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bi zonal, bi communal federation

Propose and discuss specific solutions to aspects of the Cyprus Problem

Postby repulsewarrior » Sat Oct 09, 2010 3:12 am

Two principal Communities we have, but they remain mono-clonal, torn apart, one against another; the "cohesive boundries" we have at present leaves both isolated from each other, giving neither at any time the services they would want to enjoy wordwide, island wide, as Cypriots: our free movement, association, and expression can be effected by adding many enclaves to the political geography; two (at least) National Assemblies will provide for their Constituency the services they seek as a Majority, under a Federal State, with a respect and a recognition of the special needs of Minorities amongst them.

...and yes, every one of the displaced, (and kin) should have the Right of Return. for some, as they were expelled, as communities, a complex of villages which could sustain their way of life (the enclaves i propose). they will not be walled or gated, no regulation as to an ethnic origin, but an equal vote because it is where you reside, civility that provides to most firstly, while capable and serving in other manners as well. extrapolate the diversity that could exist in either (principal) communitiy as a result. we, as Cypriots, all of us, as one United, because we are for Humanity, should agree to that, because this little island is a sacred place; not "Greek" and/or mutually exclusive "Turk". It is much more.

I'll repeat myself, Bicommunal does not mean two communities. it defines all citizens equally, without distinction, where in our Governance is a system which defends our Individual Rights along with a system where as Persons we can sustain the needs we have ourselves: this is Bicommunal.
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