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Rebuild the trust between the Turkish and Greek Cypriots

Propose and discuss specific solutions to aspects of the Cyprus Problem

Postby bigOz » Wed Jun 27, 2007 3:27 pm

EPSILON wrote:
denizaksulu wrote:Piratis; For Christ sake, It is obvious that you have an issue with the Ottomans. Maybe it was the fall of Byzantium which you cannot deal with. Your are like an annoying mossie in someones ear constantly ranting the same old tune. No body can change the events in history. These things did happen. Tell me where it did not. Where there was a void peoples will move in and fill that void. It is obvious that you have been brainwashed with the Ottoman Empires' advances into Asia Minor and Europe.
Give is a rest, and spend more of your energies towards a peaceful, meaningful conclusion to the Cyprus problem. Dont be so irritating. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Peacefull solutions can be achieved betwen democratic countries. If one part of the problem is a military controlled state , living with dreams of empire, such solutions look to be at least very difficult

And before you reply that Turkey is a democratic state i wish to emphasise that the main problem is that it has a dectatorship and the big part of population does not realise it.

Can anybody from "Democratic "Turkey explain to the board why Gul was not nominated as canditate for president? Maybe because of the democratic system of Turkish state.
Can anybody from "Democratic" Turkey count the times the military staff intervened in government's decisions?
Can anybody finally tell us a decision on Cyprus problem made directly by Tallat without the written authorization of the invasion army?

Peacefull solution: to discuss with whom? Peacefull but fair solution can be achieved only if GCs accept all the plans of the invasion forces.

This is the present situation

Do we need to go over the same things over and over again? I believe most of these were answered to you in another thread by myself, yet you persisit in bringing up what your feelings and opinions are, rather than the realities of today!

First of all, I hope you will not mind me asking, but are you a Cypriot or a mainland Greek national (forgive my ignorance on this subject because I've only been on this forum couple of months).

As for the answer to your question, if you watched any Sky or BBC news during that period, you would have also witnessed that millions of Turkish people in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir plus many other localities held mass demonstrations against Gul being a candidate. No one in the military suggested Gul should withdraw as such and I never saw no such news either! Did you? In fact the misrepresentation in the media about what the army chiefs had said was soon put right by a declaration by the Army's Chief of Staff. I believe I alsoi disclosed that quote in my earlier posts.

So my friend, sorry to disappoint you but your proposition that "democracy" i.e. people's will, rather than dictatorship prevailed in Turkey on this occasion. What worries me is, why it upsets you so much Turkey might be a lot more of a democratic state than you would like to give it credit for! Also why all of a sudden you might be sad that why a leader who may have been in the past related to some religious fanatic beliefs might not get the chance to turn Turkey into Iran.

I thinks it is more of a case of hating Turks and Turkey, rather than having sleepless nights because Turkey might or might not be a democratic country. And if you are a mainland Greek then who cares? Greece and Turkey can sort their own differences out - we are concerned with sorting ours in Cyprus. :D

AS for Talat requiring written authorisation from Turkish Army, all I can say is Image

Can you show soome evidence of such a baseless allegation? Either that or again it can be nothing more than an expression of your feelings...
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Postby alexISS » Wed Jun 27, 2007 3:52 pm

zan wrote:Piratis.
I was educated in the UK you great clutz. My education about Greeks was all about conquests and fighting and the rediculous gods that instigated these wars.

So you were not taught Homer, math, science, philosophy?
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Postby humanist » Thu Jun 28, 2007 1:47 pm

Big Oz says
As for Talat requiring written authorisation from Turkish Army, all I can say is

I think bigOz is in denial if he thinks Talat makes any decisions in the north. If he does then he just darn stupid as his people are struggling each and every day, that passes with the turkish army's presence in cyprus
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