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Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:20 pm
by kurupetos
Hi S., I have received an email from a local friend...

He's currently banned, but he would like to comment, through me, that... it could be more interesting, and perhaps useful, if the book is available in toilet paper edition... :?
(I apologise on 'his' behalf...)

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:56 pm
by Schnauzer
kurupetos wrote:Hi S., I have received an email from a local friend...

He's currently banned, but he would like to comment, through me, that... it could be more interesting, and perhaps useful, if the book is available in toilet paper edition... :?
(I apologise on 'his' behalf...)

:lol: :lol: If you can supply me with an address, I am sure I can accommodate him, the NEXT page will be quite useful as it refers to a 'Tutorial' and he will be able to practice the skill discussed at such a meeting whilst seated. (or if he be a Turk, whilst 'Crouched').

As to your 'Apology' on his behalf, I assure you there is no need for you to concern yourself, 'Criticism' is often more genuine than 'Praise' and I am capable of accepting EITHER with good grace. :wink:

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2012 6:35 am
by Schnauzer
"The Sean O'Sullivan School of Linguistics"

Seated inside a 'Marquee' which has been erected specifically for the purpose of training the younger generation (and some of the last) are about seventy pupils, the 'Teacher' is a man of about 'Seventy Five' years of age, he is an upright and physically fit specimen of manhood, about 6 feet tall and weighs in at about 95 Kgs and solid as a rock, his eyes are 'Steely Blue' and his hair (as 'White as Snow') frames the 'Weather Beaten' face of one who has braved the hardships of the elements throughout his life.

He has never set foot outside of the country he loves so well, nor has he ever had an inkling to do so yet, he has an insight into the "Political Shenanigans" (as he describes them) of the 'Outside World', that would put those who profess to be 'Experts' to shame and his 'Patriotism' coupled to the knowledge of his 'Country's History', is far sounder than any man I have ever been acquainted with yet, he has NEVER set foot inside the confines of a 'Classroom' and his countenance reveals that he is somehow uneasy to find himself NOW in charge of one.

In the past, I have heard this man discussing the intricacies of a 'Watermill' and it's productive values, he was able to describe in the minutest detail the various uses of a single grain of 'Wheat' or 'Corn' etc, which in itself is a subject which (if studied in detail) may reveal some extraordinary scientific facts, such is the depth of this man's knowledge of matters which may escape our notice as we muddle through our (comparatively) mundane existences when pitted against the life of such as he, and THIS example very small among many others.

The reason for why this 'School' has been assembled, is that 'Sean O'Sullivan' has developed a rather remarkable 'Talent' which he wishes to pass on to those who are seated before him, he is able to speak without the slightest movement of his lips, it is an ability that he taught himself during 'Troubled Times' when there were so many 'Spies' about in his country, many of them able to 'Read the Lips' of those in conversation in the 'Bars' or other places where decent folk may congregate, so conscious was he of the possible presence of such 'Spies', he could sit at a table with his forearms resting upon it and remain absolutely motionless whilst discussing matters of importance, absolutely sure that not one word of the conversation would be either overheard or even guessed at (although the 'Spies' may have had their suspicions).

Each of his 'Pupils were given a pencil, they were instructed to place it gently between their lips and told that THAT was as far as the mouth should be open during conversation, he then instructed them to follow his lead as he took them through the letters of the 'Alphabet', it was of course noticed that the letters 'B', 'M', and 'P', were the most difficult to pronounce and he guided them through the possible 'Alternatives', the first complete sentence he encouraged them to master was, "Everything you hear which tells you of the advantages of living in a 'House', is just a load of old 'Vollocks' as far as we 'Travellers are concerned" and the only slight difficulty was with the letter 'W' BUT, with a little practice, the whole class was able to master it in 'Jig Time'.

The letter 'B' (as one can see from the above example) can be substituted for a 'V' (or sometimes a 'G'), the letter 'M' for an 'N' and the letter 'P' for an 'F' (and sometimes a 'K' if at the end of a word),:- by adopting these alternatives, a conversation may be held and such substitutions pass almost unnoticed.

Sean O'Sullivan is a very quietly spoken man, as one of his close companions 'Tom Mulligan' once remarked, "Sure you'd have to be right up close to the 'Whore's Ghost' before you could hear a word of him" but THAT of course, was an 'Ingrained Habit' he developed due to his dread of what 'Havoc' one careless word might cause, just as the old 'Wartime Slogan' which adorned the walls of 'Great Britain' in 'WW2' (that 'Walls have Ears'), so it was necessary for a similar avoidance of the 'Loose Tongue' to be regarded as essential in the struggles to oust the 'Enemy' from the shores of the land where 'Poets dwell and Heroes fell and many have a Tale to tell, all in the name of 'Freedom".

In order that 'Sean O'Sullivan' might be heard in the 'Marquee', a 'Sound System' was installed and HE, standing upon a 'Rostrum' with his 'Snowy White Hair' tumbling about his stout shoulders delivering his lesson, conjured the image of 'Moses' (I just HAVE to mention my old 'Canine' friend) when he stood before his people and presented them with the 'Ten Commandments' which, in the process of time, they have certainly forgotten.

Not so with 'The Brotherhood', the 'Code' which they live and die by, is as revered and intact as it ever was and, '"Please God, it ever more shall be".

Footnote:- A good sentence to practice with "The quick Vrown fox junks over the lazy dog" = "The Quick Brown fox jumps over the lazy dog".

Next try:- (with a pencil between the lips) "Two horses went up the hill and when they got to the top they parted". :wink:

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2012 1:04 am
by Schnauzer
"Hotchi-Witchi, Hooch and High Jinks"

It would be impossible for any observer to view the scenes of 'Camaraderie' which exists in the open fields near 'Monaseed' without feeling a certain envy for those gathered there, to be among such a large throng of 'Merrymakers' at this annual event, when 'Travellers' from all over the world assembled for their 'Traditional Easter Meeting' is a privilege afforded to very few outside of their 'Culture' ( for surely THAT is what it IS) and I consider myself to be extremely fortunate (thanks to the association of 'Jimmy Light') to be an invited guest among them.

For as far as the eye can see in all directions, there are 'Caravans' of every shape and size, some of them 'Articulated Vehicles' which can extend on each side to quite enormous living spaces and are sumptuously furnished throughout, whilst others, at the more meagre end of the scale, are quite frugal BUT, there is NO difference in the attitudes of the occupants when they greet each other in the 'Bond of Friendship' that embraces them all, there is an open honesty which declares itself 'Genuine' whenever one 'Traveller' extends his hand to another.

The fields are 'Alive', with young Children, Dogs, Ponies and 'Fighting Chickens' (as they are called) scampering around and enjoying the kind of 'Freedom' which has ever been their way of life and 'God Willing' always will be, whilst the (Men Only) discuss their past adventures and future plans as the 'Womenfolk' busy themselves preparing the various 'Delicacies' which will be arranged to accommodate the different tastes of such a mixed assembly at mealtimes.

The 'Elders' of 'The Forty Nations' are particularly welcomed at this annual event since their presence confirms that 'Racism' does NOT exist among such folk as are gathered here, these folk are far too busy enjoying the 'Freedom' which comes with 'Detachment' from the accepted 'Norm' to bother themselves with such nonsense, they KNOW that encouraging 'Racism' is the 'Ace up the Sleeve' of those who wish to manipulate the general public, one of the 'Political Tools' which will prevent the general public from THINKING about what is going on around them whilst they are busy 'Hating' their 'Fellow Man'.

And how do you suppose the 'Travellers' are so aware of this fact?, EASY, because they are probably THE most severely criticised of ALL peoples, yet still remain united and understand the reasons for WHY they are 'Targeted', they are 'Non Conformists' and therefore certainly not quite as 'Malleable' as others who live their lives wearing 'Blinkers'.

I sat on the steps of 'Sean O'Sullivan's' trailer and broached the subject of 'Politics' with him, NOT a subject he has much time for and it was not long before he made his views known on the pitfalls of those who DO try to engage 'Politicians' when trying to resolve issues of concern to them, he reasoned (without moving his lips of course) that the biggest mistake made by those who fought and died in the name of 'Freedom', was in trying to negotiate 'Politically', he based his views on the fact that it ALWAYS suited the 'Political Motives' of the aggressor to interpret ANY moves made against them as 'Political' ones, he reasoned that in fact they cannot possibly be since those who resist (the 'Freedom Fighter') are NOT equipped to contest an experienced 'Politician' precisely because they are NOT 'Politicians', therefore they MUST be disadvantaged if they attempt to become such.

In EVERY case throughout the world, whenever there is an uprising against 'Aggression', the SAME words fall from the mouths of those who represent the 'Aggressor', those who fight for liberation automatically are branded as 'Terrorists' and it is not long before the gullible public believe in the 'LIES' they are told and still believe them when they are PROVEN to be 'LIES'.

The 'Freedom Fighter's' point of view is completely opposite to that of the 'Aggressor', he KNOWS that the forces arrayed against him are vastly superior and that the objectives are to destroy his way of life, he fights with whatever weapons (or means) may be at his disposal and invariably has to face TWO very powerful enemies, (1) 'The Forces of the Aggressor' and (2) 'The Brainwashed Public of the 'Aggressor's Nation' which can hardly be judged as a 'Fair Contest' YET, in EVERY case, the 'Freedom Fighter' is branded as a 'Coward' and those who do the 'Aggressors' bidding are endowed with the title 'HERO', and with a shake of his head and a heavy sigh, 'Sean O'Sullivan' made it known that he had spoken enough on the subject.

Towards the evening, the whole area began to show signs of activity around the various 'Field Kitchens' which were set up in order to cater for ALL those in attendance, one of the most unusual 'Dishes' being the 'Old Traditional Hotchi-Witchi' (or 'Hedgehog) which is much maligned by those who fear they could not stomach it BUT, to those who CAN (and in the past have been forced by circumstance to do so) it is quite acceptable, there are several ways to prepare and eat it, in many areas it is rolled in clay and cooked under a 'Ground Fire', almost the same as 'Kleftiko' but perhaps not quite as acceptable to many palates.

In other areas, a 'Traditional Jo Gray Stew' sends it's aroma wafting in the evening air and, as the evening draws in, the camp fires are lit and the 'Hootch' is brought out and passed around in 'Jug' and 'Bottle', the 'Fiddles' and other instruments are soon to be heard and a scene of 'Merrymaking' which can only be achieved by a 'United People' devoid of any of the stress that attends the 'Conformists' of the world, gladdens the heart of ANY who either join in or witness it.

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2012 1:04 pm
by Schnauzer
"Until We Meet Again"

In the same 'Marquee' as was used by 'Sean O'Sullivan', the annual meeting of the 'Forty Nations' has taken place and many issues relevant to the success of 'The Brotherhood' discussed, as usual, there were no real problems since each 'Elder' is always true to the 'Code' and no deviations are tolerated by any member.

'Jimmy Light' had previously singled out each of those who were involved in the disposal of 'Isaac Koch' and knew that none of them was aware of the identities their counterparts in the action, he merely wished to assure them that the likelihood of their discovery was very remote, providing they remained 'Shtum'.

Among the throng of revellers, there were three young couples who announced that they were soon to be 'Married', they were given full support and a cash 'Whip Round' produced enough money for them to be able to buy their own mobile homes, such is the generosity of these folk (very much like the Cypriots) on these occasions.

The 'Charity' which 'Jimmy' has applied for registration of, seems to have met with a complication, it would appear that quite recently, the question of 'Tax Evasion' has received a certain amount of prominence in some 'Government Departments', the suggestion that those who control such 'Charities' are using them as a means of 'Tax Avoidance' is being strongly disputed, however, since (as mentioned previously) the 'Jews' DO seem to regard 'Charity' as a 'Good Business to be in', there may well be some truth in such suggestions.

Not to worry about such a small problem, if the 'Front Door closes', the 'Jews' will find a way in through the 'Back Door', it is in their nature to do so.

Not much more to report I am afraid folks, I cannot reveal many of the much more personal details about the business of 'The Brotherhood', there are certainly no great problems, many great advantages and certainly a great deal of good humour among them all.

I am about to depart the shores of Cyprus myself over the coming week-end, I will be gone for a period of at least six weeks, therefore, with a cheery wave and best wishes to ALL you good folks.

"Adieu, until we meet again".

Footnote:- 'Jimmy' sends his best wishes to all the folks in Cyprus, as he drove off in his 'Turbo Bentley' he leaned on his right elbow and called out of the window "It Bleedin' wasn't always like this Guvna!" :lol: :wink:

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Tue Jun 05, 2012 12:09 pm
by Schnauzer
"Like Manny's Ghost"

As the rain lashed down upon the multitudes which lined the bridges and embankments of the 'River Thames', as the 'Thousand Vessels' ceremoniously cruised upon it's murky waters, there mingled several 'Undercover Agents' whose sole purpose was to determine whether or not any of the 'Spectators' might be associated with the disposal of 'Emmanuel Snitzmandorf', the mere mention of his name (or the event) might afford them a clue to the circumstances surrounding his untimely end.

It is a well known 'Theory' that the perpetrators of a crime, very often return to the scene of it and it was considered a possibility that such might be the case on this occasion, since the actual scene could be over viewed with a certain degree of safety should such perpetrators succumb to the temptation of a satisfactory 'Gloat'.

Many of the 'Agents', concentrated on the 'Vantage Point' which would give them a clear view of the exact spot where 'Emmanuel' met his end, the hope was that one of them might catch a glimpse of some person (or persons) paying a little more attention to the spot than would generally be expected, a vain hope perhaps BUT, when one is grasping at straws, the smallest strand may prove to be the one which saves the day.

The 'Royal Barge' was berthed on the opposite side to 'Traitor's Gate' and the imaginary 'Line' between where the 'Agents' were positioned and the 'Deck' where 'Her Majesty' stood, did in fact cross the precise point where 'Emmanuel's' body was recovered, the crowds of spectators were vigorously waving their flags and cheering as the barge carrying the 'Choir' and 'Orchestra' of 'The London Philharmonic' was passing under the 'Tower Bridge' in preparation for their final renditions, the end of an ALMOST perfect day (shame about the rain), when one of the spectators (A Black Gentleman) turned to his companion and made a few most unfortunate remarks about the appearance of 'Her Majesty's' choice of dress for the occasion.

Had the weather been kinder with the sun shining (as it had been for a few days prior to this event), 'Her Majesty' would have looked absolutely radiant in her costume of 'Ivory' and her stylish hat of similar hue BUT, in the murky and misty atmosphere that had descended upon the 'River Thames' on account of such weather, coupled with the steam and smoke which now lingered over the surface of the water, the scene was somehow reminiscent of the 'Moors' of 'Wuthering Heights' so dismal the evening had become.

And so to the 'Unfortunate Remarks' which one of the 'Agents' overheard (or at least THOUGHT he had heard) midst the general 'Hullabaloo' as the crowds continued to jostle for a better view of the 'Finale' (bearing in mind that a 'Formation Flypast' and another 'Aerial Event' had to be cancelled due to inclement conditions) when the 'Black Gentleman' was quite distinctly heard by the 'Agent' to say:-

"The poor old Jew him drowned like a rat, and it look like the ghost of 'O'l Manny' he's rising out of the water!"........ and his remarks ended ABRUPTLY.

Within seconds, seven 'Armed Agents', responding to the alarm raised by the one who had overheard the remarks, had pinioned the unsuspecting 'Black Gentleman' to the ground (much to the distress of those in close proximity and more so to HIM) forcefully handcuffing him and thereafter frogmarching him into custody whilst he vigorously resisted this intrusion of his rights, needless to say he received some very rough treatment AND a measure of 'Racial Abuse' in the process of it all, methinks there will be much consternation among those who made the arrest with such alacrity when the TRUTH of the matter is revealed.

The 'Black Gentleman' was unceremoniously dumped into the back of a 'Police Van' and speedily transported to 'Hornsey Police Station' for questioning, he was 'Chucked' into a cell and the only details available at the moment are, that his name is 'Amos DeCrow' and he is 'British' (of French origin) living in Chelsea and employed by the 'Local Authorities' in 'The Royal Borough of Kensington'.

The 'Onslaught' of the arresting 'Team of Agents', caused havoc among those who were watching the ceremonies taking place, many of them were roughly pushed aside and may well have felt (quite justifiably) that such treatment of them was extremely unfair, however, being 'British' and possibly overwhelmed by the sense of occasion, they ALL (save one) opted to forget about the incident which had so disrupted their joyous celebrations, they merely grumbled about the intrusion and continued with their 'Flag Waving' as though nothing had happened BUT, one 'Crafty' old chap (who had actually been spectating for personal reasons), recognized the possibility of capitalizing on the situation, he immediately developed a severe attack of 'Compensation' and lay writhing on the ground feigning serious injury, his gaily painted 'Bowler Hat' was crushed and the injury to his 'Back' rendered him unable to stand up.

'Jimmy Light' (for THAT is the 'Crafty' old chap) was transported to 'King Edward V11 Hospital' where his condition is said to be 'Comfortable' and no doubt he will be receiving the best of care (if I know our 'Jimmy').

Strangely enough, the 'Duke of Edinburgh' has just been admitted to the SAME hospital, they will get on like a house on fire.

In conclusion to this report:- Once again the 'Fates' do smile upon 'The Brotherhood', how extraordinary that the 'Main Culprit' sought by the 'Agents', should be almost within their grasp yet it was decreed 'By Those Fates' that he should escape detection, how kindly do those same 'Fates' smile upon 'Jimmy' who will now 'Milk' the system for all it's worth. :wink:

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Tue Jun 05, 2012 12:33 pm
by B25
Welcome back Schnauzer, good to hear from you again, bro.

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2012 2:42 pm
by Schnauzer
"Corn for De Crow!"

Huddled in the 'Cell' awaiting the arrival of a 'Senior Police Officer', the prisoner 'Amos DeCrow' sat nursing the bruises he had received as a result of the rough treatment inflicted by those who had taken him into custody, two of those who HAD dealt with the actual arrest and had accompanied 'Amos' to the 'Police Station, were now frantically trying to locate the other 'Agents' involved in his capture since they were beginning to have some serious doubts about their wisdom in treating him the way they did, they had better get their stories right because 'Amos' was not quite the 'Run of the Mill' type of 'Black' citizen they were used to dealing with, his 'Credentials' (having been checked out) revealed that he was a highly respected and important member of the society he represented in the 'Government Departments' of 'The Royal Borough of Kensington.

'Amos DeCrow' was certainly NOT used to being addressed as a 'Black Bastard' and moreover, he was NOT accustomed to being physically abused, such treatment was never tolerated in the 'Officer's Mess' of the 'Albany Barracks' where 'Amos' had recently been stationed in the 'Regimental Headquarters' as a 'Captain' in 'The Queen's Royal Hussars', he had recently been selected for certain 'Ambassadorial Duties' overseas and was actually enjoying a brief respite from his duties before being posted overseas once more.

'Amos' was quite looking forward to the challenges he would be facing on his next 'Assignment', an accomplished 'Linguist', he was to be posted to 'India' there to negotiate certain matters concerning the 'Patwa Caste' of that nation, he was rather amused when the thought came to him that the word 'Patwa' was usually associated with 'Jamaican Patois' (or 'Patwa') which is a language (of sorts) adopted by many 'Jamaicans' particularly when they wish to converse with each other with a degree of privacy.

It was with THESE thoughts in his mind that he uttered the statement which led to the assault upon him, some sympathy might be afforded to the 'Agent' who misinterpreted what 'Amos' had actually said BUT, there was little need for the violent reaction that followed such a misinterpretation, nor can there be ANY reasonable excuse for it, after all, for as much as 'Amos' passed that which he considered to be a perfectly valid observation, he was merely practising (in a small way) one or two words which MIGHT be used by one conversion in 'Patois'.

The door to the 'Cell' swung open and a fairly elderly chap was ushered in, he was a man of about 75 years of age and had apparently committed the crime of "Putting me Toe behind" (as he explained to 'Amos'} a young 'Lout' who was passing lewd remarks to a couple of young 'Schoolgirls' as they made their way homeward, unfortunately for the elderly chap, a 'Police Officer' happened to see the incident, he immediately arrested him and advised the young 'Lout' to press charges for 'Assault' and was treated to a volley of 'Home Truths' for his pains.

'Andy' (the elderly chap), stood smilingly before 'Amos' and offered him his hand in friendship, the gesture was received amicably and it was not long before the two 'Prisoners' were engaged in a conversation which they BOTH found quite amusing, particularly when 'Andy' learned of the background of his companion, more so when they compared their 'Military Experiences'.

Back in the days of 'National Service', when it was 'Compulsory' for young men to put their 'Career Choices' on hold in order to 'Do their Bit' for 'Queen and Country' and enlist in the 'Armed Forces', 'Andy' found himself (after a period of basic training) billeted on 'Dartmoor' as an attached 'Army Catering Corps' private to a regiment of 'Dragoon Guards' which were shortly to be posted in 'Germany', 'Andy' was not particularly enamoured with the prospect, he had a lovely young girlfriend and missed her companionship, it was a frosty night and he was cold and miserable as he rubbed the ice from a pane of glass in his billet. on sudden impulse, he donned his 'Greatcoat' and made off into the frosty night.

For 'Thirty Five Years' our reluctant soldier managed to survive the rigours of his 'Self Imposed Exile', it would be quite pointless to actually give an account of his movements during the period of those passing years, his adventures were so varied that it would require volumes to describe them BUT, there IS a rather amusing fact which deserves a mention.

At the age of 'Fifty Four', after such a long and adventurous lifestyle, 'Andy' decided that he would like to be able to 'Join' the rest of society and considered the prospect of settling down to a regular job, however, not wishing to tempt fate, he allowed his younger brother (Three years Junior) to deliver himself up to 'Caledonian Road Police Station' (Near Pentonville Prison) and confess to his avoidance of 'Military Service', at this point, 'Amos' gave a "Whoop!" of laughter as he remarked, "You surely did not want to take any chances mate" and he rolled back in his chair, "That is JUST what the 'Sergeant' said to my younger Brother" replied 'Andy' (wiping a tear from his eye as he also laughed) "But THAT was after my Brother had told him that I was waiting outside, ready to 'Do a Runner' if HE was arrested".

The 'Spyhole' in the 'Cell' door rattled and an inquisitive eye peered in, it was not usual to hear such humour from the 'Holding Cell', more often than not the 'Prisoner' would be staring at the walls counting bricks or biting their fingernails and such 'Good Humour' was always an indication of 'Innocence', yet another torment for the 'Agents' as they awaited the appearance of the 'Chief Inspector'.

'Amos' had a completely different 'Military Background', he was a 'Professional Soldier' and had sought his 'Commission' as a 'Right' (due to him on account of his own educational merits), he readily ventured the opinion that 'Conscription' was NOT the best of choices for a modern army, that the practice of placing young 'Boy Soldiers' in the 'Firing Line' (as had happened in the days when the 'Mau Mau' were a serious problem in 'Kenya', Or the 'Murder Mile' in 'Nicosia' where young 'Boys' were sent to their deaths at the behest of 'Politicians' and the hidden agendas which attended such actions), he was also rather dismissive of the manner in which recent conflicts had been 'Engineered' for precisely the same reasons, he had recently 'Resigned' his 'Commission' on account of such issues as the conflicts in the 'Middle East' and was now engaged in a more worthwhile enterprise which might (in some way) alleviate the stress and rectify some of the wrongdoings in pursuit of 'Modern' campaigns.

It was during this latter discussion that 'Chief Inspector Patrick Muldoon' opened the 'Cell' and announced himself, he had been listening to the latter conversation and the content of it summoned memories of his OWN experiences in days gone by, he immediately felt a strong affinity towards 'Amos', he was well acquainted with the horrors of 'Racism' and had himself endured the hostilities of those who (under instructions from their 'Superiors' had often relished the opportunity of imposing harsh treatment upon the almost defenceless).

'Chief Inspector Patrick Muldoon' will no doubt prove to be a fairer judge of these two prisoners plight's, than those who have dealt with them thus far. :wink:

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2012 11:19 pm
by Schnauzer
"Patter in Patois'

'Chief Inspector Patrick Muldoon' chose his words carefully when he addressed 'Amos DeCrow', he had been informed of the circumstances which surrounded the arrest and was a little concerned about what reparations might be sought by the 'Prisoner' once he had been exonerated, (which certainly he would be) since the entire scenario was clearly visible on much of the 'Security Footage' of 'CCTV' and was now available to those concerned authorities.

The first action the 'C.I.' took, was to arrange for the release of the 'Old Soldier' after advising that he should be 'Cautioned' rather than 'Prosecuted' for his offence, 'Andy' was quite happy about the treatment HE had received and once again took the hand of 'Amos' before his departure.

'Amos DeCrow' was taken to the 'C.I's' personal office and it fell upon the 'C.I.' to lay the basic groundwork for a satisfactory conclusion to what he initially was forced to admit was an absolute 'Cock-Up', the 'C.I.' felt quite comfortable when he used such an expression, he knew that 'Amos' (being 'Ex-Military) would be bound to appreciate absolute candour and that 'Apologies' would be quite useless in this case regardless of how profusely they were offered, since the 'Bruising' was vividly apparent on the face of 'Amos' PLUS, there seems to have been a witness to the 'Verbal Abuse' suffered by him.

Information had filtered through, that an 'elderly citizen' had been injured in the process of the arrest and was being attended to in the 'King Edward V11 Hospital', it was a matter of grave concern to all those involved that THIS person was infuriated by the fact that 'Racist Remarks' were so blatantly used by 'Officers of the Law' and was demanding that those involved should be suitably dealt with (although, as we all know, 'Jimmy Light' would hardly be likely to put his demands so politely), nonetheless, this was a most embarrassing situation and the resolution of it would be dealt with at far higher levels than were mandated at 'Hornsey Road Police Station'.

In terms of 'Rank' betwixt the 'Armed Forces' and the 'Police Forces', both 'Patrick Muldoon' and 'Amos DeCrow' could be seen as something of 'Equals' since 'Amos' (as a Captain) sported 'Three Pips' on the 'Epaulettes' of his uniform whilst 'Patrick' carried the same amount of 'Pips' to denote HIS rank as 'Chief Inspector' on his.

Since there was no possibility of 'Amos' being charged with any offence, 'Patrick' felt that he should afford whatever comforts 'Amos' might require, he would obviously be driven to his home in 'Kensington' and the 'Washroom Facilities' at the 'Police Station' were at his disposal, 'Patrick' felt very awkward in this situation, here was a man who could obviously pull strings that could end the careers of several 'Agents', his dilemma was that he did not really know which way to turn himself since HE was awaiting instructions from a far 'Higher Authority', he decided to take the 'Bull by the Horns' and engage 'Amos' in a casual and friendly conversation, he was much relieved to learn that 'Amos' attached no blame to him personally and in fact was gracious enough to compliment 'Patrick' on the manner in which he was dealing with such an unusual situation.

'Amos' did not feel inclined to discuss his current position as far as his 'Career' was concerned, he had resigned his commission (yet held the authority of higher rank on occasion) since his new vocation was often more inclined towards 'Political' whilst at other times 'Military' persuasion, he smiled as he indicated that he actually despised 'Politicians' and had little time for the 'Over Militaristic' views of many in positions of power in the 'Armed Forces', he had undergone very intensive 'Training Programmes' and was competent in several languages yet, he was a humble and compassionate person whose life was devoted to easing the suffering of his fellow man, wheresoever such suffering existed.

He was acutely aware that his position was always a precarious one since, many of the areas of the world in which he travelled were 'Areas of Conflict' yet, he had always felt in those earlier times that his input and influence was beneficial to the populations of those 'Areas', nowadays however, he had become aware that the 'MESS' that he was assigned to deal with, invariably was the result of cunningly contrived 'Campaigns of Deception' perpetrated by the very authorities he was answerable to and he was becoming increasingly disillusioned as a result of such awareness yet, still his nature decreed that he should do his best to alleviate suffering regardless of who was responsible for it.

'Amos' went on to relay his inner thoughts regarding the 'Atmosphere' which existed among the 'Revellers' as they celebrated the 'Diamond Jubilee', it occurred to him that there was little hope of those 'Revellers' ever being able to form 'Objective' opinions of their lives since , just like the mist which now blurred their vision, so too was their judgement clouded as they meandered through their increasingly controlled lives, seldom (if ever) able to rely upon the integrity of those who ARE in control.

Thus it was no surprise to 'Amos' that he should have been subjected to such harsh treatment, nor was it a surprise that he should be labelled a 'Black Bastard' by those who arrested him, nor was it a surprise that he was badly beaten 'To Boot', after all, ALL of these actions were 'Unlawful' and the whole society seems to thrive on the assumption that it only becomes 'Unlawful' when it is 'Highlighted', other than that, anything is acceptable and 'Amos' had seen much evidence of such policies in many parts of the world.

'Patrick' asked 'Amos' directly, "What did you actually say before the 'Agents' assaulted you?", the answer he received summed up the situation nicely, it would take very little imagination to understand the 'Frame of Mind' of those 'Agents' as they mingled in the crowds, nerves stretched to breaking point until 'SNAP!' one of them misheard an innocent comment:-

'Amos' answered (but NOT in 'Patois') "The poor old Duke is drowned like a rat, and it look like 'Our Majesty's Ghost' is rising out of the water!", an innocent enough observation and one which might have occurred to ANYONE gazing across the 'River Thames' at 'Her Majesty' wrapped in an 'Ivory Shawl' over an 'Ivory Dress' topped by an 'Ivory Hat' and herself looking so pale with her snow white hair in the murky mist that had surrounded her, the only surprise about such a comment is that none of the 'Newscasters' made the same connection BUT, that would be 'TABOO'.

Very much like the 'TRUTH' these days, perhaps 'Jimmy Light' may be able to convince others to follow his lead, he is feeling a little better today, as is 'The poor old Duke' according to the latest accounts 'God Bless Him' :wink:

Re: The Trials of 'Isaac Koch'

PostPosted: Sat Jun 09, 2012 6:16 pm
by Schnauzer
The "Ooh's and Aah's" of expectations.

It was something of a 'Shock' to 'Jimmy Light' when he found himself 'Hospitalized' in the 'King Edward V11' since such an establishment is usually reserved for the 'Elite' members of the 'United Kingdom' ( or those Foreign Dignitaries that may need medical attention during their visits), his ''Shock' was to be somewhat greater when he learned that 'Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh', was admitted to the same 'Hospital' very soon after his own admission, although obviously not as a result of the same incident but soon to be (in a small way) connected to the 'Security Procedures' which would affect them both.

As aforementioned, the 'CCTV' cameras are positioned strategically in numerous locations in the vicinity of 'The River Thames' and those that were covering the area where 'Jimmy' was standing were under particular scrutiny, not because of the possibility of capturing those who may have been involved in the murder of 'Emmanuel Snitzmandorf' but rather because of the proximity of such position to 'Her Majesty' aboard the 'Royal Barge' berthed on the opposite side of the river.

'Amos DeCrow' was actually very well known to the 'Scrutineers' (as it pleases me to describe them) who were ever vigilant as far as the cameras in THIS location were concerned, they saw the commotion and immediately directed their attention to it, the crowds were momentarily dispersed and they had a clear vision of 'Amos' being assaulted and roughly treated, they were themselves quite shocked at what they had observed and called to their 'Superiors' in order that they too might witness the incident, meanwhile, the crowds began to fill in the gaps left by the disturbance and by the time the 'Superiors' arrived at the screens which had 'Recorded' the incident, the 'Medics' were in the process of carrying 'Jimmy' off on a stretcher, it was assumed that it was 'Amos' that had been injured (quite an easy error of judgement to make in such circumstances) and a 'Flash Message' was sent to the 'Ambulance' that the 'Patient ' be taken to the 'King Edward V11' Hospital for treatment, after all, 'Amos DeCrow' DID fit the necessary criteria (due to his position) to be admitted to such an establishment.

The news of the arrest of a 'Murder Suspect' was forwarded by an 'Agent' to the 'Hornsey Police Station' (who were in charge of the investigation) and as the 'Police Van' sped off with two of the 'Arresting Agents' on board with their semi-conscious captive, 'Jimmy' was on HIS way and a 'Senior Security Officer' was also heading for the 'King Edward V11' in order to learn of the circumstances which had brought 'Amos DeCrow' to such an unfortunate crisis.

Upon reaching the 'Private Ward' which had been allocated to 'Jimmy', the 'Senior Security Officer' immediately recognised that an error of judgement had been made and loudly made his opinion known as he contacted the 'Scrutineers', unfortunately for HIM (Senior as he was), 'Jimmy' overheard every word that passed between the 'Officer' and the 'Scrutineers', he quickly grasped the significance of the 'Error' and even more quickly formulated HIS plan to capitalise further on account of his own position.

'Jimmy' began to condemn (in no uncertain terms) the treatment that the poor 'Black Geezer' (as 'Jimmy' would describe 'Amos') had received, he further made it known that the 'Racist Remarks' were "Bang ah't of awder" and left nobody in any doubt that he would see to it that those responsible would be made to suffer for their behaviour.

In the midst of ALL the commotion, 'Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh' was admitted to the 'Hospital' reportedly suffering from a 'Bladder Infection' which was an added responsibility for the 'Senior Security Officer' who would now be obliged to ensure the safety of the new arrival.

It did not take much time for the 'Police' to locate the whereabouts of 'Amos DeCrow', 'Chief Inspector Patrick Muldoon' was informed of the situation as he sat in the 'Police Canteen' at the 'Edmonton Police Station', he spluttered his coffee over the table when he learned of the 'Identity' of the prisoner he was asked to interview, "The Curse of Jayzus on those Idiots" was the only comment he made as he rose up from his chair and made ready to depart to 'Hornsey Police Station', he was informed 'En Route' of all the circumstances and was advised to handle the matter as 'Diplomatically' as possible,"By Jayzus" thought 'Patrick', "Would that be the same kind of 'Diplomacy 'I' received after I was near beaten to death, spat on and called an 'Irish Bastard' in days gone by?" and with such thoughts and memories of harsh treatment HE had received in his youthful years, he arrived at his destination.

'Jimmy' began to suspect that his position might be a little more precarious than he had anticipated, he reasoned that if any important people were about to be exposed as 'Wrongdoers', then HE might well prove to be an embarrassment to them and, having read in the newspapers on many occasions, stories about 'Sudden Disappearances' and 'Unexplained Deaths', he began to feel rather uneasy, perhaps he should take steps to preserve his well-being and contact some of his close associates, after all, people of far greater importance than HE, had come to sticky and mysterious ends when they became a 'Thorn in the Side' to the type of 'Hierarchy' he was now likely to embarrass on account of his knowledge.

'Jimmy' insisted on making a few phone calls, he was very careful to ensure that he was overheard giving specific instructions to several of his 'Contacts', he informed them that he was in quite a difficult position and made a point of emphasizing that he was in fear of his life, his conversations were reported to the 'Senior Security Officer' and 'Jimmy' knew they would be, he began to cry out in pain and his "Ooh's and Aah's" attracted much attention, he made sure of the names of the 'Doctors' that attended to him, relayed the information to his friends and snuggled down for a good nights sleep, satisfied that he was now as safe as he could ever hope to be.

This morning 9th June 2012, 'Jimmy' insisted on discharging himself, he was assisted into a 'Taxi' and informed the 'Hospital' that he will be seeking compensation from the 'Police', he also indicated that he will be notifying the 'Police' of his position regarding the 'Racist Remarks' and ill-treatment of the 'Black Geezer', 'Jimmy' has decided that the MORE prominent he makes himself, the 'Safer' he will be, meanwhile, he has 'Gone to Ground' for a while and the 'Duke of Edinburgh' has been allowed home for his '91st Birthday' (on the 10th) "God Bless Him". :wink: