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Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 7:23 pm
by Schnauzer
kurupetos wrote:
I am a Jew, it is in my nature to try and make things BETTER for everyone, I only wanted to improve things I swear it"

Are you implying that 'Isaac' is Relying on Lying by denying his prying was spying, buying and trying by vying for a 'Takeover Bid' ?. :shock:

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 7:58 pm
by kurupetos
Schnauzer wrote:
kurupetos wrote:
I am a Jew, it is in my nature to try and make things BETTER for everyone, I only wanted to improve things I swear it"

Are you implying that 'Isaac' is Relying on Lying by denying his prying was spying, buying and trying by vying for a 'Takeover Bid' ?. :shock:

I think Isaac's real name is George Soros.. :wink:

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 8:20 pm
by Schnauzer
kurupetos wrote:
Schnauzer wrote:
kurupetos wrote:
I am a Jew, it is in my nature to try and make things BETTER for everyone, I only wanted to improve things I swear it"

Are you implying that 'Isaac' is Relying on Lying by denying his prying was spying, buying and trying by vying for a 'Takeover Bid' ?. :shock:

I think Isaac's real name is George Soros.. :wink:

Actually it's 'Emanuel Snitzmandorf' :lol:

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:31 pm
by Schnauzer
"The Agreed disposal of the Disagreeable"

'Isaac Koch' was removed from the confines of his 'Cage' and taken back to the small room which had been his domain (under tight security) these days past, he was given a strong sedative and is reported to be 'Sleeping like a baby' whilst the 'Elders' were determining his fate.

"For he (or she) who would be or has been wont to either attempt or execute a 'Treasonable ' act, there has ever been but ONE satisfactory assurance that the perpetrator will no longer pose any threat to those who have been (or were threatened by) the intention OR the action of the said perpetrator", these are the very words spoken by 'Titus A'canarde's-Derriere' having risen from his chair and taken up a position facing the seated 'Elders'.

"My dear 'Brother Elders', 'Isaac Koch' has been discredited, found to be at fault by his own admission and is deserving of NO sympathy", continued 'Titus', "It has fallen upon us ALL to deliver the ONLY punishment we may advisedly inflict upon him, that which is written and MUST be carried out lest we should exhibit the selfsame 'Hypocrisy' that HE displayed when begging for mercy, he spoke of 'Forgiveness' YET, those who are influenced and guided solely by the same beliefs as he, have sought, hounded, captured and persecuted generation upon generation of those who offended them in the past".

A distinct murmuring of agreement passed amongst the 'Elders' as 'Titus' made his opinions known.

"And what 'Respect' does a Jew have for the 'Christian Values' he deemed US to be so respectful of ?, does he not know that there are representatives of several and various religious denominations among us ?, his entire plea for mercy was lacking genuine regret for his actions, he merely wallows in self-pity knowing that he has been exposed for the fraud that he is, 'Brother Elders', there is no place among US for such as HE, we must rid ourselves of every vestige of his unworthy presence among us and 'DEATH' for him, is the only assurance of our own safety lest HE (or his ilk) should ever infiltrate our decent society again!".

'Titus A'canarde's-Derriere' finished his address with a few more well chosen references to 'Isaac Koch's' pitiful representation of what a 'Man' should be, he was applauded for his forthright condemnation of the actions of 'Isaac Koch' and the 'Elders' are now busily deciding just what manner of 'Execution' will be most befitting for the 'Treasonous Dog' who now slumbers in the abode which has become his 'Death Cell'.

There are more 'Ritualistic Observances' to be performed prior to the final decision, I will reveal the state of progress, as and when such information becomes available to me. :wink:

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 7:37 am
by Schnauzer
"The Secret Silent Solution to the Jewish Problem"

Now each 'Elder' was handed an envelope which contained a small white card, 'Jimmy Light' retained one and the rest were distributed, 'Thirty' of these cards were blank and the remaining 'NINE' had the number '9' written upon it.

Whosoever received a marked card was required to maintain complete silence about such acquisition and consider themselves 'Chosen' for a special task.

Each 'Elder' then signed and sealed their envelope and handed it to 'Jimmy Light' who would be the ONLY one privy to their identities when he opened them, he would commit such knowledge to memory and destroy ALL evidence of such selection.

The 'Elders' are instructed to re-assemble at noon, at which time they will take leave of each other and (save those who are selected) depart to their respective destinations in order to enjoy whatever 'Festive Celebrations' their culture deems appropriate at this time of the year.

Meanwhile, 'Jimmy Light' has much to do, he is arranging for the disposal of 'Isaac Koch' in a fashion that would do credit to the most ingenious among us, his capacity for 'The Unusual' is an attribute which has enabled him to maintain a firm grip on every 'Enterprise' he has been involved with and, as stated much earlier in this account of 'Isaac Koch's' misdemeanours, he wreaks a terrible vengeance upon any who may be foolhardy enough to upset his usually amiable nature.

Surely, the world WILL be a 'Better Place' by the time 'Jimmy Light' has dealt with 'Isaac Koch'. :wink:

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:04 pm
by Schnauzer
"Wrapped and Ready for the Christmas Party"

Together with some lesser members of 'The Brotherhood', 'Jimmy Light' had acquired a contraption that is used by those who deal in the sale of 'Christmas Trees', it was brought into the 'Hall of Justice' during the early hours of this morning.

For the benefit of those who may not have seen such an article, it is a large device specifically designed to wrap 'Christmas Trees' in netting, the top of the tree is pushed into a large 'Trumpet Like' aperture which then compresses the foliage as the tree is forced through the smaller aperture at the other end, as the tree emerges, it is automatically 'Wrapped' in a strong netting mesh which renders it easier for transportation.

'Isaac Koch' is also back in the 'Hall of Justice', he lies bound and gagged on the floor close to where the contraption is standing and has just had the width of his shoulders measured, a silent nodding of heads among those who delivered both the contraption and 'Isaac Koch', confirms that everything is in order and the 'Hall of Justice' is vacated by all save 'Jimmy Light' and 'Isaac Koch who now await the arrival of the 'Elders who are due to appear at noon.

'Isaac Koch' keeps eyeing the large 'Trumpet' and his face contorts as he tries to loosen the gag which is securely held in position with a wide adhesive tape, he cannot make any progress in loosening his bonds either, so securely is he bound by ropes and straps from head to foot, 'Trussed like a Christmas Goose'.

'Jimmy Light' now applies himself to another task, he is carefully packing some black plastic 'Bin Bags' and is tying them at the top in order to conceal what is held within, there will be NINE of them in total and it is obvious that they (or the contents) will play an important part in the proceedings which are to follow.

Parked outside the 'Hall of Justice' there stands an 'Ice Cream' van, it is the property of 'The Brotherhood' and is sometimes used as a 'Blinder' for some activity other than the sales of 'Ice Cream' ( which is it's usual function).

The van is gaily adorned with posters and pictures of many of the products sold from it, it has been taken out of service this day, it has OTHER duties to perform later.

'Jimmy Light' sat down for a brief moment whilst in the midst of his packing, he looked down and grinned at 'Isaac Koch', gave him a wink of his eye and said "Well me'ole son, I don't s'pose you'll be 'avin' much'ev a bleedin' 'appy Chrismass' will Ya ?, Ya'll be took aht 'ev 'ere an' carted orf like a bleedin' Chrismass Tree an' stuck in a bleedin' ice cream van, jus' like a 'Rarsburry rippal', but don' wurry, ders plenny o bleedin' water where ya'll be 'eading mate, 'ope you like a drink !".

'Jimmy' returned to his task, all must be ready 'ere the arrival of the 'Elders. :wink:

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 7:16 pm
by Schnauzer
"The parting of the ways"

In the 'Hall of Justice' the 'Elders' all gathered for their final meeting before departure to their various locations, they were all summoned at the behest of 'Jimmy Light' in order that they might witness the procedure which preceded the final dispatch of 'Isaac Koch.

It was quite an experience for them to see just how thoroughly 'Jimmy' had devised his plans, although they would not learn (until later) just what the final plan was, for fear of discovery by an 'Outsider'.

'Isaac Koch' was lifted from the floor and fed into the 'Trumpet' of the 'Christmas Tree' packer, it was quite a struggle to push him through (head first) since the ropes and straps which bound him proved to be a little more difficult to pass through without hindrance, however, 'Isaac Koch' eventually emerged and looked to be securely enmeshed in the netting which now completely contained him.

His head was freed from the confinement of the netting and he rolled his eyes in terror as the knife severed the netting around his neck, "Don't worry man " said 'Jack N'Dany' as he made the necessary cuts, "We are not about to cut your throat".

Each 'Elder was then asked to file by and pay their last respects to 'Isaac Koch', after all, he WAS once one of their 'Brothers' albeit that he was now under the 'Ultimate Sentence' for crimes against them all.

Upon completion of the 'Niceties' extended to the scurrilous rogue ('Isaac') the 'Elders' were invited to bid farewell to their 'Superior Leader' in the privacy of his office at the rear of the 'Hall of Justice' and it was HERE, that the final piece of 'Jimmy's' plan was to fall into place.

Now above the 'Hall of Justice, there are several numbered offices on three separate floors, these offices were to play an important part in ensuring that no 'Elder' would know the identity of his counterpart in the execution of the plans which would see the dispatch of 'Isaac Koch'.

There are two doors leading off from 'Jimmy's' office, one to the passageway which leads to the rear exit of the 'Hall of Justice' and the other which leads to the staircase to the upper floors.

As each 'Elder' departed through the 'Exit' route (with strict instructions that they should hastily remove themselves from the vicinity) 'Jimmy' would send for another, allowing a reasonable interval between each.

When one of the 'Chosen Elders' entered the office, he was quickly informed that he should make himself scarce and go to a numbered office above where he would find his complete instructions, it was stressed that on NO account must a word be uttered by that 'Elder' until after the completion of the 'Task' that was required of him, furthermore, no mention of his part in such 'Task' must ever be made of it.

Thus within the space of four hours, 'Jimmy' was able to complete his 'Festive Duties' to all 'Elders', plus, he had successfully separated the 'Chosen Elders' and confidently expected that they would all abide by the instructions that were placed in their respective rooms earlier. :wink:

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 8:13 pm
by Schnauzer
"The Munificent Seven"

'Isaac Koch' now suitably 'Wrapped' has been placed in the back of the 'Ice Cream' van, he does not look very much like the 'Raspberry Ripple' that 'Jimmy Light' described him as earlier, if he were able, he would probably be kicking and screaming for mercy BUT, those opportunities are now in the past, perhaps he will never be allowed to utter another sound (other than the frantic 'Grunts' that are quite frequent but hardly audible on account of his gag).

In the offices on the upper floors of the 'Hall of Justice', each 'Chosen Elder' discovered that a 'BIn Bag' had been placed within and that a series of instructions was attached to the bag.

Upon opening the 'Bin Bag' each 'Elder' may have received quite a shock on discovering that the contents were a complete 'Nun's Habit' and that the instructions required them to dress accordingly.

The 'Habits' were of the 'Dominican Order', black from top to toe save for the 'Coif' which was pure white and would be surmounted by a black veil.
There was also a complete (although quite realistic) 'Face Mask' and black gloves within the 'Bin Bag' which, all in all, was a comprehensive disguise which would stand the closest scrutiny.
The instructions also insisted that from the time of departure from the 'Hall of Justice, SILENCE must be observed, 'Jimmy' had already stressed this point, it was absolutely imperative that such an instruction should be most rigidly obeyed.

A larger van would shortly arrive at the rear of the 'Hall of Justice' and 'Seven' of the 'Chosen Elders' would be transported to the location where the 'Ice Cream' van which contained the wriggling wreck of 'Isaac Koch'
would be waiting.

'Jimmy Light' would be driving the larger van and the ONLY danger of failure (other than a mechanical one) was that the 'Chosen Elder' who would have to drive the 'Ice Cream' van, might be seen as something of an oddity behind the wheel of a van dressed as a 'Nun', however, since it would be quite dark and the larger van would not be too far behind, 'Jimmy' considered the risk quite small since no great distances were involved, back streets were to be used as much as possible and the windows of the 'Ice Cream' van were suitably darkened at the sides with a broad 'Sun Shaded Area' across the windscreen.

Thus, at the appointed time, a large van was backed up to the rear entrance of the 'Hall of Justice', the driver of the van departed and, soon after a figure dressed as a 'Franciscan Monk' (complete with large wooden cross hanging around his neck) loaded seven Nuns into the back and locked the doors, he then climbed into the cab, started the engine and duly followed the 'Ice Cream' van out of the rear yard and onto the road.

Inside the 'Ice Cream' van, the 'Nun' who was driving, switched on the radio and treated 'Isaac Koch' to the concert which was broadcast in celebration of 'The Christmas Spirit', I think he must be enjoying it, he just keeps on humming.

The route to the destination was a good one, there were no problems and, we must leave both vans AND their contents for a little while whilst the final preparations are made.

Incidentally, both vans are parked quite discreetly behind the 'London Arena', close to the jetty which serves as a landing and departure point for those 'Celebrities' who wish to avoid the crowds after making their appearances and opt for the 'River Thames' as an 'Escape Route'.

I wonder what is in store for 'Isaac Koch' ?, perhaps he is planning an 'Escape' himself....... I doubt it. :lol:

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2011 11:10 am
by Schnauzer
"Worthy of the 'Tudors"

On board a small 'Riverboat' which had been left berthed at the jetty, 'Jimmy Light' made ready for the trip up the 'Thames', he started the engine and checked that the extra articles he had asked to be left on board were there, he placed a large 'Canvas Postage Sack' (one which had ring holes at the base, the middle and the top) on the seating bench along the 'Port side' together with the stout rope, chain and weights that came with it, he lifted the hinged lid of the seating bench on the 'Starboard side' and, ensuring that there was room enough to accommodate the large 'Package' ('Isaac Koch') that was to be placed within, signalled to the 'Nuns' that all was in order.

'Isaac Koch' was lifted from the back of the 'Ice Cream' van and swiftly taken on board, he was dumped into the compartment under the seating and the lid closed down allowing three of the 'Nuns' to sit side by side.

Having locked and secured the vans which were parked nearby, the remaining five 'Nuns' boarded and took their seats, one next to the three already seated and four on the 'Starboard side.

'Jimmy' completed the preparations necessary to cast off, stowed the ropes and slowly steered a course which would take them around the 'Isle of Dogs' and up river towards 'Tower Bridge' where he intended to perform something of a 'Ceremony'.

Every action thus far was undertaken in complete silence (other than the gradually diminishing whimpers of 'Isaac Koch'), 'Jimmy' was determined that no 'Elder' would be able to identify (for certain) just who their companions were in this expedition.

'Jimmy' signalled one of the 'Nuns' to take the wheel, he signalled another on the 'Starboard' side to take a seat 'Aft' whilst he stood upright on the deck 'Amidships', thus creating a scene which (if observed by any other vessel which may pass them or vise versa) would indicate that some 'Religious Trip' was probably in

Visually, the ruse was absolutely perfect, one 'Nun' at the helm, three 'Nuns' seated on either side of the boat, another seated 'Aft' and a 'Franciscan Monk' standing in their midst, quite a 'Heavenly sight' at this time of the year.

'Jimmy Light' stooped and picked up one other 'Extra' that had been placed on board as they approached the 'Tower Bridge', it was a 'Scythe' and, carefully looking around to make sure that there were no vessels close by, he held the 'Scythe' in front of him, 'Blade Uppermost' and pointing 'For'ard' ( an amusing 'Mockery' or else a sign of respect for a 'Tudor' tradition) which indicated that a 'Prisoner had been found guilty of a crime and was heading for execution at the 'Tower of London', such distinction could be seen as something of an 'Honour' for 'Isaac Koch' but of course, he could not SEE the ceremony and doubtless would not be very appreciative of it if he could.

The boat was now under the 'Tower Bridge', the engines were throttled back and the boat allowed to drift until it was almost in line with the 'Traitors Gate' on the 'Port side', the 'Nuns' who were seated on the 'Starboard side', quickly rose and lifted the lid of the seating, then, joined by the others, they quickly and quietly raised 'Isaac Koch' from his resting place and slid his body into the 'Postage Sack' securing the top of it under his chin, through the rings and tightened with a cord.

Next, they bound the sack with rope, fastened the chains and weights in such a fashion that they would not become detached and, dragging 'Isaac Koch' to the stern of the boat, lifted him and held him poised for the drop into the murky depths of the 'Thames'.

'Jimmy' placed a 'Noose' around 'Isaac Koch's' neck. he took the strain of the weight he would have to bear initially and, with a nod of his head, signalled that 'Isaac Koch' was to be lowered into the water, in unison, the 'Nuns' assisted, the rope became taught and two 'Nuns' assisted 'Jimmy' in bearing the load as the bottom of the 'Postage Sack' made contact with the water.

The holes at the bottom, allowed the water to seep in quite rapidly and, as the sack sank in a little further, 'Jimmy Light' (first passing responsibility of his purchase on the rope) leaned over the side and ripped the 'Tape from 'Isaac Koch's' mouth, he then removed the 'Gagging Pad' and thus allowed 'Isaac' one last moment of freedom to express himself, 'Isaac Koch' duly obliged with a scream of terror as the sack sank further into the 'Thames', 'Jimmy' pointed toward the 'Traitor's Gate' and 'Isaac' looked in the direction of it before being allowed to drop silently into the depths, his last gasp but a gurgle of small bubbles which quickly dispersed and then 'Silence'.

In silence the boat was returned to the jetty, in silence the 'NINE' executioners returned to the vans and drove them back to the 'Hall of Justice', in silence they made their separate departures, each one happy to know that the 'Evil Influence' of the 'Jew' that had attempted to destroy the 'Brotherhood' was GONE.


Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2011 2:39 pm
by Schnauzer
And now my friends, 'I' too must do an 'Isaac' as I will be GONE for a little while, not to the murky depths of the river 'Thames' I am happy to declare, rather to the (hopefully) sunny shores of 'Tenerife' where at this time of year I usually spend some time among the 'Socially Deprived' in order to render a little assistance.

Strangely enough, despite such 'Deprivation' as I usually encounter THERE, in recent years I have noticed that the comparisons which were so visible ELSEWHERE, seem to be somewhat less obvious these days, perhaps there have been 'Influences' imposed upon the wider world which (rather than act as an asset to those affected) have injected 'Disharmony' among many nations.

Perhaps those who are responsible for such 'Disharmony', should be given a little 'Tudor Treatment' in order to revive the 'Natural Respect' that once existed in our troubled societies BUT, unfortunately the murky river 'Thames' would hardly accommodate the numbers qualifying for such disposal.

The 'Mediterranean' might be suitable and the remains of the candidates might serve to encourage the fish to return to those once abundant waters, who knows, if there truly is a 'Life Hereafter', they may even view the 'Holes' they dig for 'Oil' and 'Gas' providing they can agree on who will profit from them.

Nonetheless, facing the 'New Year', with the confidence that we are ALL advised will reap rewards, I feel I must wish ALL members.......... 'The Compliments of the Season'........ before I 'Koch' off.

"A Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to one and all'.............Schnauzer...X :wink: