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Internet Access in Limassol

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Internet Access in Limassol

Postby Lazy3000 » Thu Apr 07, 2005 11:49 am

Hi, everyone!

Does anyone know, if there is an alternative to CYTA ADSL Internet service offered in Limassol for home use?

Or, probably, Wi-Fi hot-spots?

I heard, that Electricity Authority will be offering the Internet over its network..

Does anyone aware?

Thanks in advance for your replies,
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Postby Hazza » Thu Apr 07, 2005 6:27 pm

There are 2 companies that are using the Electricity Authorities poles. You have Cablenet and Primetel.

Cablenet (Who i used to work for) dn't have the technical knowhow and are in huge financial difficulty. They use co-ax cable then connect their nodes using 16 strand fibre.

Primetel (Who I now work for) use 72 strand fibre optic cable throughout the network. At the moment we are offering very hight powerd internet connection to large firms. Once we pull enough fibre on the poles, we will be offering internet, cable television and telephone service.

So you know which our lines are, you get the standard 5 lines from the electric board on the poles. Below that more lines are going up. Ours and cablenets. Ours are the ones just below the electric boards lines, and cablenets are at the bottom.
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