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BENEFITS From settlement

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

Postby Greek Cypriot » Tue Mar 02, 2004 10:35 pm

No G/C benefits from division except maybe people that have high paid jobs in the army and some people that their areas became tourist attractions after 1974 (e.g. Ayia Napa).
Alll in all a very small percentage (1-2% max).
The rest of us have to pay a price for the division. So an OK solution would benefit the great majority of GC.

If everyone on both sides really wanted to end the division, Cyprus could not be divided this long. So, you can choose the easy way out and blame Turkish army for everything, but without cooperation of Cypriots (on both sides), Cyprus could not stay divided this long.

We made a ton of compromises over the last several years. By accepting bicommunal federation we reached bottom. We are even willing to accept many of the things in the Annan plan, but not all.
You only know to complain and ask for more and more and you can not see how much we accepted already!! You got used that we will just accept everything and you can not understand that there is some limit for everything. We reached that limit.

And, now you still say no solution is better than a bad solution, meaning you prefer division to an imperfect union, which is sad.

It is sad for you because you would gain from this "imperfect union".
Actually I wouldn't call it "imperfect union". I would call it permanent division with our signature.
Greek Cypriot

Postby tcypriot » Wed Mar 03, 2004 12:52 am

we turkishcypriots have also reached the bottom by accepting annan plan.There are tens of thousands of turkishcypriots that'll have to change their places and we'll give the south cyprus land from our administrations territory.You can never say that the land is not yours.If you look from that point of view the state at south is not yours and without us turkishcypriots there can be absolutely no Cyprus Republic(R.I.P. 1960-1963)...But you've been using the name of a common state for 40Years can you believe...4 decades of stolen statehood and you come and say us that you want to go on using the name of our dead but beloved Cyprus Republic(1960-1963).... and you dont want to normalise the current situation in our mainland.Current situation is no more than a comedy and this must not go on ike this.Can you realise how funny it is? Cyprus Republic was a bicommunal republic and although we are not there you still use its name..

Anyway if there's a solution after 21st of April then we will(or i think we should) leave these discussions to cypriot historians.If there's not a solution though i dont think there will be anything left to discuss.


Postby tcypriot » Wed Mar 03, 2004 12:56 am

* Antonis at my previous message i really missed your point.I agree with what you say.If the United Cyprus Republic is found then we wont need to discuss these issues anymore.

Postby metecyp » Wed Mar 03, 2004 3:01 am

Greek Cypriot,

Here's your problem. When you talk about the compromises of your side, you always refer to the current situation as something given (i.e. something normal and acceptable). The fact that Republic of Cyprus has been effectively a Greek Cypriot republic is, for some odd reason, perfectly normal for you. Sometimes, you even go further and try to even invalidate the rights of T/Cs in Republic of Cyprus by sayiing "Where in the world, 20% minority gets so many rights" etc. You are so used to having RC on your own!

Then, Annan plan says you need to share what you wrongly had all these years, and then you call this "comprise" because according to you, you're compromising from what you have right now.

This is wrong, you cannot call something compromise if you don't own it in the first place. If we follow your logic, then the situation in the north and all the land taken in 1974 is legitimate, and people that need to move out of "their" houses are compromising big time. Similarly, T/Cs are compromising big time as a community by giving up on their own government, however good or bad that government might be at the moment.

How can you say to a T/C that would need to move out of his/her house, "This house wasn't yours anyway" when you wrongfully had RC for yourself for 40 years and consider this something normal? And, even if that T/C did not own the house, he/she lived in that house for 30 years, and he/she probably moved from south in 1974, isn't it still a compromise to become refuge again?
You only know to complain and ask for more and more and you can not see how much we accepted already!!

This is exactly your problem, not mine.
It is sad for you because you would gain from this "imperfect union".
Actually I wouldn't call it "imperfect union". I would call it permanent division with our signature.

If there is no solution with Annan plan and so-called RC gets into EU, then Cyprus will be even more divided than today, can't you see that? I'm not claiming that Annan plan will perfectly unite the whole island overnight. Yes, it does create some divisions in governmental levels to balance the power. However, it's a starting point for union.

Can't you see that with or without your signature, Cyprus will truly be divided once RC gets into EU? I don't know how else I can explain you that Annan plan is probably one of the best shots for a solution in Cyprus, and that we should grab it.
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Postby antonis » Wed Mar 03, 2004 4:54 am

I wanted to comment on your "starting point for union". We shouldn't see the Annan plan as the starting point of something. We should make sure that the solution has what it needs to keep the state going for the first 15 or so years, until everybody's life is back to normal again. Then we can start making adjustments to the plan, if required. No solution is more permanent than a temporary one, especially of such complication.
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Postby Greek Cypriot » Wed Mar 03, 2004 10:45 am

Ok, the conclusion is that we see things in a different way and we can not agree.

I have not been able to convince you. You have not been able to convince me. I am not going to reply to what you said about RC, stolen properties, compromises etc because I already gave the answers several times. There is no use of repeating ourselfs and wasting our time. As you can see we make no progress.

Bye. Talk to you again if/when one of us changes his mind.

PS: my views represent the great majority of GC and this will be shown at the polls (wait and see).
Greek Cypriot

Postby michalis » Wed Mar 03, 2004 1:11 pm

The UN would never propose a PLAN that could not even Function. If the Anan plan could not function then the Belgium and swisse system that the Anan plan was based would Collapse OVERNIGHT , Yet these both countries have a system that is not only functioning perfectly but they have powerful economies as well.

Functionality is highly determined on the People who will make the Plan to function and not the specific LAWS And policies.

There is no alternative plan than the ANAN Plan, this has been stated very stronly by UN . So Even If you wait after 1 may to solve the problem the Anan plan will come back Again.

Postby michalis » Wed Mar 03, 2004 2:44 pm

It is very tragic to Criticise and Criticise and propose Nothing instead!

Postby michalis » Wed Mar 03, 2004 5:48 pm

AND suddenly all became great economist to identify the weaknesses of the PLAN ! Thinking that all those that have prepared the plan are elementary school students ! WHAT A COMEDY!

Postby tcypriot » Wed Mar 03, 2004 7:09 pm

Michalis i agree with your messages compatriot.I also agree with Antonis about the fact that the new situation shall in no way be seen as a temporary solution.


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