a people that possess a natural gift of 'Genius' which merely represents a small part of their 'Lust for Life' and it was among THESE folk that I reached the age of 'Eighteen Years', may God bless them all.

God Bless the memory of 'Donal O'Hara' (whom I regarded as my 'Father') and his angelic Wife 'Hannah' (whom I fondly remember as my 'Mother') for they are both long departed, I was unable to embrace the 'Faith' THEY had for my life had not truly begun until I had the good fortune to meet them, if there IS a 'God' and he truly does look down upon us all, those who treated me with such cruelty will surely suffer and my 'Tinker Saviours' will be rewarded.

One day, whether I be a 'Believer' or not, we will ALL be together in 'The Hereafter'. :wink:

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by Schnauzer
"The Free Resist Bond"

Continuing with his 'Musings', it became ever more clear to 'Patrick' that his life among 'Tinkers' (and their ilk) endowed him with whatever 'Positive Qualities' his character revealed, he was perfectly 'Happy' with the 'Credo' he had developed as a result of his association with the 'Itinerant Community' and felt that his acceptance as a member BY 'The Brotherhood', was more likely than not, the culmination of his becoming a 'Tinker' himself, he hummed a tune to himself and remembered the words of the song he had sung so many times in the past:-

"I'm a 'Freeborn Man' of the 'Travelling People', got no fixed abode with no mass am I numbered,
country lanes and 'By-ways' were always MY ways, I never fancied being lumbered.

Well we knew the woods and the resting places, where the small birds sang when winter time was over,
then we'd pack our load and be on the road, they were good old times for 'The Rover'.

And at other times we would sit and linger, for a week or two for 'Time' was not our master,
then away we'd jog with our Horse and Dog, nice and easy, no need to go faster.

I've made 'Willow Creels' and the 'Heather Besoms', and I've even done some 'Begging' and some 'Hawking',
and I've laid out spent wrapped up in my tent, and just listened to the 'Old Folk' talking.

All you 'Freeborn Men' of the 'Travelling People', every 'Tinker', 'Rolling Stone' or 'Gypsy Rover',
the winds of change are blowing, your old ways are going and your 'Travelling Days' will soon be over".

With such songs as these and the 'Camaraderie' that accompanied them, it is small wonder that my entire perspective on life underwent such dramatic changes, I learned (and fast) that the value of a 'Human Being' was NOT measured by the amount one held in 'The Bank' but by that which one held in 'The Heart', that a Man should be judged by what he 'Does' rather than what he 'Says' and, 'By God' any FOOL should be aware of such a fact, if there be ANY doubt, use a 'Politician' as a 'Yardstick' and the 'Adage' is 'Proven'.

'Donal O'Hara' was the finest 'Fiddle Player' I have ever heard in my life, the 'Music' that was in that Man was 'Awesome' to say the least, he could MAKE you dance whether you could dance or not and the 'Camps' were filled with the joy of being 'Alive' whenever a gathering took place, on nights when the fires burned and the flames cast shadows around and between the 'Wagons' and 'Tents', even the crackling and dancing of the flames filled me with such a feeling of belonging that I knew I had found my 'Home'.

I became quite adept with the 'Fiddle' myself, I still have the one 'Donal' played and 'Diamonds' would not entice me to sell it, I quite often play it and can feel the 'Spirit' of 'Donal O'Hara' guiding my fingers as I lurch into 'Jig Time', I have never played the instrument without feeling that the Man's very 'Soul' dwells within it, I also play the 'Mouth-Organ' and, although it was 'Donal' that first encouraged me to play it, the expressive notes that I can produce, are sourced from my own feelings and at times transport my senses to those happy times and, even to this very day, my 'Music' is all part of my existence and can never be taken from me nor 'Beaten' out of me BUT, now I will speak of 'Dogs'.

I think it is generally accepted that 'Dogs' act (or react) on 'Impulse' or some other 'Instinct' which neither ordinary Man nor 'Scientist' have been able to determine precisely since 'Humans' cannot converse with 'Animals', therefore, 'Speculation' is the only real opportunity to understand their actions and 'Experts' are not easily contradicted by 'Lay Persons'.

I am by no means 'Qualified' BUT, I do feel confident enough to venture the opinion that 'Dogs' are incapable of 'Thought' in the same way as are 'Humans' and mean no disrespect to our 'Canine' friends by suggesting such, once they are 'Domesticated, Inbred or Crossbred' for particular purposes, they become an 'Asset' to 'Man' and are ever subject to whatever uses 'Man' requires of them.

Therefore, when a 'Dog' makes an 'Attack', or 'Bites' or 'Barks' or 'Fouls the Footpath', it is entitled to be excused since, either it has not been 'Trained' correctly or, if it has, perhaps has suffered some lapse in connecting the 'Signals' or 'Instructions' to control it's behaviour, all in all, if the 'Dog' misbehaves it can be 'Re-Trained' or (in serious cases) 'Put Down' although the 'Dog' itself, generally speaking, cannot be blamed since 'Man' and 'Beast' can never be said to be absolutely 'In Concert' one with the other.

Now look at the actions of 'Man', we KNOW we can 'Think', we even think we KNOW how a 'Dog' thinks (if in fact it does) BUT, there is a distinct difference between 'Man and Dog' when 'Action' takes place since 'Man' acts on 'Conscious Decisions' and 'Dogs' (as far as we are aware) do not, a 'Dog' responds to a 'Command' to act, it presumably does not 'Think' about it's 'Action' but merely carries out it's 'Instructions' and therefore cannot really be held accountable for it's behaviour when responding to such 'Commands', in fact, a 'Well Trained Dog' is too often viewed as a 'Good Dog' whereas a 'Natural Dog' might be viewed as a 'Cur', (quite unfair in my honest opinion).

I saw two 'Dogs' attacking 'Donal O'Hara' whilst he was surrounded by several 'Armed Soldiers', I saw four 'Soldiers' kicking 'Donal O'Hara' with their studded 'Army Boots' AFTER they had called their 'Dogs' off, I heard the 'Soldiers' calling 'Donal O'Hara' a 'Filthy Irish Bastard' as they battered him with the 'Butts' of their 'Rifles' and I saw 'Donal O'Hara' spit in their faces in reply to their aggression, I saw 'Donal O'Hara' slumped against a wall with the blood streaming from the head wound he received because of his defiance.

And what was the 'Crime' he committed which deserved such treatment?.

When stopped on the road by this group of 'Soldiers' who demanded to know where he was going, they were not satisfied when he replied "Anywhere I choose in my own country", how 'Brave' of that group of 'Soldiers' to assume 'AS ONE' that such an answer warranted such a 'Savage Attack' upon an innocent man who was merely travelling the roads of his 'Homeland', how sad for a young person (of MY age) to witness such 'Savagery' and be powerless to assist my 'Father' (for that is how I considered 'Donal O'Hara') as a 'Thirteen year old Boy'.

'Donal O'Hara' was accused of antagonising the 'Soldiers', of kicking the 'Dogs' and of resisting arrest, the 'Well Trained Soldiers' concocted a suitable story, MY account of the incident was dismissed and 'Donal O'Hara' was released on bail to appear before a 'Magistrate', he did not appear and there is probably a 'Warrant' for his arrest somewhere in the 'Archives' and the 'Magistrate' knows full well what he may 'Wipe' with it.

'Patrick' bit on his lower lip as he considered the difference between 'Man and Dog' relative to the above incident, the 'Soldiers' had, 'In Concert' and 'Of their own Volition', behaved in a manner which even a 'Cur' (or pack of) would be condemned for, they were under no threat, they did not need to perform such 'Savagery' in order to survive, there were no issues of any consequence, therefore, the entire event could be seen as one which took place because the 'Soldiers' KNEW that they could act in accordance with their OWN natures, a very vivid example of just how easily 'Man' can (at times) perform deeds which a 'Dog or Cur' would not.

On his return from the questioning which took place in 'Crossmaglen' (Military Post), 'Donal O'Hara' winked at me and said "We'll Go" and with that small statement I knew exactly what his intentions were, we travelled on down the 'East Coast' of 'Eire' beyond the 'Wicklow Mountains' and were suddenly caught in a 'Storm', the like of which I have seldom seen, it was a 'Flash Storm' and the fury of it ripped the cover off our 'Caravan' and the canvas flapped noisily in the whistling wind which accompanied the lashing rain, a wry smile crept over the face of 'Donal' and he remarked, "Sure a Man is nothing when confronted by the power of the Almighty" and heads bent forward, we continued on our way.

'Hannah O'Hara' was probably the most remarkably outspoken Woman I have ever encountered, as gentle as 'Jayzus Christ' himself when left alone BUT, fearsome as the 'Devil' when put out, did you ever hear the expression 'Curses like a Tinker?', well, you'd better believe it, the 'Track of Hannah's Tongue' was famed, feared and respected throughout the 'Emerald Isle' and (to be sure), if 'Hannah' had been present at the scene of 'Donal's' encounter with the 'British Army', no man on earth would dare lay a hand on 'Donal O'Hara', 'Dogs' or no 'Dogs'.

'Hannah' clenched her fist and, looking up shrieked a 'Devil's Curse' skyward, she linked one word to the next with such rapidity that one would think she was speaking in some 'Alien Tongue' AND IT WORKED!!, the 'Storm' abated, the sky cleared and a 'Rainbow' arced above us as we were heading down from the road which ran alongside the base of the mountains, the end of the 'Rainbow' was clearly visible and it bathed the land towards which we were heading in it's mysterious light, "There Boy" said 'Donal' as he pointed directly at the 'Rainbow's End', "That's MY Land" and indeed it was.

We arrived in 'Monaseed' (a small area of 'Gorey' in 'County Wexford') and I was amazed to learn that THIS land, which stretched for as far as the eye could see in all directions, actually belonged to 'Donal O'Hara' and no better 'Man' than HE should have 'Dominion' of it. :wink:

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by Schnauzer
Hi Folks, hoping to find you all in good form (as usual) :lol: I have a little time to continue with the story, I was hoping to be back in Cyprus by now but it would appear that I will be quite 'Out of Touch' for some time yet.

At those times when I am able, I do like to look up the latest exchanges on the 'Forum', unfortunately the opportunities to do so are becoming increasingly rare, however, God willing, (or Allah, whichever may hold more sway) I should be back in a few more weeks ("Say's I"), meantime, I send my best wishes to ALL members and hope to be able to join you in the near future..................Good Luck.................Schnauzer. X. :wink:

"The Tinker's Wit"

Take careful note, since he who would challenge the 'Wit of the Tinker' can be only one of two things, 'A Fool or a Tinker', for they are among the sharpest minded folk walking upon the face of 'God's Earth' and make no mistake about it.

'Geniuses' adopting the guise of 'Hobo's' would be a perfectly sound overall description of these wonderful folk, much maligned and thriving upon it, their 'Itinerant Lifestyle' perfectly suited to conceal the wealth of ability they possess in order to surmount the obstacles the world in general places before them at their every move.

Such competitors too, no 'Gambler' on earth has the same 'Razor Sharp Wit' as the 'Tinker', he will 'Outwit' the 'Devil' himself when a game of chance draws him into the ring.

To the genuine 'Tinker', the world belongs to HIM, with such a 'Mind-set' as this, he is protected from all the pitfalls others are so often prone to fall foul of, how can you 'Bribe' a Man who owns everything ?, what can you offer a Man as an incentive to dishonour his 'Friends' when he considers himself to be the 'Owner' of everything that YOU may possess?, how can a Man be 'Avaricious' with such an outlook ?, the whole concept of "The Lord will Provide" is the natural inclination of the 'Tinker's Mind' and that is why they are 'Free'.

Among each other, they are the most 'Honourable' and 'Trustworthy' society in existence, truly so, for they have no reason to be otherwise, consider THIS, how may a Man rob and plunder his own goods ?.

Never enter into an argument with a 'Tinker', you will find yourself in a 'No Win' situation and at the very least will come away feeling so much less of a person than you were prior to the engagement.

Never try to 'Outsmart' a 'Tinker', the more stupid you may think your 'Quarry' is, the greater your own peril for in the 'Tinker's Mind', whatever YOU have, is only on loan from HIM.

And so I took up my 'Base' residence in 'Monaseed, Gorey, Eire' and grew to manhood as I followed the traditions of my new (and beloved) 'Family' and those associated with it.

I do not propose to recount many of the unpleasant experiences I encountered during my time among my 'Friends', there are far too many opportunities for dispute among those who can accept 'Subjugation' and 'Control' without being aware of their OWN situation, indeed, so thoroughly have they been 'Brainwashed' by the 'Authorities' that govern them, they are mostly 'Conditioned' to vociferously leap to the defence of the 'Lies' and 'Deceit' which (certainly of late) dictates the manner in which they conduct themselves, I would not wish to engage in 'Political Exchanges' with such folk, I fear I would feel a great sadness for their 'Plight' and much prefer to reserve any 'Sorrows' I might feel for the passing of my 'Saviours', 'Donal O'Hara' and his lovely Wife 'Hannah.

I have been assaulted by 'British Soldiers', fired upon with 'Rubber Bullets' and 'CS Gas', strip searched and insulted both solely and in the company of 'Friends' who were equally 'Innocent' of any wrongdoing and the list goes on BUT, I have never allowed those antagonists to compromise my admiration for the people who so greatly earned my respect and gave me the tools to live my OWN life as a 'Free' Man.

Thus to this day, I am 'Undefeated' and if there be any among the 'Brainwashed' who are currently under the impression that a 'Rubber Bullet' is a 'Soft Projectile' designed to avoid serious injury (and believe me there ARE such folk), let me assure you that they are gravely mistaken since such 'Missiles' are capable of inflicting horrendous pain and suffering to the recipient of it's fury.

'CS Gas' is often considered (by the unknowing) as something of a 'Soft Deterrent' when used in situations of 'Crowd Control', it may well have survived such an illusory description had it not been for an incident which took place in the 'Houses of Parliament' when a certain 'WAG' hurled a 'Canister of CS Gas' among those MP's assembled, such was the uproar, the 'WAG' was under the threat of being charged with 'Attempted Murder', until it was pointed out (by one who considered the repercussions) that such an accusation would possibly be detrimental to the use of the substance elsewhere, after all, nobody actually 'Died' in the 'House' BUT. one wonders if there were fatalities in other circumstances as a result of it's use.

And now I will consider 'Valour'.

Where is it visible when a force of 'Forty' or 'Fifty' well armed and well trained 'Soldiers', surround and attack a small home in the hills of 'Eire' , backed up by almost a dozen 'Armoured Vehicles' with the whole intention of capturing 'TWO MEN' whose only wish (or seeming 'Crime') was to see their own country 'Free' ?.

Where lies the 'Valour', when those 'TWO MEN', refusing to surrender, were fired upon with salvo after salvo in the dead of night, stunned by 'Grenades' and there slaughtered, 'TWO MEN', one aged 'Fifty Four' and his companion aged 'Forty Two', both 'Family Men' and both 'UNARMED', where lies the 'Valour' ?.

'Donal O'Hara', on that night your body was lain lifeless on the ground, face up towards the 'Stars' above you, it was a fairly clear night and small clouds seemed to scurry across the 'Moon' which appeared to smile down upon you, your eyes were open wide and outshone the 'Stars' even in death, the end of a life which once graced the earth with it's presence, you will ALWAYS be remembered, I will NEVER dishonour YOU.

From the time we arrived in 'Eire' up until the time I left (for the first time soon after the above event), I had spent about 'Twelve Years' among 'Travelling Folk', I finally left the country mid 1982 (or thereabouts) but have been back on several occasions to visit 'Friends' and sadly, to attend 'Wakes'.

'Hannah O'Hara' died barely a year after I left, I was not able to attend her 'Wake' as I was out of touch with 'Civilisation' at the time.

I would like to meet the Man who had the audacity to close the eyes of 'Donal O'Hara', I would inform him that his hand had touched 'True Valour' BUT, doubtless HE (like so many others) would not understand the meaning of such a word. :(

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by Schnauzer
"Innocence is no excuse"

'Chief Inspector Patrick Muldoon' sat back in his swivel chair and momentarily closed his eyes, he gently rotated from side to side whilst resting his elbows on the 'Arm Rests' and placing his interlocked fingers across his stomach, in his 'Mind's Eye' he conjured the visions of those events he had just written about and felt a surge of sadness as a result of them, as he moved from side to side, the brightness of his 'Desk Light' penetrated his eyelids and he could visualise a 'Redness' and intermittent 'Whiteness' as he passed before the light, he began to direct his thoughts toward the 'Ill-treatment' he had received at the hands of those who took him captive on the night when 'Donal O'Hara' was slain.

'Patrick' placed both his hands over his face, he rubbed his forehead and closed his eyes tightly, he pressed his fingers into his eye sockets and sat upright. he flexed his fingers and again began to type.

It was only by chance that 'Hannah' and I were not actually in the vicinity of the house at the time of the attack by the 'British Forces' BUT, we were (neither of us) spared the 'Fury of the Beast' subsequent to it, we had been down to the small 'Grocery Shop' (which always remained open late) purchasing provisions, when we heard rapid gunfire and saw the flashes of the attack which appeared to be near to where both the 'Caravan' and the 'House' were.

Hurrying toward the area where several 'Military Vehicles' were positioned, we were both prevented from advancing further and 'Hannah' was quite roughly restrained as she insisted on passing along the narrow road leading to where the 'Caravan', 'Horse', 'House' and 'Equipment' were, she did not at that time imagine that 'Donal' was in any way connected to the incident taking place, nor that the 'House' was being targeted, she was merely concerned about the safety of him and our possessions but did not have long to wait to learn of her Husbands fate.

As to my own position, when I saw how disrespectfully 'Hannah' was being treated, I attempted to assist her only to be beaten with 'Rifle Butts' and held prisoner for a while.

It was only when the 'Soldiers' had finished with their 'Attack' that we were allowed to approach the lifeless bodies of 'Donal O'Hara' and his companion, only after they had been made aware of the relationship between their 'Victims' and we two, only after 'Hannah' had collapsed in anguish at the sight of her 'Husband' being laid face upwards in the damp grass.

Whatever reasons the 'British Forces' gave for their actions, WE will never know, obviously they would never admit to 'Errors of Judgement' and the consequence to those who wished to live a peaceful and 'Free' existence in their own country, was that they were branded as 'Terrorists' simply because they objected to the intrusive measures foisted upon them by a foreign force.

And now I will tell you of the 'Beatings' I took merely because I would not (and in some cases could not, which suited me better) name names and supply information which would be of detriment to the safety and well being of those persons enquired of.

I, (as an 'Innocent' young Man) was incarcerated in a famous 'Gaol' (I will not name) and was there subjected to inhumane treatment, all the more inhumane since I WAS 'Innocent'.

The reason for my incarceration was quite simply due to my reluctance to 'Invent' or 'Divulge' information (false or otherwise) which would serve to incriminate other 'Innocent' people, particularly among the 'Itinerant Fraternity' who in reality were no threat at all BUT, the very fact that they were insistent upon their right to roam freely in their own country, caused a great deal of consternation (Politically) and the accusations of 'Terrorist Activity' were used as a means to restrict the 'Free Movement' of such 'Itinerants'.

I do not propose to describe in detail the manner in which I was treated, I am sure there is enough evidence of the mistreatment of prisoners by the 'British Government Forces' already under discussion, without MY adding to such evidence, suffice to say that I was held in 'Solitary Confinement' and given only 'Bread and Water' for the maximum period allowed under 'British Law' at that time (Ten Day Periods) minimal exercise and deprived of ALL communication with the outside world throughout the period of incarceration.

I think the idea was to 'Break My Spirit..., Lord God above, I was a person well used to the harshness of 'Ill-Treatment' for the greater part of my life, I had been 'Trained' by the very authorities who now sought to break me, to withstand their abuse and cruelty, I could remain silent (which I did since I was also used to that) and actually 'Laugh' (inwardly of course) at the futile attempts of my 'Interrogators' to glean information from me whilst attempting to force me to 'Conform' (as they put it).

God Bless your memory again 'Donal O'Hara', you taught me so well, all I had to do was act like an 'Idiot' and the 'Fools' thought I WAS one.

When 'Brutality' failed, my antagonists attempted to substitute 'Diplomacy' for it. the 'Smarmy little Bastard' who came 'Slithering' into my cell with his offers of 'Leniency' if I 'Conformed' made me feel quite sick, the 'Skittering little Whelp', if HE was an example of what the 'British Government' use to act as 'Ambassadors' to their perceived enemies, then it is small wonder that the 'Civilised' world is currently holding their 'Policies' and 'Practises' to both 'Ransom' and Ridicule' as they seek to establish themselves as a 'Power' on the world stage.

And those 'Sadistic Bastards' that undertake the filthy work of the 'Prison Authorities' (and YES, enjoy doing so) do not disgrace the title of 'MAN' by including yourselves among such, you are unfit to call yourselves 'DOGS' (or CURS) although you ARE 'Trained' like the former.

And you 'Brave Soldiers', who outnumber your perceived enemies to such an extent that a 'Fair Fight' is an impossibility, you who march forth at the behest of the 'Liars' that cudgel your brains with tales of 'Heroics' and 'Glory', God Help you also, you have less intelligence than a 'Snail' which at least draws in it's horns when confronted by danger.

But how to be a 'HERO' ?, easy......, go tell your 'Master' to do his own fighting, you have not been engaged in a 'Just Cause' for decades, 'Ruled by Corruption' and 'Corrupted by Rulers' you are truly in a sorry state, since, for every blow you strike, you create a hundred opportunities for reprisal from the 'Smitten'.

The land of the 'Brits' is currently all 'A'tremble' and the folks are living in fear of 'Terrorism', how much MORE would they 'Tremble' if 'Armed Marauders' were patrolling the streets (as is happening in other lands where the 'Brits' are attempting to quell the disharmony that THEY have created ?) and all in the name of 'Democracy'.

'Tinkers' (and 'Itinerant Folk') do not behave in such a disgusting manner, they have 'Respect' for themselves AND the rest of humanity, such a pity that THEY do not rule the land BUT, in the passage of time, perhaps 'The Brotherhood' might (by example), lead the nations of the world to a peaceful solution, meanwhile, all that they can expect is the same amount of 'ENVY' that they already attract from those who dare not 'THINK' for themselves. :wink:

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by Schnauzer
"The Fox and DeCrow"

'Chief Inspector Patrick Muldoon' was pleased to receive notification from 'Pug Mahone' that his intention to approach 'Amos DeCrow' with a view to his enrolment into 'The Brotherhood' was sanctioned by 'Jimmy Light', he was now free to make the necessary contact and proposed to do so immediately.

He had no difficulty in making such contact BUT, 'Amos' was a little apprehensive when 'Patrick' invited him to a 'Social Meeting' at his 'Golf Club' in 'Finchley, North London', he accepted the invitation but DID question the reason for the sudden offer and enquired as to whether it had anything to do with the occurrences during the 'Diamond Jubilee Celebrations'.

'Patrick' assured 'Amos' that there was little connection with such occurrences, other than the fact that he had overheard some rather interesting remarks passed between himself and 'Andy' (the 'Old Soldier') whilst they were together in the 'Police Cell' awaiting questioning, these remarks PLUS those which passed 'Privately' between the two of THEM subsequent to 'Andy's' departure, prompted him to now make such contact.

'Amos' was still a little bemused by the request that such a meeting should be made, however, being an inquisitive chap, his 'Curiosity' influenced his decision to accept even though he wondered if there could be an 'Ulterior Motive' to the arrangements, he chuckled to himself as an amusing thought crossed his mind, here he was, about to meet up with a 'Senior Police Officer' with whom he had discussed the 'Insincerity's' of BOTH of their vocations, could it be that 'Patrick' was about to lay some kind of 'Trap' for him ?, possibly to ensure that he would be less likely to make a bigger issue of the foul treatment he had received from the 'Agents', was 'Patrick' about to attempt to 'Bribe' him ?, he doubted such thoughts but could not help thinking that 'Patrick' was rather reluctant to clearly indicate the purpose of the 'Meeting', was 'Patrick' being 'Evasive' or 'Crafty' ?, he even thought of a suitable 'Title' for such a meeting, one which made him 'Giggle' a little as he found he could associate the 'Title' with the 'Patwa' which landed him in the initial fix he had found himself in on that fateful day.

"The Fox and DeCrow" and he could not help laughing out loud when he realised that even 'Andy' (the 'Old Soldier' he had met in the 'Police Cell') could fit in to a 'Rolling Expression' if it was in 'Patwa Form' and included his surname, 'Patrick' would be the 'Fox' and by splitting his own surname and including 'Andy' into the equation, "De Fox Andy Crow' was just perfect.

It was fortunate that 'Amos' was at home when 'Patrick' made contact, had he been in his 'Office', perhaps the sight of him 'Giggling' and subsequently 'Laughing' to himself might have raised a few eyebrows, however, in the comfort of his own home he could allow himself the pleasure of recalling the conversation with 'Andy' and, as with most of US (I am sure) there have been times when the 'Humour' of a certain situation may reduce us to tears of laughter, THIS was one of those occasions in the life of 'Amos DeCrow', his mind leapt from one incident to another.

'IMAGINE', a 'Young Reluctant National Serviceman' rubbing the 'Frost' from his 'Billet Window' whilst thinking of the 'Charms' of his 'Beautiful Young Girlfriend' so far away.

The 'Steel Crittall Windows' of the 'Wooden Billet', each divided by several small panes of glass, heavily frosted both inside and out on a wintry evening whilst several 'Young Servicemen' were huddled around the small 'Black Stove' which, together with the heat of the 'Chimney' which adorned the top of it and exited through the roof, was the only source of heating (other than 'Under the Blankets with hands clasped around the 'Goolies' for comfort) a 'Stove' which needed stoking with what little 'Coal' was rationed to them and had to be 'Drawn from the Coal Store' some hundred yards across the snow covered terrain.

'IMAGINE', a 'Young Reluctant Recruit', breathing on one of the panes of glass and peering through the circular patch that his breath and fingers managed to create, his 'View' ?, the smoke from a 'Steam Engine' not too far from where he was 'Billeted', each puff of smoke encouraging him to entertain the thoughts of journeying back to 'The Girl he left behind'.

'IMAGINE' the immediate future for this 'Young Chap', he was (among a few others) awaiting the arrival of a 'Battalion' of the 'Royal Dragoons' who were currently on leave, soon to be sent to 'Germany' for an indefinite period and HE (among others) was to be attached to them possibly until the end of his period of service, even further from his 'Beloved' and even less likely to see her as often as he would with a 'Home Posting'.
'IMAGINE' his 'Thoughts' as he donned his 'Greatcoat' and ventured off into the frosty night and headed for the 'Smoke Signals', which beckoned in the distance, almost as if those 'Puffs of Smoke' HAD in fact relayed the message to him that he should take the action he was taking, almost as if he were a 'Red Indian', reacting to the message of 'The Great Spirit' in the sky.

'IMAGINE' the 'Choices' the young man had, "I just can't make up my mind whether to remain here, freezing my bollocks off and lend myself willing to be posted overseas for a year or more and not SEE (or possibly even lose the affection of) my 'Girlfriend' or to 'Get to Hell' out of here and tuck myself up in bed with my 'Darling' and forget about the 'Duty' that has been foisted upon me AND the 'Itchy Underpants and Uniform' I am obliged to wear for the next 'Eighteen Months' because it is 'Expected' of me Hah !"

The 'Choice' was easy,

THEN, after a period of 'Thirty Five Years', our once 'Reluctant Young Trooper', decided that it was time to 'Surrender' to the 'Authorities' BUT, (due to his extensive 'Military Training'), he decided that it would be wise to 'Reconnoitre' the situation before 'Advancing' into the 'Arms of the Law', SO, he sends his 'Younger Brother' in to open up negotiations, whilst HE, (In a 'Crouched Position' outside 'Caledonian Road Police Station' ready to take off at a moments notice and disappear into the 'Bowels' of the 'Underground Train Station' directly opposite the 'Police Station') anticipating the 'Arrest' of his 'Younger Brother', nervously awaits the outcome of the negotiations.

'IMAGINE' the scene when the 'Younger Brother' (upon learning that neither the 'Police' nor the Military' at 'Albany Barracks' are in any way interested in this 'Ancient Warrior') declares himself to be a 'Stand In' for his 'Elder Brother' outside.

'IMAGINE' the laughter inside the 'Police Station' as 'Andy' is ushered in and, after receiving a 'Jovial Handshake' from the 'Desk Sergeant' together with "Congratulations for keeping your 'Nose Clean' for all these years Mate !", is given instructions on how to re-engage with general society.

'IMAGINE' the scene as 'Andy' is met with a further comment when he visits the local 'Labour Exchange' and applies for a 'Job' and receives the comment "Welcome to the Fold !" as he is handed the necessary paperwork that will ensure his acceptance into society once again.

'IMAGINE' poor 'Amos', tears streaming down his cheeks as he recalls all this. (Must confess, I'm laughing too).

'Finchley Golf Club' is very well facilitated for either the 'Game' or 'Social Events' and on THIS occasion, both Patrick' and 'Amos' agreed to fore go the pleasures of a 'Round of Golf' and settled themselves comfortably in the 'Member's Lounge' where they had enjoyed a pleasant lunch, 'Patrick' then broached the subject of his desire to meet 'Amos' and began by offering his opinion of the standard of 'Respect' exhibited (both among the young and the old) that was now accepted as the 'Norm' in today's society, he was pleased to note that 'Amos' was in complete agreement with his condemnation of the 'Attitudes' of the general public of the UK.

Feeling a little more confident with the 'Opening Gambit' and deciding to probe the 'Moral Compass' of his companion, 'Patrick' referred to the treatment that 'Amos' had received at the hands of the 'Agents' who were supposedly representatives of 'The Law', he observed a slight hesitance or reluctance on the part of 'Amos' to respond to his remarks and hastily gave 'Amos' his assurance that whatever passed between them was in the strictest confidence, NOTHING discussed would be interpreted as 'Official' and NOBODY was aware of their meeting.

'Patrick' mentioned the conversation he had heard between 'Amos' and 'Andy', he was particularly interested in the fact that, although 'Amos' was a 'Professional Soldier', he was seemingly against 'Conscription' , he ventured the opinion that he too was NEVER in favour of such an intrusion into the lives of the 'Youth' of a nation and wondered how 'Amos' felt about it.

'Amos' responded favourably to 'Patrick's' observation, he cited the case of 'Andy' as but a small example of just how unfair it was to force 'Military Service' upon a reluctant 'Youth', most of the 'Youth' of 'Yesteryear' were apt to leave 'School' at the age of 'Fifteen Years' and sought work in order to either help with home finances OR, to gain a foothold in the world of 'Commerce' (some Both, others Neither) BUT, in ALL cases (other than a selected few 'Trades' exemptions) they knew that within the space of a couple of years or so, they would be compelled to put their lives on 'Hold' for 'Two Years' which meant that they could not really engage with their futures until they were 'Twenty Years' of age.

Many of these 'Reluctant Young Soldiers' (and admittedly there were some who were not 'Reluctant') were sent into 'Theatre's of War' after scarcely a few weeks training, many of them never came back and it was more by 'Luck' than 'Judgement' that any of them did when you consider 'The Mau Mau' in 'Kenya' and 'The Murder Mile' in 'Cyprus'.

'Amos' had served in BOTH of these 'Areas of Conflict' (and others) and remarked that, because of their 'Age' they were easily manipulated and the fear of being shouted at and verbally abused by their 'Commanders', was greater than their fear of the 'Perceived Enemy', how else could you expect a 'Young Rookie' to pace the streets of 'Lefkosia' where 'Death' watched and waited at every window of the houses in the narrow alleyways of the 'Old City'. ?.

'Amos' then advanced his opinion of the 'Political Agendas' (and more specifically of the 'Politicians' who engineered them') as to the 'Agendas', they were and still are the 'Brainchild' of those who NEVER have to answer to their mistakes, nor do they EVER admit to them, the 'TRUTH' is seemingly beyond their comprehension and they are pleased to quote the 'Wise Words' of such leaders as 'Sir Winston Churchill' who once famously remarked :- "The TRUTH is such a precious commodity, it must be protected by a 'Bodyguard' of Lies", one wonders how many thousands (or even millions) of 'Victims' both 'Civilian and Military' paid for such 'Wisdom' with THEIR lives ?.

'Adolf Hitler' was far nearer the mark when HE stated :- "Welch ein glück für die Regierungen dass die menschen die sie verwalten nicht denken !", which loosely translated to the 'English Language' is :- "How fortunate for Governments that the people they administer do not THINK !" and THAT just about sums it all up nicely EXCEPT, one could quite easily reconstruct the sentence AND be even nearer to the TRUTH, if one substituted 'do not' for 'cannot'.

It was quite obvious to 'Patrick' that the 'Moral Compass' of 'Amos' was in tandem with his own, he reached into his briefcase and withdrew a printed copy of 'The Nine Commandments' which he handed to 'Amos' and went to the bar for a round of drinks, he looked into the mirror behind the bar and could see that 'Amos' was engrossed in reading the literature he had been given and, upon his return, was pleased to take the hand offered by 'Amos' who quietly remarked, "It all makes perfect sense".

Thus, stage one of 'Patrick's' duty to swell the ranks of 'The Brotherhood' was complete, he would now introduce 'Amos' to the more detailed 'Codes' and hopefully gain another 'Brother', one who could prove to be a great asset since he was 'Privy' to many of the 'Obscurities' of 'Government Policies', such a 'Brother' could do much to advance the 'Power' of 'The Brotherhood' and by so doing, could ultimately 'By Example', lead the 'Blind' and 'Deaf' out of the 'Darkness of Deception and Ignorance' which they have been forced to live in for so long. :wink:

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CBBB wrote:As I said yesterday, it must be the heat!

It is not hot in Lerwick! :wink:

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kurupetos wrote:
CBBB wrote:As I said yesterday, it must be the heat!

It is not hot in Lerwick! :wink: