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Postby halil » Tue Jun 26, 2007 6:42 am

In the case of Linda and David Orams, the lawyer of the Greek Cypriot Meletis Apostolides, has described the referral of the Orams case to the European Court of Justice as a positive outcome for Mr Apostolides.
Meletis Apostolides and his lawyer Constantis Candounas held a press conference at the Goethe Institute in the UN-controlled buffer zone today to explain their point of view on the case.
During the press conference, lawyer Candounas claimed that Britain’s Court of Appeal decided to refer the case to the European Court of Justice setting aside an earlier judgement on the case by the British High Court.
Stressing that the Court of Appeal had two options; either to accept the judgement of the Court or not, Mr Candounas claimed that the court did not accept the judgement.

`The judgement is completely out of the way` he said.
Pointing out that the case is now referred to the European Court of Justice, he claimed that the ECJ will not be taking the original judgement into consideration while handling the case.

‘This is very positive outcome for Mr Apostolidis and we are very confident of the final outcome.’ Mr Candounas said.

`That will be the end of the road. This is a three stage process, what happened last year was only the first stage. We are very unhappy with the original judgement and we were very confident that the Court of Appeal would not accept the original judgements and this is what happened. The matters are referred. As a matter of fact the other side resisted the reference to the Court of the European communities and in the end they did not have their way`.

Last week, in a written statement, the Presidential Spokesman Hasan Erçakıca said Britain’s Court of Appeal’s decision to refer certain points of the Orams case to the European Court of Justice meant that the case filed by Mr Apostolidis was not accepted.

He said the Court did not reverse an earlier ruling by British High Court which said it could not enforce an earlier ruling by a court in South Cyprus which ordered the demolition of the couple’s home in Lapta and seizure of the couple’s assets in Britain as the EU acquis communitaire is not being implemented in North Cyprus.

Pointing out that the decision was taken after the two sides agreed to refer the case to the ECJ, the spokesman said “the point important is that last year’s ruling by British High Court on the case is still valid and this means that the rightfulness of the Orams case has once again been approved”.
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