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Bi-zonal or Bi-communal defies the point of a Federation!

Propose and discuss specific solutions to aspects of the Cyprus Problem

Postby repulsewarrior » Tue Oct 23, 2007 12:14 am

I have mused in the past about English being our only Official Language without much consideration by others.

But Greek and Turkish thrive on this island as do the Maromites, and many others.

Please consider, the future: peace in the Middle East, an end to the famines in Africa, perhaps
new worlds discovered. Even without those things, do you think, with our membership in the EU,
that the demographics of this population will not change in twenty, fifity, or two hundred years?

Sustaining cultures is not racists. Having an exclusivity over a culture is. Culture in Cyprus suffers
because language has become a weapon in an adversarial affair, rather than a competitive tool to be
used with our global partners.

I suggest that even with a small population it is as necessary here as it is in Palestine/Isreal to allocate the
territory as a precious resource, in a manner where important decisions are universally accepted by a democratic means, "federally" and locally, as a Nationality, a population can sustain itself with its form of (democratic) self representation, on the territory over which they have a Jurisdiction to serve. No contradiction in the ideal. The Federal State will protect the interests of all it's citizens equally, as Individuals. As majorities, having self representation, the duty of these citizens will be to reflect this respect for minorities reciprocally.

Bi-communal means having a State, and in the case of the Republic of Cyprus, it would also have a National Assembly for each Zone, both geographically having many parts, being Bi-zonal as well.
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