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The role of travel agents and tour operators

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The role of travel agents and tour operators

Postby ebils » Mon Jul 13, 2009 1:15 pm

Travel agents perform an intermediary function between the tourists and the providers of transport and accommodation. The tour operators carry out an organizing function in which they combine the individual component of a holiday into a product. This product is marketed on their own account and risk.

In Kerala ayurveda treatment packages had many takers after the government undertook the initiative of promoting ayurveda as a major natural healing system that was in use since ancient times. Ayurveda is always promoted as the ‘science of life’ mainly because it used only the natural oils, pastes and other medicinal potions sourced from rare medicinal plants.

The ayurveda treatment packages were an instant hit when it was launched a decade ago. Scores of domestic and even international tourists were attracted to this concept. The main attraction with this type of treatment was the total absence of any side effect. Along with the treatment packages, some of the ayurvedic resorts even introduced rejuvenation packages. These rejuvenation packages were rather costly, but it resulted in attracting a vast majority of the local tourists also that have ignored such packages and treatment practices in the past. Ayurveda received a major boost only when it found more clients in the West. Just a few decades ago practitioners of the traditional medicinal systems were looked down with disdain. Today, the ayurvedic packages cost much due to the phenomenal increase in demand from all quarters.

Almost all the ayurvedic resorts had to rely on the assistance from the tour operators to promote the health packages. The travel agents and the tour operators could attract more visitors by taking a leaf out the marketing strategies followed by their counterparts in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Very recently, even the ayurvedic health resorts are suffering a major setback. This is mainly due to the problems associated with dubious massage and rejuvenation centers offering ayurvedic health treatments using medicinal plant preparations of doubtful value which resulted in more harm than good.
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Postby cyprusgeoff » Mon Jul 13, 2009 1:37 pm

I bet this doesn't catch on in Cyprus or even get anyone interested.
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