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Driving from Cyprus to England. What do i need to know??

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Postby bill cobbett » Sat May 02, 2009 10:03 pm

EPSILON wrote:
bill cobbett wrote:
Raymanoff wrote:Limassol/Piraeus by ferry??? Since when???

I do so look forward to this route being reinstated. Given the number of times this subject of the Pir-Lim ferry crops up on the Forum, there does seem to be good demand for its return, but as I understand things the situation in Gaza makes it dodgy (the ferry used to go on to Israel).

(One of the Italian lines does run a cargo service from Salerno ( I think it was) and will take a limited number of passengers and cars, but it's a ten day sea journey, that stops at various places with cargo schedule taking priority. )

Greek and Cyprus governments supporting stupid projects around. Lets hope that they will discover some under the table money for them (ministers) in order to support financially a ferry line Limassol/Piraeus

One "project" that springs ( :P ) to mind were those water shipments. How much did that cost?

In any event given the interest here in this service, I would imagine a car ferry/passenger service during the Summer months might be commercially viable.
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