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Land Allocation under new plan

Propose and discuss specific solutions to aspects of the Cyprus Problem

Re: Land Allocation under new plan

Postby turkcyp » Fri May 13, 2005 11:32 pm

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Re: Land Allocation under new plan

Postby Kifeas » Sat May 14, 2005 10:37 am

turkcyp wrote:
Kifeas wrote:The plan says that those of greek ethnic origin and/or greek maternal language belong to the GC community and those of turkish ethnic origin and /or maternal language belong to the TC community.
Unfortunately for some, it does not require a DNA test.
Where will the english, german , french, etc, going to be listed?

1) As I told you I do not know how the plan propose to classify the foreigners in case of naturalizations. If it does not say anything about them then that is a missing element in the constitution and should have been corrected.

The only thing I had found in Annan Plan regarding naturalization is as follows:

Annan Plan 5 wrote:Persons acquiring Cypriot citizenship by naturalization shall also acquire the internal constituent state citizenship status of the constituent state in which they reside, provided they have resided there for seven years immediately preceding their naturalization. If the requirement of seven years of residence is not fulfilled, they shall acquire the internal constituent state citizenship status of the constituent state in which during the said period of seven years they have resided longer.

From which portion you have obtained those definitions about GC community or TC community. I would like to look over that portion too. I could not find that one.

3) But as I have said before there are many missing elements in Annan Plan, and it was not a perfect plan. Majority of TCs (including me I must add) voted the plan without knowing in very detail what it says on many things. For example I have just read some important sections, and some comments from legal analysts and made my mind and voted “Yes”. I was essentially voting “Yes” to the philosophy of the plan and trusting to the legal experts that they would not made stupid mistakes when writing it in detail.

It is way after the referendum that I have found time to go over the plan in detail, and I have realized many missing elements in it. A lot of things were not clear and let ambiguous. That is one of the reason I would not vote “Yes” for A.plan if it comes back right now. The other reason is the increase in my doubt level towards the sincerity of GCs, and the third reason was the fact that it will not become part of EU primary law.

So I would not be surprised if that portion is missing as well from A.Plan.

4) What is your point anyway? Are you trying to tell me that A. Plan was not complete. If that is your point then you are preaching to the choir.

Take care,

There is no provision for other E.U. origin to-be- cypriot citizens

What is my point?

I am trying to prove how incompatible the plan was with the E.U. aqui and the new European constitution. In a nutshell what we call a "European Solution."
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