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What have we done ?

Propose and discuss specific solutions to aspects of the Cyprus Problem

What have we done ?

Postby Ghandi » Mon Aug 13, 2007 5:17 pm

Any thoughts in this as a piece of writing ?

What have we given what have we done with our struggle?

We are not the only nation to have had struggles in many ways its how we respond to these struggles that gives us our character.

Cuba has had it tough. Embargos and Opprssion.They still sit in the world with one of the best education and health systems. Tibet has been forgotten and massacred and yet they still give the world much compassion, peace and kindness. South Africa even had a black President.

Why are there are no Gandhi’s or Mandela’s from this struggle. They unlike us have listened to their hearts and minds instead of that of others, they have become bigger through their struggle.

Where is the art or the creativity of our island? Why does Ireland produce so much of this after all its struggles. Why did the Renaissance follow the dark ages in Italy? Why what we have given is is so limited.

It’s because unlike these other struggles we have no ideology, no philosophy and no long term vision.

Without our own approval how can we have peace and acceptance of ourselves we can only get this from ourselves as we are now for our soul as a country is everything we have been to what we are today.

Today to stand tall as Cypriots is to fight to have a future were we may truly be alive or at the very least stand tall and give us a chance for a story that showcases an honesty and generosity of spirit that will essentially give our stories a little more meaning.

If we do not communicate something thoughtful and passionate with others then we are indeed traitors, traitors to our children, parents and the wider world.

We should not lament on the loss of the Cypriot culture. Instead we should meditate on it!

This will enable us to lean from it and in the calmness of this truth come up with ways to stop what is becoming the inevitable. This may confront some people but I believe there is more to these people then their lives.

There is the fact that they are the generation that is losing Cyprus, that history judges us all.

We all sit and do nothing and everyday is a wasted one for the future of our people. Its time for the easy going lifestyle to be replaced by a more earnest one.

Cyprus of 1974 or 60 has no potential. The only potential is in Cyprus now. The people that live in Cyprus have the potential.

What is our fear that we lose our rights or that we will be attacked? We strangely seem to fear that we will lose our lives and not fear losing our Cypriot consciousness which is what will really take our lives.

We fear the unknown of what may happen in life. We fear the unknown of what may happen if we have a a little more to the GC and how they may use this opportunity.

Wether we are are called GC or TC the Cypriot will still live on in the Island.

The GC has its perspectives and only when we got close enough to see this perspective will we get to know each other.

Maybe the modern world has taken some of our purity. Maybe the cult of he individual and capitalism means that the tc cannot and doesn’t want to live with different morals.

I think I may be mixing up our easy going nature with my own Cypriot cultural Utopia. We are better off alone is not an ideology that will help us because our lives are socially constructed us and them neither wanting to forgive each others imperfections.

When all is said and done we must all accept that what we will lose we will never gain back and this should make us all hang our heads in shame.

There are things that we cannot change such as the past. To worry about this or what the GC may do to us in the future is to waste there worries. It is time to acknowledge the reality of our present situation and that is our culture and land becomes weaker by the day. What did we do with what we had .Today is unlike any challenge we have faced in the past.

What is a eternal truth. Is it that all cultures are unique, that every land has its people. This is what has to be embraced for us to live on the faith that what has been created is amazing and ironically what can be created anything else is a disgrace for everybody involved.

.This piece is limited as I only talk about half the island and I have not calculated how this may be used politically. I have no political agenda and ask that the reader realizes that the survival of the Cypriot people should humble any political agenda.

With open arms I am a passionate Cypriot my fist full of dirt I slowly open my grip to survive.

I wonder that if the Tc did not disappear what would our history say when we didn’t when we had the chance.

We will not live through the death of our race. Our time is precious It is a human trait that stops us from taking about it. What are we to say if we cannot live through it?

There is no glamour or excitement to a race disappearing. The excitement and glamour will come through a life that tries something different that enables us to be role models to the world. This can only be done if we live a s Cypriots in this life and not through the one vote we have which is used for our individual interests

This is a dark part of or nature instead of accepting what is becoming inevitable we blame, justify and eventually lose.

The flaws are celebrated and the co-operation that can give time and strength to our neighbors is ignored

Personal independence has never a cultural strength on all of the island . My philosophy, my ideology is best summed up by Oscar Wilde when he said

“A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at “
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Postby zan » Tue Aug 14, 2007 9:47 pm

He or she needs to start the negosiations on utopia. Might get a few tips from both the Kofis. Annan and Kikapu.... :wink:
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Postby Chimera » Tue Aug 14, 2007 9:57 pm

As individuals, what is Utopia for one may be Hell to the other.

And so you find yourself in this dualism!

You are striving for acceptance and recognition even though your spirit struggles with a truth that you are battling to feel comfortable with.

Could it be that you know the current situation in Cyprus is wrong, but secretly you like it like that, and you want someone to say it's okay, go ahead, enjoy , relax and meditate, you are not unclean as a perpetrator of crushed rightfulness?

Well, wake up and smell the coffee!
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Postby Ghandi » Wed Aug 15, 2007 2:39 am

Could it be that you know the current situation in Cyprus is wrong, but secretly you like it like that, and you want someone to say it's okay, go ahead, enjoy , relax and meditate, you are not unclean as a perpetrator of crushed rightfulness?

Yes the situation is wrong.Why does the article give you the impression that i want someone to say its allright.
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