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moving with pets

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moving with pets

Postby petedav » Mon May 17, 2004 7:38 pm

hello all
i am moving to cyprus {probably paphos} with my wife who is a canine behaviourist and we were wondering how british expats have settled in, and how have there pets addapted to the heat?
we would not wish our dogs to have to live indoors 90% of the time, do they accliamatise?
are there many pet owners? have you heard of a canine behaviourist ?
if so do you think that this sevice would be used.?
thank you all in advance
best wishes
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moving with pets to cyprus

Postby annecollings » Sun Oct 24, 2004 9:43 am

Since May you may or may not have moved to Pafos by now. Anyway, I have lived in Cyprus for a number of years (Limassol/Larnaca areas) and always been involved with animals here. 8 years ago I rescued a GS X and 7 yrs ago a pointer. These 2 dogs have been back to the UK with me and then returned to Cyprus (expensive business!!) and they have adapted to both lifestyles very well. There was may be a little disorientation when they went to the UK but not a lot when they "came home". My partner bought his dog with him when we returne to Cyprus and she has adapted very well.

There is a possibility that a canine behaviourist would have some work here, I would think mostly by Europeans living here. I get plenty of work as a dog groomer, but mostly from Europeans. I have recently been asked by a Cypriot and Swiss what they should do with their dog. It is only 1 year old, a rescued dog from a pup and bites them, growls at them and generally rules them. They are at their wits end and the only answer I can offer is to have the dog euthanised - very sad, I know, but I don't have any other answer and they probably wouldn't pay for a behaviourist to sort it out.

Be very careful when walking your dogs in Cyprus. Avoid long grasses where there could be snakes in the summer. And also beware of poisons put down for snakes and rats. I live in the countryside and always carry antidote injections with me.

Hope you are enjoying sunny Cyprus now.
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