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a few questions to the desperate men of Cyprus.

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You men are just so typical

Postby Sussed » Thu Feb 05, 2004 12:16 pm

Sorry ladies, this disgussion has no intension of insulting you, I'm here to ask a few questions to the desperate men we seem to have on this islands.
Gosh you men are just so Typical! I'm embarrassed that we share the same nationality! As soon as a foreign female gets on-line you all go nuts it's disgusting especially if they are Russian or Bulgarian etc. I bet if Anni was from Pakistan you would have reacted differently wouldn't you? It's pathetic anything that is blond and you guys go wild, be warned my fellow greek men that the women in Cyprus are changing too and as soon as Cyprus becomes a part of the EU and plenty of the LUSCIOUS foreign men come along with their open-minded ways and the fact that they LOVE BRUNETTES do you honestly think the Greek women are going to stick around and wait until you guys stop messing? HELL NO I Don't think so! I mean I've done it (I married a foreigner and I'm a Cypriot FEMALE) Do I regret it? NO WAY! Especially when I see what most of you Cypriot men are all about!

Postby Noname75 » Thu Feb 05, 2004 9:55 pm

How exactly did we go "nuts" :?: :?:
I think you have a bit of complex, and thats the problem.

You are also a bit misinformed. Not all Russians are blond. Actually not even most Russians are blond! So its not a about hair color. We were just replying to a post, and we would reply to any post no matter of the person's nationality.

This said, I have to say that while we have some VERY good looking Cypriot girls, if you take 10 random cypriot girls and 10 random Russian girls that live in Cyprus, chances are that russian girls will be more good looking *on average*.

Also, I don't think Cypriot girls have to wait for EU for foreign guys to come to Cyprus. We have thousands of foreign guys that already live here, and millions that come as visitors. You were always free to choose :D Still, I think that while Cypriot guys on average might not be as good looking as say Greeks or Italians, i think we rang quite high 8) :wink:
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Postby Tatiana1 » Thu Feb 05, 2004 10:38 pm

To Sussed:

hi, i am russian and i have a little different point of view on the issue... even though Cypriot men really like Russians, Belarussians, Ukrainians, Yugoslavian etc females, it is not that they want to spend their lives with these females. Most cypriots look at us as if we were animals in the zoo with the exception that we are considered to be ready for sale at any time... men want to have fun with us, but it is not SO COMMON as it might look to end in a serious relationship... easy blondie girls - that's that they think we are... and all those screams in streets, whistles, gossips, rude discussions - that's what we get together with their "attention"... do we need it ? the answer is NO and i do not think cypriot girls would appreciate such treatment from cypriot men ... so definitely there is no reason to get frustrated or upset.. cypriots have fun if they can with Russians etc but they make families with Cypriots. And what is more important ?

Postby Guest » Thu Feb 05, 2004 10:43 pm

To Noname 75:

Sorry, but i cannot say that Cypriot men rank very high and it is not only my opinion... :(

Postby Noname75 » Thu Feb 05, 2004 11:26 pm

To tatiana:
Maybe what you say is the case some times, but there are many examples to the contrary! You have to admit though that *some* Russian girls dress in a much more provocative way (for Cyprus standards) so some things of what you said should be expected.

To quest:

Can you say why you think that? I didn't say "very high", I said "quite high", and I believe I am correct :wink:
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Ok lets gather all the facts

Postby sussed » Fri Feb 06, 2004 1:07 pm

Fistly I'd like to agree that NO it's not fair that Cypriot men look at Russians, Bulgarians, Ukraine Girls like they are animals in a Zoo and yes you are right its HORRIBLE and very disrespectful! Not all Russians, Bulgarians etc dress in a provocative manner! Just because they wear short skirts does not make them more or less attractive than Cypriots girls! And there is no need to disrespect them! I agree with the person that stated that Greek men just like to mess about with the foreign girls, its true and think it's digusting when these girls get used as a sex toy! Ok those that do it for an occupation in Cyprus have no excuse but there are alot of intelligent Russians, Bulgarians, etc in Cyprus! Plus once you Cypriot men finished messing around with these girls you then think "oh it's time to settle down lets pick a nice greek girl" and you expect us to be ok about it! Can you imagine us Greek girls doing the same thing you men do!, you'd think we were sluts! So what excuses YOU? If you aren't messing around with the Russians, Ukraines etc then you are down in Ayia Napa in the summer trying to pick up the english holiday-makers! TYPICAL!

I would also like to add to the fool that quoted that there are more attractive Russian Girls to Cypriots please may I add that it's all a matter of opinion and the fact that the population in Russia is huge compared to Cyprus and I beleive that the Cypriot Girls are becoming more and more attractive! Also YOU may find Russian Girls more attractive as they are more fair skinned and lighter haired (not all) than the Cypriot Girls and like to look at something different but please note that when I went to the UK the guys went crazy! Firstly because the Mediterranean look is now "in" thanks to Jennifer Lopez! I was even getting stopped in the street by the English girls asking me if my butt was real or if it was silicon!!!!!!!! I told them I was from Cyprus and they all envied the fact that I had brown eyes and a curvy figure!

Also you quoted that you think that Greek men rank quite high in the looks department wake up honey! Again it's all a matter of opinion and all my Greek girlfriends are always complaining that there aren't any good looking greek men around these days! As for Italians and Greeks erm like I think you have forgotten the rest of the world what about the French Men? The English Men? The Spanish? The Americans? There are alot of attractive men out there and obviously more attractive men in the LARGER COUNTRIES AS THERE IS A LARGER POPULATION!

As for those foreigners that get used, I feel for you I really do just in the future take one thing into consideration don't take any crap from them! And REMEMBER ONE VERY IMPORTANT FACT: A PLAYER ALWAYS GETS PLAYED!

Ladies would love to hear more views! Are there any Cypriot girls out there that feel the same way as I do? You men out there come on defend yourselves I dare you ahahahahh!

Postby Noname75 » Fri Feb 06, 2004 4:18 pm

Sussed, the way you react clearly shows that you have some kind of complex.

Of course I couldn't agree more that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". And if you are so good looking, congratulations! Here we are not talking about you or me, we are talking about AVERAGES.

Averages means that a Russian girl that in her town in Russia would be considered an Ok looking girl, in Cyprus she is considered great looking. This would not be the same with a Russian guy. If he was Ok looking in Russia, he will still be just OK in Cyprus.

Sure, French guys on average are good looking, maybe more good looking than Cypriots, no problem to say that (I have no complex like some other people :roll: ) Spanish on average are about like Cypriots, Americans are a totally mixed race so you can find everything there, and while there are some very good looking British guys, on average i believe (and not just me) that they rank quite bellow Cypriots. (with the exception of any British guy reading this. :wink: ).

Do you have to agree with what I and many others think? No! You are free to believe what you want, but you have to accept what others like also.

If Cypriot girls think that lets say French guys are better looking and they like them more in general, then they can get French guys!! I couldn't care less :P
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Postby sussed » Fri Feb 06, 2004 5:11 pm

Mr No Name No I do NOT have a complex I just like to state the obvious!

You seem to be getting confused you say that you are not talking about you or me but are talking about averages right? Then you go on and say that Russian Women are considered ok in Russia and are considered great in Cyprus right? Then you turn around and state that russian Men are ok in Russia and OK in Cyprus ?????? That's your opinion I'm sure there are thousands of Russians that completely dissagree with you! You are talking about your opinion right? And I'm just stating mine! So no you aren't talking about the Averages you are stating YOUR Opinion! And I completely dissagree with YOUR opinion! This is why this is called and disgussion forum to state OUR OPINIONS ABOUT THINGS IN GENERAL!

You believe that the Spanish are on the same level as the Cypriots that's YOUR opinion my opinion is HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA YOU HAVE TO BE JOKING! The spanish are known throughout the world of having some of the most good looking men and women around! I have never heard of ANYONE saying that the Cypriot men are to the Spanish standard! As for the British again Britain is like America it's all mixed how can you compare them and state that Cypriots are better looking than them! Thats rediculous! That means that you are saying that the Cypriots are better looking than the Americans hahahahahh that's silly!

Last Question for you if you met a Greek girl and lets say you wanted to marry this girl and she turned around last min. and said that she had slept with Russian men, English men and French men would you still marry her?
Answer truthfully! I beleive most greek men wouldn't as it's ok for them to do it but it's not ok for the greek girls to do it! Why? Because they don't want to be with "used around meat especially with other races" but it's always ok for them! And that my friend is a fact! If you differ with my answer then I take my hat off to you!

Postby Noname75 » Fri Feb 06, 2004 7:01 pm

I lived abroad for several years and I know guys and girls of every race and many nationalities. Sure, some of the things I said are my opinion (e.g. about spanish guys), but most of the rest (about averages) is something even you know its true.

About British vs Americans: USA is a nation of immigrants, if we talk about native americans then we are talking about what we call "indians". On the other hand, while there are many immigrands in the UK also, the "native" british have quite unique characteristics, and to those "native" british I was refering to.
(By the way, you think of Americans very highly i see. Where do you base this? On movies? Because in reality *on average* they are nothing special.)

I don't know how old you are, but if you haven't realized times have changed. Most (not all) Cypriot girls don't *intentionally* wait to get married to have sex. If you think that a Cypriot girl that really likes a spanish "God" will say no to him because she wants to stay virgin and wait for a Cypriot to marry her then you are very wrong. So why do you think that far less Cypriot girls have relationships/marry foreign guys than Cypriot guys have relationships/marry foreign girls?

Its either:
1)That most Cypriot girls prefer Cypriot guys
2)That most Cypriot girls prefer foreign guys (like you) but unfortunatly for most of them those foreign guys don't like Cypriot girls.

So please, don't tell me that Cypriot girls make us a favor. If the think something was better and they could get it, they would!!

So my opinion and your opinion do not matter. The statistics are there and the facts speak for themselves.

About your last question:
1)Before I marry anybody I would know the person very well. So there are no "last minute" things.
2)The nationality of the girl I will marry is irrelevant. I would react the same way even if she was not Greek.
3)The nationality of her former lovers is also irrelevant. But actually if she slept with 1-2 guys I would prefer them to be foreigners than somebody that I will see everyday in front of me and knows my whole family.

4)Virginity is not a requirement for me. But yes, if she slept with a ton of guys that would be a big disadvantage.

What do you mean by "it's ok for them to do it but it's not ok for the greek girls to do it" ??
We have democracy and laws. Everything is "OK" as long as you respect the laws. If you want to sleep with Spanish, Turkish, and 30 British you can do it if you want. And the same way a guy can say no to a girl because she slept with a lot of guys, the same way the girl can say no to a guy that slept with a lot of girls. Right?
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Postby Tatiana1 » Fri Feb 06, 2004 10:57 pm

Poor NoName ! You are attacked by a furious Cypriot girl :nevil:

but I believe she is absolutely right when she says that Cypriot girls and boys are not equal in Cyprus as far as sex life is concerned... and it is unfair... and it is also unfair when cypriot men get married and after that continue their adventures with cabaret girls... and women have to sit home and do housekeeping and please their men...

another thing is that cypriot men like to show off and i believe your statement that nationality, previous sex experience etc do not matter for you is just the way you try to show that you are superior to other cypriots, but deep inside you know that all this matters a lot, Cyprus is Cyprus, it makes you almost a zombi and even years abroad cannot change it... unfortunately... i just wonder why it is so problematic in cyprus.. probably because of its small size ...

but i agree with NoName that British are not that good-looking, Americans are really better... I do not like mediterranean type of men in general (including cypriots), but there are some quite good looking - I hope Noname is one of them :lol:


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