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Annan solution - What will *I* gain???

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)


Postby PEACE » Thu Feb 19, 2004 7:21 pm

Dear Greek Cypriot i can't help you anymore. But be sure minority-majority solution style is rejected by all of the Tcs ! I'm sure.

We can be minority as population now ! But our political right level is not minority rights.There are many many Tcs waiting to return back to island! Also don't forget this! Our population here is the part of an iceberg that you can see.

May be there are some limitations but you'll get compensation for your properties who can't use.These limitations exist for both TCs and GCs and for a stable new order these needed my friend! Annan didn't limitated some rights for nothing ! He and his group wanted to build a secure and stable system for Cypriots.Stability is the most important thing at first! By time after bridges will be build again Plan's limitations can be removed if there is no use for the system's stability!

After all these we said if you still think what you think i'm sorry ! Noone can help you anymore.

:arrow: We tried to explain why is these limitations exist for both side !

:arrow: We tried to explain that Annan Plan includes so sensetive balances!

:arrow: We tried to explain that this limitations won't continue forewer but it depends on sides' behaviour to each other and we can make it longer or shorter.

:arrow: I never wanted badness of Gcs.I explained the situation with goodwill.Also i never want the badness of Tcs ! There have to be a middle way! Its impossible to get all you want from a plan !Cos other side has desires also.

We never said "We want TRNC's continuity after solution" but we said we want to govern ourself in Turkish Cypriot State and we want to work with GCS in foreign affairs and we want a STABLE NEW ORDER !

No limitations + unstable order + you will get all you want.
Some limitations + Stable order + you'll get 50-50%

Now you will say "We are not getting 50-50%". Yes you will get 50-50% But you want not 50-50% but you want to get 20-80% instead cos you see rights that are given to us is too much ,which is %50, for us and chosing an unstable order which means a bad future and unhappy years again for both side.PLEASE! SEE THAT LIMITATIONS IS FOR STABLE ORDER.THEY ARE NOT EXIST FOR ONLY TO LIMITATE HUMAN RIGHTS AND DEMOCRACY! :roll: THESE ARE NOT FOR ANY SIDE'S BADNESS.

If you think TCs have to take only minority rights and this is too much for them and you don't care a stable solution and peace so go on!

Your problem is what? You see %50 too much for us ! So you are rejecting the Plan which will bring stable peace to cypriots! If you are saying "We are not getting %50" thats the reason!
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