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Should the international community contribute more ...

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

Should the international community contribute more towards making a better settlement rather than expecting only compromise between GC and TC?

Poll ended at Wed Jun 16, 2004 2:30 am

Yes, she should ensure all our human rights are restored
Yes, she should accept some extra guarrantees
No, she is not morally indebted to Cyprus
No, she has no responsibility to give Cyprus stability
No, she cannot afford it
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Should the international community contribute more ...

Postby Oneness » Wed Jun 09, 2004 2:30 am

Please VOTE! Here is your opportunity to vote for what you believe about this specific issue. Here, you need not submit to other people's demands. You have the choice. The reason of this vote is to see the current overall position of Cyprus forum members.

Only one vote per person and please indicate whether you are GC, TC, T colonists, UK, US, EU or other, if possible.


Is the Annan Plan a great effort on the part of the international community? It equates to only about 5 words per Cypriot, resident or abroad!

Currently, the Annan Plan is as follows:
-1- a loose bi-communal bi-zonal federation
-2- return only 1/3 property to dispossessed owners, the rest "full compensation" (a real buying power of similar property in north? v.unlikely!)
-3- Turkish colonists, sent illegally by Turkey, remain in Cyprus mostly in occupied property
-4- Turkish troops, in reduced numbers, may remain on Cyprus soil and "intervene"
-5- lacking guarrantees
-6- legitimising much of what was previously internationally condemned as abuse of basic human rights based on UN resolutions

Does this look like the recipe for a fair workable settlement? Then why si it like this? Above all else, it keeps Turkey happy. Also, for example, the return of all property to legitimate owners may require more funds to compensate current owners and colonists to help them move. Meanwhile, the exact financial contribution of the international community is apparently hidden behind sweet sounding catch phrases (?!) Some people would like to know the contribution of USA and UK, in particular!
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