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There's something wrong...

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

Postby antonis » Sat Feb 28, 2004 11:37 pm

A solution will be the one that solves more problems than it creates. Annans "solution" creates more problems than it solves and therefore is nothing but a solution.

You cannot convince anyone that if this attempt fails, there is going to be another one in the near future that will be "better".

It might solve more problems for you and for some others, but here we have democracy and the majority of the people will not sucrifice their well being just to serve the interests of few.

What do you mean "for me"?
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Postby Greek Cypriot » Sun Feb 29, 2004 12:29 am

Seems that propaganda on the island is thriving!

You are just throwing words without backing them up.

My opinion about how functional and fair the Annan plan is formed by reading the plan. Therefore no propaganda affected me.

About the economics of the solution I listen to the economists, most of which agree that a solution based on Annan's plan will be very damaging for our economy. All these economists are making propaganda according to you?
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Postby metecyp » Sun Feb 29, 2004 1:57 am

Greek Cypriot,

I'm not going to repeat what I've already said in the last couple of weeks. But I want to add one more point when you say "We cannot accept less than what we have now". There are T/Cs in the north who give the same type of argument as you do (and we call them extremists!).

They believe that the land taken in 1974 belongs to them, they believe that TRNC will someday be recognized, and they support every single aspect of the structure in the north. Therefore, they see Annan plan as a big sacrifice because they have to give up "their own" land, they have to give up their "independent state" and they have to move out of "their houses" and become refuges.

Now, are these people right? You would probably say "Of course not, because the land in the north are not theirs, the houses they're staying in are not theirs, and the state they claim to be recognized will never be recognized". But they see the current situation as something legal, something normal, something that they own.

Now, here you are, refusing Annan plan because what you think you own is better than Annan plan. What's your difference?
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Postby Greek Cypriot » Sun Feb 29, 2004 9:40 am

What's your difference?

I think you see yourself the difference.

Yes, people that support that land taken by the force of weapons is their own, are indeed extremist. How can you say the same for somebody that all he asks for is human rights? Because if human rights are applied then most of the other problems can be solved. And if you noticed, I am not even asking for all human rights. Just the ones that I believe will create a solution that can be functional and will not put to risk our well being.

The way you think is our mistake. Because your side keeps asking for more and more, and we always give and give. What if our side had a maximalistic approach like yours and we demanded all human rights, immediate removal of all Turkish troops etc. and never compromised?
Would you come here today to tell me that the plan is balanced and fair? Balanced doesn't mean take the position of one side, the position of the other side and find the middle. If this is what balanced means, then I think we should take back all the compromises we made until today. Then the "middle" will be much closer to our views.
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Postby michalis » Sun Feb 29, 2004 2:44 pm

Alvaro de soto yesterday stressed the tragic concequences that Turkishcypriots and Greekcypriots will face If they reject the Plan at the Referendums.

There will be No future plan Other than the ANAN PLAN he said. SO both have two alternatives to choose:

a) accept the Anan Plan ( ONE STATE comprising of of two regions with their own administrative laws) or

b) accept the division of the Island ( TWO STATES : One recognised member of EU And the Other Unrecognised with a possibility to gain recognition at a future date).

There are no other alternatives to choose. The Perfect Plan that most are searching for will never arise . In cyprus Never existed a perfect plan in the Past and will never arise in the future . So comparing a Perfect plan with the Anan plan Is VERY MISLEADING and lead to wrong decisions.

On the other hand stressing the financial weaknesses of the plan is IRRELEVANT SINCE the FINANCIAL COST Will be occured in any way even under a conditional so called PERFECT PLAN. And its like saying I DO NOT WANT A SOLUTION because of the Cost. IF this is the case come and say I DONT WANT A SOLUTION CLEARLY!

Postby michalis » Mon Mar 01, 2004 12:11 pm

These all that suddenly appeared as clever ECONOMIST that know everything are these people that they are very confortable with the division of the island as they have lots of money they have a Perfect job gained upon corruption and they say Who cares about Cyprus? Who cares about poor GC Refugges? Who cares about poor TC refugees? I have Everythinh I want!

The Anan plan has been prepared by very CLEVER PROFESIONAL Ecvonomist international and anyone who comes up with these rubish to discount the professional knowledge of UN is just an Idiot. Sorry to use this language!

The Anan plan will make the Cyprus Economy much much stronger and thats what I have read from independent professional aRTICLES.

First Improving relations with Turkey we can gain access to the huge Turksih Market .Encouraging Turksih Organisations of INVESTING In Cyprus.

All these restrictions we currently experience with Turkey are eliminated .

Higher Levels of International Investement in Cyprus

Increasing Peace Stability and Secuirityu for the region.



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