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Reasons + Conditions = Result

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

Reasons + Conditions = Result

Postby insan » Fri May 14, 2004 11:31 am

Reasons + Conditions = Result
Nothing happens by itself my friends... Facts of the past, wrong/false policies implementation, insufficient efforts for brotherhood of Cypriots, difficulties TCs faced in South from the date gates were opened, ununswered allegations regarding the past and present facts, attempts on making Grivas a hero, hypocrisy, Denktashes nonesenses and provocative actions on present Turkish government/army, incapability/disability of Cyprus political parties and leaderships, opportunist approachments of both parties, unconsciousness of vast majority of Cypriots, Cyprus medias low-level, mostly nonesense but seperatist encouragements, lack of Cypriot intelligencia force led us today...

It is sad to see that still noone tries to comprehend the facts in a reason/result relation... All of the scientific researches had been made on two communities which would present them a broader perspective on Cyprus issue, just known by a small minority of Cypriots.

I've never seen any media that refered to those sources or given the link(i.e ... I've never seen any quotations taken from those sources in any of the articles written in last two years(execpt All and all is just a bluster. Mostly...

Just a small minority have given good, honest and wise efforts for a just and peacefull solution of the Cyprus problem but their afforts haven't been enough to stop the false, mistaken, unconscious, self-interested, pre-judiced, misinformed, frightened, suspicious goings-on...

This is a natural conclusion that can't be seen by looking superficialy ...

The fears, prejudices and hatred arise from false and incomplete knowledge... but I'm not trying to say I have it all my way, I'm always willing to learn when you've got something to teach...Yes, and I'll make it all worthwhile...
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