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Foreign Investment in Cyprus?

Benefits and problems from the EU membership.

Foreign Investment in Cyprus?

Postby magikthrill » Thu Jun 02, 2005 2:17 pm

Cyprus, lowest tax rate with 10% within the EU, Business Worldwide, Banking and Asset Protection

(PRWEB) June 2, 2005 -- Cyprus is probably the only country in the world that is considered a tax incentive country and at the same time offers important international tax planning opportunities and advantages through its wide double tax treaty network.

Better tax planning is one of the many reasons why so many thousands of business people have chosen Cyprus for establishing an International Business Company.

In addition to that IBC's in Cyprus offer an excellent tool for asset protection:
- To file first position liens against assets and property closing the door to predatory litigation before it begins.
- To segregate high-risk investments from other more secure holdings.
- To protect retirement funds from possible bankruptcy.
- To provide for the transfer of assets for the next generation in an efficient and discreet fashion.
- Nominee directors and officers can allow you to conduct business transactions for your benefit while you remain anonymous.
- To access your funds with corporate debit or credit cards thereby maintaining absolute confidentiality. a team of multilingual management consultants, chartered accountants and lawyers, specializing in matters like registration and operation of IBC’s - International Business Companies, Shipping Companies, foreign investments in Cyprus and investments abroad. We know that a business needs auditors and advisors who understand their international strategy and can reflect this in their audit approach.

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