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USA will Secure the functionality of the UN Plan.

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

USA will Secure the functionality of the UN Plan.

Postby michalis5354 » Wed Apr 14, 2004 6:39 pm

The Whole International Community and especially the USA will guarantee and secure the functionality of the UN plan according to a highly USA Officer.

USA will also contribute significantly on the financial aspects of the plan. This Thursday a fund raising commitee will be establised in Brussels to collect Funds among the whole interntional community to support the financial aspects of the ANAN UN Plan .

USA will donate significant funds on the above campaign and encouraged the whole international community to donate for the above purposes.

Thomas Weston and some other USA Officer will represent USA on the fund raising committe this Thurday in Brussels.
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Postby Piratis » Wed Apr 14, 2004 11:52 pm

For the US and all other foreigners what matters is to have their interests secured.

The examples that prove this are numerous.

Take the example of Turkey: The US for ages supported and still supports violations of human rights, imprisonment of people because of their political views (did you know that Erdogan went to jail because of a poem?!!!!), and a state were the army plays a major role. USA doesn’t care about the human rights and the well being of the average Turkish citizen. What they care about is to have a state in Turkey that will be friendly towards them and serve their interests.

Israel example: Palestinians are killed every day. Human rights are violated every day. Israel posses nuclear weapons. Whats important for the US though is that Israel is their ally and nothing more.

Iraq example: Sure, Hussein was a dictator. But you have to be stupid to believe that the US went in Iraq to destroy WMD or to bring democracy. What they care for are not the people of Iraq but oil. For them a perfect solution is not the one that will serve the interests of Iraqis, but the one that it will serve their own interests.

Also, the examples of puppet governments and banana republics that the US supported are numerous.

So, yes. The US will make sure that what will happen in Cyprus will be something that will serve their own interests.

They don’t care at all, neither about our human rights nor about our well being. Also, what happens today in Iraq, what happened in Vietnam etc, shows that US can not always made the right calculations and they screw up.

Therefore stop telling us that the Annan plan is the perfect solution because foreigners support it. The only one who can judge what is an acceptable solution is us and nobody else. We are neither less smart, nor less educated that those foreigners and we are the only ones that can take decisions that will serve our own interests, no foreigner will do that for us, not even Greece.
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