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Kikapu turns a new leaf.........!!!

Propose and discuss specific solutions to aspects of the Cyprus Problem

Postby Kikapu » Wed Jul 04, 2007 10:02 am

The present laws on the books regarding education, property and inheritance rights, civil union rights and so on can be kept as is. We can add more, as far as right of Gays, and other minorities, if in fact, we do not have them. Since most of our laws seems to come from the British, I believe we can all live with those.

Greek and Turkish being the official language on the island will remain as such. I would also propose, that English is also included in that, being it is widely spoken on the island right now, at least in the South. English should become our SECOND language, so that we can bridge the gap between Turkish and Greek speakers, as well as all the foreigners/ guests on the island. Given the separation of the two communities in the last 44 years, I believe not too many young TC's speak Greek anymore, as they once did, before 1963. I can actually see English as becoming the "main" language in Cyprus in the next 25 years or less.

On the issue of State Flags. I believe each state can choose their own Flag, and considering that there's going to be other people living in each state, other than the two main groups ( GC's & TC's), it would be best to choose a flag that will not remind them of the past, so lets get away from anything that resembles the the flags of Turkey and Greece. There are hundreds of choices each state can make, so why inflame the old wounds with reminders of the past by using Turkish or Greek flags. We will have until 2015 to decide how we want each state to write their own Constitution, which will not be Racist, Undemocratic or allows Human Right Violations. Federal laws and guidelines will control our borders and Immigration, and our foreign affairs, as well as maintaining the Federal Constitution, which will include separations of STATE and RELIGION.

Each State can sell their products to who ever they want, as long as all the Cypriots are not deprived of these very same goods, that will require them to be imported from other countries.

In the new Federal State, we will no longer need Guarantors, so as of 2017, Turkey, Greece and the UK will be excluded from our New Constitution. We will give the UK until 2027 to close all their Military Bases in Cyprus, and return all the land back to Cyprus.

Once the Power structure is in place to be carried out, once the RoC and "TRNC" is dissolved, then begins the New Life in Cyprus. This to me will be the most fair way to move forward for all Cypriots. It will be accepted, that not all Cypriots will get what they want and compromises will need to be made by some, but it will most certainly have a better future for their future generations. Once all the political instability is removed, and Cyprus being in the EU, is the only way Cyprus can access her 100% potentials in economic growth and the standard of living for all it's citizens. We can then assist Turkey's entry into the EU, not too long after 2017.
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Postby Nikitas » Sat Aug 11, 2007 2:02 pm

Always interseting ideas from Kikapu.

If one goes federal then the territorial issue is not vital. If the confderal solution is chosen there is no way in the world that the present ratio of 37 per cent of territory to be left to the north, for a simple reason, the one state is totally single ethnicity and the other multiethnic, Greek, Armenian, Maronite, Latin and Rom. In a confederal solution this must be taken into account, since all non Turkish communities will share the south, and the territory equitably apportioned both in terms of area, length of coastline, resources etc.

At some point we must remember that there is always the possibility that some genuine or contrived grievance will lead the north to secede from a confederal state and we must always be ready for that eventuality. The south has proved actively through resistance to the attempted coup that it will not let itself be taken over by a foreign power, the north has still to prove that.
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