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Ferry from Cyprus to Syria / Lebanon

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Ferry from Cyprus to Syria / Lebanon

Postby gnd » Tue Aug 18, 2009 3:44 pm

Dear all,

we are planning to visit Cyprus in the end of September. We look forward for it. We would like to go then to Lebanon and/or Syria by boat, as the prices for the flights seem to be quite expensive.

After googling a lot it seems like there are no ferries going to those countries.
We found a only ferry from Famagusta to Latakia ( but our schedule does not permit us to take it. (please dear greek people, dont be mad on us for considering to take a ferry from northern part of the country. we just want to travel further :)
We also found a ferry, but very expensive (its more a cruise ship) from Limassol to Beirut.
On the internet i read a post from August saying that there should be a ferry from Larnaca to Jounieh in Lebanon for 150 USD (which is still cheaper then flying) (see TripAdvisor post)

Can you please advise us some ferry or transport possibility we didnt find out so far ? Maybe you as locals know more then we can find out fromthe internet.

Thank you very much !
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