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no future

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

Postby mehmet » Sat Apr 03, 2004 6:51 pm

I understand your point but the histories of UK, USA and Austrailia are unique to those societies and elsewhere in this website an explanation was given as to why positive discrimination exists within the USA to enable black people who historically as slaves had few rights as an ethnic minority to try to prosper within society to try to overcome the hadicap of the original discrimination. I am pleased for you that your relatives don't suffer discrimination within UK, USA and Austrailia and I don't claim to be a victim of it in the UK either but I am still aware that if you are visibly different to the majority group in this society you suffer abuse and discrimination even within a society where recial prejudice is addressed by the law.

Now let's get back to Cyprus.... if you can't understand why Turkish Cyprtiots need the reassurance of constitiutional guarantees contained within the Annan plan (as well as in 1960 constitiution) then clearly division will remain. It is not the UN that caused this, you know why but lets not talk history at this moment because we are trying to find a way forward.

Yo are aware that Turkish Cypriots suffer discrimination when they were an ethnic mionority within a multi ethnic state. I wont bore you by listing the villages Turkish Cypriots evacuated until 1974 in order to seek safety in numbers. I wish they in Cyprus could forget it too and start again but that is easy for me to say living in UK. I don't know why you think Annan plan permanently divides Cyprus, I knowe of no other country where the future is so clear that people in those countries could tell you what political situation will exist with any certainty in the next 5 years let alone long term. Division exist already for 40 years, it is not going to start on May 1, that is reality for everyone in Cyprus. What is at issue is whether Cypriots together will show some trust in each other. Elsewhere on this website it has been commented that since borders were reopened people have been well recieved on the whole.
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