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Voices of the medieval age

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

Voices of the medieval age

Postby Humanoid » Fri Mar 05, 2004 12:27 am

2004-03-03 | Politis | Κώστας Κωνσταντίνου
“The Annan Plan is disastrous! Is cursed! Is evil too!” shouted on Sunday Metropolitan Pavlos of Kyrenia the top of his voice. Thus, your Eminence, to make it clear, did the nameless devil come down, or to be exact come up, and said to Annan “get pencil and paper and write down”? And so, did he sit down and wrote the evil lines of his plan? Oh! God! What terrible things! However, we should praise God. If there wasn’t for Metropolitan Pavlos of Kyrenia to realize the dirty tricks of Evil what would we have done? No, no... No matter what, his Eminence should go to Nicosia Airport and exorcise the place, hoping to reverse the curse and defeat the Evil One.

But, your Eminence, if the Annan Plan is indeed a masterpiece of Satan, shouldn’t its supporters have been obedient organs of the Evil? Dark angels, in other words. And they are among us, your Eminence! Have mercy… What do we have to do in order to save the people and the country from the disastrous plans of the Antichrist? Should we consider the possibility of burning the mischievous evil before spread itself? What do you think? Should we throw the servants of satin at stake? To make sure that they would not infect other people.

So, thank God, we have Metropolitan Pavlos of Kyrenia and the rest prelates to guide us in these difficult moments. Paphos Metropolitan said the day before yesterday: The decision on the Annan Plan should be taken not by the people, but by the “political and spiritual” leadership, which would “guide the people what to do”. In other words, we should let his Eminence Metropolitan of Paphos, the Kyrenia Metropolitan and the rest decide on our future. Excellent idea. Indeed, looking back to our recent History, we have experienced only good things from the involvement of priests in politics, haven’t we? So, the Column suggests replacing Papadopoulos (prior to starting slapping De Soto and Weston for daring telling him how to negotiate…), giving our prelates carte blanche to handle the fate of our country. Let’s establish the Cypriot Theocracy and put our Holy priests in charge, instead of President and Ministers. As Iraqi people have Ayatollah, “Sign of God” in Greek. We should do the same. Let’s establish the dignity of the Godsend, ie. Kyreneia Godsend, Paphos Godsend etc. Nevertheless, there is only one question: Are the members of Synod included in our leadership? Because Paphos Metropolitan talked about “political and spiritual leadership”… Unless he meant “political and business leadership”. Does such possibility stand?

The satans in the house of God... Thanx God that some GCs actually some real children of God are awared of them....


Postby PEACE » Fri Mar 05, 2004 5:48 pm

Priests should not mix to politics! I think their duty is not making politics! :wink:
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