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Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:12 pm
by Schnauzer
"Certainement pas les portes du Paradis" (Certainly NOT the gates of Paradise)

Title submitted out of deference to 'Titus A'canarde's-Derriere' and his position in 'The Brotherhood'.

Since the seating arrangements have been suitably completed and, as of yet, the 'Trial' has not commenced, the question of where to place the 'Witness Box' presented the 'Elders' with something of a problem and it fell upon 'Titus' (in liaise with 'Jimmy') to come up with a suitable structure.

After much deliberation, 'Titus' produced a sketch which ideally satisfied ALL the necessary requirements of 'The Brotherhood', even to the extent that the inclusion of the 'Magical' number NINE was possible.

A 'Cage' constructed quite simply by standing NINE gates set at angles side by side and arranged in the shape of a 'Nonagon', inside the 'Cage' would be a chair upon which 'Isaac Koch' could rest, if overcome.

The height of the gates were initially to be a mere 3 feet tall BUT, after more consideration, it was agreed that 6 feet might be more suitable for two reasons, firstly, security, 'Isaac would not be able to make a run for it if he felt that his position was perilous, secondly (and quite well received) the 6 if inverted is a 9, which was considered a further 'Omen' to those who place a sure dependence upon such matters.

'Titus' is absolutely delighted with the fact that his design met with such approval, he DOES tend to regard himself as a little 'Superior' at certain times, possibly due to the fact that his origins ARE socially above many of his peers BUT, as mentioned previously, upon the adoption of a "Nom de Plume", all past history must be dispensed with..... poor 'Titus' he really has not yet fully come to terms with such a fact, it is possibly his only fault and will undoubtedly be cast from him in due course.

As with ALL 'Societies', Leagues','Professions', 'Clubs' etc, there are 'Rules' and 'Codes of Practise', if it is acceptable to the 'High Court Judges' (and all that view them) that they should adorn themselves in 'Wigs' and other fancy apparel, so it should be accepted that 'The Brotherhood' is entitled to adopt whatever 'Codes of Practise' is most suitable to them.

I have now reported on the structure of the 'Hall of Justice', it's seating arrangements, it's 'Witness Box' and the reasons (or peculiarities) for each of them.

Since the actual 'Trial' is held up due to the prior deliberations of the 'Elders', I will describe MORE of the traditions when next I have the opportunity to do so.

Meanwhile, poor 'Isaac Koch' sits with his head bowed, contemplating his fate in the confines of his 'Cell', certainly his time could be well spent considering the best possible 'Defence' (if any) he has for his woefully foul behaviour. :wink:

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:42 pm
by Schnauzer
"The Scared Pimpernel"

Well my friends, having completed the lengthy discussions which 'The Elders' decreed necessary 'Prior' to the appearance of 'Isaac Koch', notification was given that 'Isaac' should make an appearance.

And WHAT an appearance he made!, with his arms pinioned to his sides by means of a stout leather strap ( thought to be necessary to prevent him from gesticulating, since such was his usual habit whenever he became over excited) buckled at the small of his back, he shuffled into the hall with the toes of his worn shoes pointed outward in opposite directions, his shoulders hunched forward and his head set at an angle and downward, his hands and forearms stretched out as far as the restriction of the strap would allow and the palms forward, fingers open presenting the image overall of complete supplication.

With his eyes raking the floor as he moved toward the 'Cage', he stumbled and mumbled, whimpering and simpering, quivering and shivering and altogether portraying a creature of misfortune such as one could scarce conjure if one were put to the task of creating such a portrayal.

The one open section of the 'Cage' was drawn into position and securely fastened, 'Isaac Koch' was now within the area of the 'Nonagon' and the enormity of his situation must have dawned upon him since his eyes now danced nervously around the confines of the 'Cage' he was now obliged to occupy.

Before him, the ominous vision of 'The Bull's Horns' arrangement of the chairs upon which sat THIRTEEN of the 'Elders' who would be greatly influential in deciding his fate since, excluding 'Jimmy Light', he had been in direct contact with those of the 'Front Rank' (Bull's Horns') and knew that his game was up.

Behind the front row, the three ranks of NINE seats, occupied by the 'Elders' who together made up the contingent remainder of 'The Forty Nations' and whom at this time, sat rigidly upright with their stern gazes affixed firmly on the spectacle of the cringing creature who was 'Caged' before them all.

Strangely enough, the FRONT row was not so rigid, 'Jimmy' was turned toward the 'Elder on his left and 'Titus' was standing behind him, they were engaged in a whispered conversation and the other 'Elders' were each in turn conversing with each other, their attention more toward 'Jimmy' than toward the 'Cage' in which 'Isaac Koch' was trembling with fear, it put one's mind to making a comparison with the painting by 'Leonardo Da Vinci' of 'The Last Supper' (without the table in the forefront of course) although naturally the costumes and settings are totally different, NO, it is the suggested 'Movement' of the characters portrayed in the work which strike the resemblance so.

'Titus A'canarde's-Derriere now rose and, turning his back upon 'Isaac', addressed the assembly of 'Elders' and in so doing, confirmed that they had fully deliberated the issues which were brought before them and that in order to satisfy procedural etiquette, 'Isaac Koch' should be given the opportunity to account for his behaviour albeit that, whilst in confinement, he had severally tried to extricate himself from the position he is in, even to the extent that he tried to shift the 'Blame' for his conduct on the very 'Elders' who now sat before him.

As I write this report, the 'Trial ' is in progress, I will continue when 'Isaac Koch' has completed his plea (if any) and perhaps the verdict may have been decided.

Keep your socks on 'kurupetos', you may well be needing them.

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Tue Dec 13, 2011 5:14 pm
by kurupetos
The crux of the matter is that I have to change socks every week, and the current pair has exceeded the deadline by one day. :cry:
Otherwise my entourage might get the crazy idea I'm a stinker. :lol:

BTW, I am starting a fundraising project for homeless yellow vipers. :)
Be aware I mean the usual kind, not Turks. :wink:

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Tue Dec 13, 2011 9:43 pm
by Schnauzer
'Titus', now facing 'Isaac Koch', formally addressed him as 'Brother Isaac' and required of him that he should take the solemn oath of 'The Brotherhood' before he spoke in either defence or admission of his actions, 'Isaac' duly swore that he would abide by the 'NINE Commandments' which are the 'Tenets' of those who are embraced by 'The Brotherhood' and which 'Tenets' include the decree that " No 'Brother' will act in any way that would discredit his (or ANY member's) integrity at pain of dismissal in disgrace from 'The Brotherhood' (which Commandment is the 'First' of the NINE).

'Isaac's' shoulders shrank even further and his head compressed his neck as he concluded the oath, he surely realised that at THAT point, he was already subject to dismissal in disgrace BUT, how to turn the tables, how to escape the 'Heavy Fine' that was likely to accompany such dismissal ?.

"My dear Brothers" began 'Isaac', "I can do little to counter the charges brought against me here, I am not able to defend myself since there IS no defence, I am at fault and I know that I must accept the fate that awaits me as a result of MY faults and YOUR 'Judgments', however, I do ask that I may be given the chance to offer an explanation for my actions in the hope that you may be a little lenient in your final decision

At this point, 'Isaac' fell to his knees and the tears of sorrow began to flow " I am a Jew" he said, "I have committed many crimes which are an offence to you my dear 'Brothers' and I am truly sorry for all of them", at which point 'Titus' rose from his chair and held his hand aloft and addressed 'Isaac', "Silence!" he said, "Let it be known NOW, that you are no longer a member of 'The Brotherhood' since you have admitted that you are in breach of our 'Code' and are fully aware of the consequences, therefore, do NOT add to your offences by addressing this assembly as your 'Brothers', for none here can accept you as such now".

'Isaac's' countenance visibly shrank even further as he heard the words of 'Titus', he sobbed and continued with his pitiful plea "As a Jew, I have been subjected to insult and injury throughout my life, as a child I was ridiculed for my beliefs, chastised by 'Bullies' and often forced to bear the brunt of ill-treatment and abuse, I have been robbed, kicked, spat upon and verbally attacked by countless people, I appeal to YOU my 'Broth'... I appeal to YOU good 'Elders' of 'The Brotherhood' to show some compassion for such a one as myself, your 'Christian' nature will guide you toward forgiveness for my transgressions, I do BEG you to let 'Bygones be Bygones', I appeal to your respect and regard for 'Christian Values' even though it is written that 'Crime is Crime' in the noble 'NINE Commandments' which you so rigidly abide by, I swear by ALL that I hold dear to me that, if you will show me mercy, I will offer you whatever services you may require of me quite freely in order that I may purge my sins against your good-selves, please, I implore you, pity the poor wretch who now prostrates himself at your feet, mercy Sirs, mercy".

And as 'Isaac' lay almost writhing in self pity on the floor of his 'Cage', 'Titus' once again rose and called for a recess, during which time 'Isaac' would be given the time to compose himself and the 'Elders' a chance to deliberate on the value (if any) of 'Isaac Koch's' supplications.

'Isaac' will probably require some time to recover from that which he may perceive as an 'Ordeal', luckily we are no longer in the 'Middle Ages', he would soon learn the REAL meaning of a 'Trial by Ordeal' if we were. :wink:

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 2011 1:24 am
by Schnauzer
"The NINE Commandments"

As mentioned at the beginning of the above account of 'Isaac Koch's' appearance in the 'Hall of Justice', his first duty was to swear an oath in full hearing and view of the assembly of 'Elders' representing the 'Forty Nations'.

The significance of their being 'NINE' commandments, is quite simply due to the fact that the number 'NINE' is as 'Symbolic' as it is regarded 'Magical' within the 'Tenets' of 'The Brotherhood's Code of Honour'.

The difference between the 'NINE' commandments of 'The Brotherhood' and those outside of it who adhere to (or more accurately are supposed to adhere to) the accepted principles of the 'TEN' commandments, is blatantly obvious when one considers the conditions which exist in the societies that DO (or feign to do) uphold the 'Tenets' of the TEN.

Probably THE most important difference lies in the comparison between the two examples, whereas the 'First' of the accepted 'TEN' requires an acceptance that there is but one God and that mankind should worship no other, a perfectly sound proposition for any that are prepared to abide by the conditions that follow such a commandment BUT, unfortunately, as we are ALL aware, there is NO society on earth that DOES follow them, therefore, they are 'Flawed' and quite worthless as guidelines unless they are used (as they ARE) to convince the unwary that they are 'Righteous'.

On the other hand, the practise of adhering to the 'First' of the 'NINE' commandments produces a society which respects ALL who similarly adhere to the 'Tenets' which follow and there are NO excuses for not doing so once accepted into 'The Brotherhood', (once in never out) but you have to work at it first.

Conflict and disharmony are quite unknown in 'The Brotherhood', poverty and despair are NOT tolerated since ALL men are regarded as equals and therefore safe from corruption and division.

The remaining 'Commandments' embrace every aspect of the lives of those within 'The Brotherhood', they guarantee a fruitful , happy and prosperous existence to ALL members and they are 'FREE'.

On the subject of 'FREEDOM', unfortunately there are too many people (particularly among the younger generations) who are unable to differentiate between 'FREEDOM' and 'DO AS YOU PLEASE', a very serious issue for today's societies since such 'Mindsets' can only further harm an already damaged generation.

It is not necessary to reveal the remainder of the 'NINE' commandments (actually it is not permitted) BUT, what I CAN reveal is that there are very few members of THIS forum capable of elevating their own lives by becoming members of 'The Brotherhood', far, far, far, too much verbal abuse and bad language to be even CONSIDERED as 'Junior squires' to the 'Elders', yet perhaps, after watching the outcome of one who fell foul of the 'Codes' he swore to follow, there may be one or two who can appreciate the value of 'True Friendship' I do wonder. :wink:

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 2011 6:10 pm
by Schnauzer
"Not the Final Verdict"

"The only thing in your favour" said 'Titus A'canarde's -Derriere as he faced the visibly subdued 'Isaac Koch' "Is that you have seemingly made a clean breast of your involvement in the crimes that you have been charged with, you have indicated that you are aware of the 'Mandatory' punishment that 'The Code' of 'The Brotherhood' decrees that we are obliged to impose upon you YET, it has come to our notice that last evening, you offered Mustafa J'Arfa ANOTHER 'Bribe' if HE (as an 'Elder'), would cast a vote in favour of your acquittal since you know, that the heftiness of the 'Fine' which accompanies your 'Disgrace' is solely dependent upon the number of votes that are cast against you".

Upon hearing that his latest attempt at 'Corruption' was known, 'Isaac Koch' trembled and his lower lip began to quiver, his eyes darted around the confines of his 'Cage' and he sank into the chair which was placed within as a small comfort, should he need it.

"Your action and suggestion have only served to further discredit 'Mustafa J'Arfa' and HE (as an 'Elder') is now subject to the same punishment as are you, he has automatically lost his position of authority and is no longer an 'Elder', he will henceforth be shunned by 'The Brotherhood' and he will be standing beside you in the 'Cage' when the verdict of 'The Elders' is made known"

'Titus' then turned to the entrance of 'The Hall of Justice' and called to the 'Guards' who were stood there, "Bring in the Prisoner!", at which command the doors swung open and the figure of 'Mustafa J'Arfa' was ushered in and placed next to 'Isaac Koch' in the 'Cage'.

"There is no need for a 'Trial' in YOUR case" said 'Titus' to 'Mustafa' " You have disgraced yourself and have cast a shadow upon the integrity of 'The Brotherhood', YOU a 'Turk', have also cast a ponderous shadow upon your 'Nation' by forming an 'allegiance' to a 'Jew' who has similarly besmirched HIS fellow 'Jews' as a result of such an 'allegiance', it is abundantly clear, that you BOTH are in favour of 'Corruption and Theft' and WE of 'The Brotherhood' are fully aware of the 'influences' and 'injustices' your 'Countrymen' have imposed upon the peoples of other nations".

'Mustafa J'Arfa' looked as though he had just had one, as his stature appeared to shrink somewhat, he put his hands to his face and mumbled something (probably a small prayer) as 'Titus' turned his back to them and approached 'Jimmy Light' who silently handed him an envelope.

'Titus' again turned and opened the envelope as he did so, in a loud voice he announced the 'Verdict'.

"In the matter of 'Isaac Koch', the 'Elders' have decided that 'Dismissal' from 'The Brotherhood' is the only punishment they consider necessary since, you will have to face ANOTHER 'Trial' the details of which may not be mentioned here since 'I' (The Prosecutor in THIS 'Trial') must appear as a witness in the next.

As to the matter of 'Mustafa J'Arfa', the 'Elders' have decided that 'Dismissal' from 'The Brotherhood' is the first of two decrees, the second of which is. That you should remove your person from the UK forthwith and return to 'Turkey' where 'Bribery' and ''Corruption' are a MORE common 'Code' than among we 'Brothers'.

The 'Verdict' having been delivered, the 'Cage' was opened and 'Mustafa J'Arfa' was set free, he left with his head bowed and certainly WILL observe the conditions imposed upon him, 'The Brotherhood' will positively see that he complies with the decrees.

As to 'Isaac Koch', initially one could see that he was greatly relieved when the initial part of his sentence was mentioned, he probably was calculating how little (in terms of finance) it was going to cost him, his relief however, was very short lived and he shrank a little more when he was informed that a further 'Trial' would be forthcoming.

It should be quite interesting, we shall see. :wink:

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 2:24 am
by Schnauzer
"The Laws of Equivalence MUST prevail"

Is one of the most fundamental principles of 'The Code of the Brotherhood' and the practical adaption of it's inference, actually encourages ALL members (at whatever level) to fully accept that 'The Brotherhood' is a 'Law unto itself' and works wonderfully well in conjunction with 'The NINE Commandments'.

A very small example of the practicalities of 'HOW' the 'Law' functions, may be examined by 'Comparison' with the 'Laws' of other systems (or Nations) in the matter of 'Theft'.

It is generally accepted that it is WRONG to steal YET, (and I draw attention to the 8th of the 10 Commandments) almost daily there are reports of the very acts of theft and deception which is tantamount to the furtherance of it, being perpetrated by those who (due to their Authoritative positions, should be beyond reproach), are strictly forbidden by the 'Commandment' they so forcibly insist should be observed by those they rule.

In the event of a 'Thief' being prosecuted, it is always 'The Government' which reaps the benefit of any punishment imposed, the 'Victim' of the 'Theft' very rarely receives any satisfaction for the loss (unless specifically insured), which opens the floodgates for even greater 'Theft' and 'Deception' when the task of Assessment of losses becomes a virtual 'Battle' between one 'Thief' and another.

NOT SO in 'The Brotherhood' my friends, each and every member is sworn to uphold 'The NINE Commandments' and they DO uphold them, they observe ALL of those principles which govern their lives (within 'The Brotherhood') and are able to manipulate the 'Laws' outside of their system quite adequately.

There is 'NO SUCH CRIME AS THEFT' (under certain conditions within 'The Brotherhood') providing those conditions apply or are imposed, for instance, if a 'Thief' offers to sell stolen goods to a member, it is absolutely forbidden to purchase them, however, if the goods offered are such that one could fairly assume that they were unlikely to be recovered by the true owner, there is NO CRIME in arranging that 'The Brotherhood' should TAKE them from the 'Thief' without payment, for, it is written, "You cannot be condemned for relieving a 'Thief' of his ill-gotten gains" if they are then distributed among the 'Needy'.

A very small insight into just how much 'Flexibility' one may allow oneself when abiding by 'The Laws of Equivalence', together with a pointer as to what is in store for the unfortunate 'Isaac Koch' who KNOWS the seriousness of his crime, KNOWS the integrity of his accuser and 'Elders' who will judge him and, KNOWS the awful sentence which surely awaits him , if convicted.

Small wonder that 'Isaac Koch' is currently complaining of even worse abdominal pains than he had before, he has been informed that his 'Trial' will be a very short one BUT, the preparations may be somewhat lengthier since the 'Laws of Equivalence' must not only prevail, they must be SEEN to prevail.

One thing is for sure, there will be NO 'Corruption' in the 'Hall of Justice', 'The Brotherhood's' 'Law unto itself' is exactly that and therefore is safe from ANY outside influences.

'Isaac Koch' will be fairly tried, I doubt if he will be around for NEXT Christmas. :wink:

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 3:24 am
by Me Ed
This is fascinating.

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 6:38 pm
by Schnauzer
"Traumatised by Truth and Trust"

The 'Hall of Justice' is now prepared and the assembled 'Elders' await the appearance of 'Isaac Koch', it might be an opportune moment to describe the appendages added to the layout of the 'Hall of Justice' which were deemed necessary to reflect the importance (and solemnity) fitting the occasion of THIS, the first trial of 'Treasonous Conduct' ever to be brought before the 'Elders'.

The front row of seats have been slightly re-arranged to form a more pronounced curvature which would suggest that 'The Horns' (if associated with the 'Zulu' battle formation) are closing in.

Before the seats, small square tables are set at angles to each other which emulate the curvature of the seats and these are overlaid with a voluminous covering of 'Black Velvet Material' which lends a portent of gloom to the already sombre countenances of the 'Elders'.

The tables are decked with NINE crystal decanters of clear water and THIRTEEN crystal drinking glasses. a beam of light is directed at the table top and the 'Rainbow Hues' of the reflected light against the black background, appear to dance gaily among the seated 'Elders', a contradiction to the lack of gaiety felt in the hearts of those who will now sit in judgement of one of their (once thought dependable) junior members.

Enter 'Isaac Koch', supported by two 'Guards' (one on each side) who half carry , half drag him toward the 'Cage', his legs have given out from under him and the toes of his shoes scrabble across the polished floor as his limp body is of little support to the lolling head that flobbles in 'Sync' to the slight bumps that transfer from scrabbling toes to lolling head, altogether the depiction of a 'Stereotypical Rogue' who is well aware that his days are numbered.

Plonked unceremoniously in the chair within the 'Cage', Isaac Koch' hangs his head to one side as the gate clangs shut announcing his confinement.

Now, ANY ONE of the 'Elders' are considered adequately qualified to conduct the 'Prosecution' of 'Isaac Koch', only Titus A'canarde's-Derriere may not since he is the main (and only) witness to the crime which is to be examined at this hearing, therefore, a random selection of those 'Elders' seated in the front row produced 'Tik Al Matookas' to oversee the proceedings.

"My Bothers" said 'Tik Al Matookas', "The enormity of this crime is such, that we have NEVER been called upon to conduct such a 'Trial' as this, I therefore submit that, since it IS such an extraordinary event, we should rely upon the integrity that exists among us ALL to determine the outcome of it".

'Isaac Koch' whimpered when he heard these words, he looked pleadingly toward the 'Elders' and began to sob as he once again appealed to them for "Mercy you good 'Elders', Mercy I beg you !".

'Tik Al Matookas' whirled on his heel and faced 'Isaac Koch' "Silence!" he bellowed "You will be asked but ONE question and you MUST answer it as and when it is asked of you", then, turning back to face the 'Elders' he declared, "WE of the 'Brotherhood' are well aware of our own attributes, WE do not LIE, WE do not DECEIVE, WE do not DISAVOW our NINE 'Commandments', therefore, we only have need of the sworn evidence of our 'Brother Elder' to convince us of the proof of his allegations, WE have TRUST on our side and I now call upon 'Titus A'canarde's-Derriere' to rise and give testimony".

'Titus' rose and addressed his 'Brothers', "I have taken the solemn oath" he said "I will add nothing to that which has already been disclosed that, 'Isaac Koch' did approach me with a proposition which would see the removal of our leader 'Jimmy Light' and seriously undermine the integrity of ALL that we as 'Elders' and members of the 'Brotherhood' hold dear".

"Would you agree that such a proposition was tantamount to 'Treason' ?" asked 'Tik Al Matookas'.

"In a word, YES" replied 'Titus' as 'Isaac Koch' once again pleaded for mercy and was immediately silenced.

"'Isaac Koch'" said 'Tik Al Matookas' "Do you say that 'Titus A'canarde's-Derriere' is a LIAR ?"

"No Sir" replied 'Isaac' suddenly finding the strength to fall to his knees an adopt the countenance of a poor supplicant, "But he MUST have misunderstood me, I am a Jew, it is in my nature to try and make things BETTER for everyone, I only wanted to improve things I swear it".

"Ha!" said 'Tik Al Matookas', "Then out of your own mouth you condemn yourself, for if 'Titus' is truthful, then every misdemeanour he has laid against you is TRUE and your fate is now in the hands of the 'Elders".

The proceedings are now at a close, only the 'Judgement' and the means of delivering it are at issue now, it will fall upon ALL of the 'Elders' to agree and the verdict will be available very soon .

Meanwhile, the 'Greatly Traumatised' sniveller 'Isaac Koch', may snivel at his leisure. :wink:

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 6:49 pm
by kurupetos
I am a Jew, it is in my nature to try and make things BETTER for everyone, I only wanted to improve things I swear it"