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Looking for helping hands.

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Looking for helping hands.

Postby Jeriko » Tue May 25, 2004 10:40 pm

Sorry to bust in like this,I doubt I'll be able to post regularly here,I already visit I think over 4 forums...
Anyway I making a PC game,
and what I made until now is purely on my own.I coded,modelled,made textures...
But I'm not an idiot,I know that this game will take me the whole of the summer,unless some people help me.If there is ANYONE you know who is into these things and lives in Cyprus, PLEASE tell him to contact me.
I live in Lefkosia.
NB:This game is and will remain forever free.If you think otherwise that's your choice,but if you try to make profit(for anyone,even myself) from the game,I will chop both your hands off.

Please help this game project.I will finish it sooner or later.The more hands on deck the sooner.But I will never stop until this is finished.

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