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The Dark Side of The Moon - Both Side of The Medallion

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

The Dark Side of The Moon - Both Side of The Medallion

Postby insan » Mon May 31, 2004 8:08 pm

Dear friends,

What I'm wondering is that why hadn't the crimes and criminals of 62-74 period been investigated after the coup and intervention in 74? As far as I know neither the both communities leadership nor three guarators demanded such investigation and prosecution of the crimes and criminals of the Cyprus targedy? I think truth is hidden in this questions answer...

GC administration just arrested Nicos Sampson and a few Eoka-B mobs, judged and sentenced them for a few years imprisonment then released.And alleged that some Greek officials helped most of the Eoka-B members to escape abroad.

If any of the relevant parties or a group of Cypriots demanded investigation of the crimes and criminals of Cyprus tragedy I'm sure the other who might reject it; would be the more guilty one ... and actually the matter ain't who committed more crimes than other?

The matter is injusticeness regarding it... Thousands of Cypriots lost their lives and properties which were giving them life support. The young generation of the 60s and 70s wasted their valuable times in this stupid gang fight. Majority of TC community kept suffering after 74 because of statusquoers unjust administration and the embargoes on their regime. They administrated North patisantly and mostly served their %30 supporters benefits. They imported settlers, exploited them with some GC properties and a minimal wage in order to get their votes maintain their illegal regime. I define it as an illegal regime because they neither demanded investigation of the injustices of pre 74 nor they established a just administration for whole TCs.

On the other hand RoC too didn't demand any investigations regarding the crimes and criminals of pre 74. If they wished they were able to demand it. I believe that if the crimes and criminals of pre 74 had been investigated everything would be clarified; the truth determined, rights vindicated and justice obtained. Then Cypriots would love, trust and coexist with each other more than ever, I'm sure...

We still have a chance to demand investigation of the crimes and criminals of the period 1962-2004. The Cypriots who wish a just solution are able to demand it. I'm sure of that if they demand it everything will be solved lawfuly and justly. They will get all of their rights back and learn the truths... By learning truth all prejudices, fears and hatred will be erased in their heads... This will give them confidence to live in a mixed, unitary state of Cyprus peacefuly... And this is the most important problem of two communities. They have totally different perspectives over the facts of pre 74. We are not the only ones who arguing on these issues but whole Cypriots. We are just a little mirror of our communities although we are not average Cypriots...
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Postby Oneness » Tue Jun 01, 2004 5:04 pm

Why do we not have a proper investigation in the way apartheid was investigated in S.Africa? It would be too embarassing.

Many of the most influential activists are the same peope who have been running the island on both sides.

Also, the USA has had it's tentacles around nearly all the individuals and organisations of Cyprus, Greece and Turkey which led to 1974. Why is the USA pushing for recognition and the a settlement - which legitimises the illegitimate - before all the issues are properly discussed ? Of course, it has commercial and security interests in recognition. It would also be embarassing. Cypriots would possibly be demanding more directly from the USA itself in any settlement - to make it more acceptable to both sides - rather than accepting only a "give and take" situation between GC's and TC's. If we are forced into a quick "Nai" we will be legitimising some of the actions of 1974 and of the status quo.

Meanwhile, the USA is trying to feed the carrot Cypriots in the "TRNC" ... and fuelling difficulties between the two communities... again! It is not the golden apple they would want you to believe. :)
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