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Chistofias Demetris, a letter sent today

Propose and discuss specific solutions to aspects of the Cyprus Problem

Re: Chistofias Demetris, a letter sent today

Postby zan » Tue Jun 24, 2014 10:44 pm

repulsewarrior wrote:let me guess Cyprus in and of itself is of no importance just so long as "you" get your cut, so that it "belongs" to you. It's not a Cyprus you want, is it zan, it is something "Turkish", something your "motherland" (read: Turkey) could accept as a tribute to "Turkish" enough. please correct me if I am wrong.

It's about just that attitude RW and why my patience runs out with even you. I am a TC as per 1960 constitution and yes I want my cut. The minute I say that you lot go for the lowest common denominator, in propaganda terms, and bring Turkey into it. I was expecting more. I really hoped that Nicos was the guy to do that, but as I have said before, he has fallen into the same old trap.
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Re: Chistofias Demetris, a letter sent today

Postby repulsewarrior » Mon Jan 11, 2016 4:00 am

repulsewarrior wrote:dear jahitty, welcome; thank-you, you get the gist.

i like this idea, enclaves, because Maronites and Armenians, (and others), have the opportunity through their National Assemblies, having a Territorial Jurisdiction, to provide for themselves as a Majority, a daily life, able to exchange socially as Cypriots, welcoming.

i like this idea because there is one State, and with National Assemblies representing the People as Persons, free to direct its energy toward its People as Individuals.

indeed 450 years from now, if Cypriots love culture, whatever theirs may be, these little jewels will be one third the way to being a Bellapias, or a Kantara.

we must choose based on Universal Principals. in our Humanity, we have chosen to express ourselves as a People, even if we identify, in some way, ourselves as Persons. This is the issue for which all Mankind waits, for us to answer as we define Bicommunal (and now Bizonal) for ourselves.

thus, two things must happen:

1) the displaced, the missing, the raped will see Justice seen as one People against this Ignorance; and for some as Communities, a return as they were forced to leave.

2) our Federal Government is free from any demographic fallout in the future whatever the bias, while National Assemblies refine the services they provide as Majorities culturally, but multiculturally.

...truly, Greeks must decide and demonstrate this willingness to be "Greeks" and form a governing body to represent this need, as equals, for its sustenance.

...they must be willing to demonstrate an equal love for this island by recognising and respecting beyond this assembly Nationally, as Cypriots a State where their interests serves the betterment of all island dwellers where within this ethnosphere each and every Citizen is without distinction equal.

Turkish Cypriots (Maronites, etc.) no doubt will see within these acts a great deal of Goodwill acting accordingly, Turkey could not refuse; potentially with a similar reform Turkey will see the benefits of a State where its distinctions are cherished too.

...obviously, one governing body is enough, however at present our population is small, this will change greatly in the near term at least doubling, and in about two hundred years five times larger than that. in those terms however we regress with a Constitution whose vision is only for today. needless to say, in this context Greek and other small ethnicities will benefit from a Governance where as Individuals and as Persons they have their say. more importantly, in my mind, this island's Heritance is retained for all Mankind's benefit, not dismissed or disgraced for a sum of money and/or political convenience.


...shaking chains.

Have you read my manifesto (lol)?
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