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Saying "OXI" Never Brings A Good Solution

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

Saying "OXI" Never Brings A Good Solution

Postby PEACE » Sat Apr 17, 2004 8:04 pm

Lately "OXI" sounds are being heard from Greek Cypriot side.
I think most of the "OXI" supporters are planning to get more after they enter to EU ! They are thinking that Turkey can give everthing in order to enter to EU! So if Turkey rejects what Greek Cypriot demands they are thinking that they will force Turkey to give more concessions.But they are forgetting something!If they become the peace preventer side they can't blame Turkey for the problem! Cos Turkish Cypriots are going to say "YES"! Also Turkey did everthing for a solution!

After becoming peace preventer side what are they going to say?

-Turkey prevented peace and its guilty ?

-We wanted to unite with goodwill and TCs rejected so they are guilty?

We can't stay under embargoes because of Greek Cyriot's no answer to solution!

Why we have to pay be bill of the Gcs no answer?They are saying no and we are saying yes but why we have to still suffer from embargoes? :?

In order to supply the continuation of embargoes what are you planning to do? Are you planning to get support from United Nations? How?
You will spoil the goodwill of UN!

Its natural that innocent side can't pay the bill ! (I'm talking about 5th Annan Plan )Although Turkey did many illegal things in North Cyprus and prevented peace for many years.But situation now is so different.Turkey showed its goodwill during negotations and also Turkish Cypriots accepted the new order ! Up to now we were paying the bill of Cyprus problem! Because peace spoiling actions were coming from our side ! But now?

Saying no will seperate the island forewer.Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus or TRNC in short is an illegal thing that will never be recognized!
But as you know embargoes can be lifted.Now we are hearing "Taiwan Type" for TRNC.So North Cyprus' economy will be much better.Also USA and EU said that they won't let the side that showed goodwill for solution to be damaged!

Also its not a good situation to be in high tension with a country near to you!Each side will live in war fear ! Our countries will spend so much economical sources to army !

Now lets think about your plan worked and you got all of the things you wanted... A solution can't continue that is not satisfying one of the sides!

On the other hand if this solution type didn't satisfied you its better to say "OXI".Because i beleive that if you accept it while you don't want to accept after solution you will cause problems! I'm sure GC liders will complain from new order and will try to change it !Thats normal when someone don't want to accept but it accepts because of pressure! But if you say NO than don't complain from Cyprus Problem !

As a solution can't live without taking support from both sides the situation of silence can't continue when you complain and try to get more with EU!

When you say NO to Annan Plan you will be happy! OK...
Will you be happy when this problem continues?
Will you be happy from this situation of Cyprus?
Will today's situation give you all you wanted?
Is it better to say YES to the Annan Plan or saying NO and accepting this situation?
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