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All we need is visdom

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

All we need is visdom

Postby insan » Mon Apr 19, 2004 11:11 pm

How is it possible in the middle of this frenzy that they appeal to our European course and accession? How is it possible in the middle of this climate of extreme fanaticism those who cultivate it to vision European mentality and behaviour? How is it possible that those who snap at you simply because you seem to have a different opinion to be the ones who are doing all these “so that we would accede Europe first and then find a solution for the Cyprus issue”? Or is it that frenzy will stop on the night of April 30th?
?? The problem is solved… When your own people behave in frenzy, what do you need the foreigners for? You simple don’t. When the people are barking, what we are looking for is not a solution for the Cyprus issue, but for the ancient and diachronic issue of morality.
?? On May 1st, we will accede the European Union as the legitimate Republic of Cyprus. Triumph… So what? The Cyprus issue will be settled when the problem of bigotry will be resolved as well. Bigotry and frenzy, Mr. secretary general of the Party, are the essential ingredients of fanaticism. Of the fanaticism that was vanquished in Europe, in which (without realizing it) we find ourselves…


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