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Benefits and problems from the EU membership.


Postby halil » Fri Dec 18, 2009 8:51 pm


The Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Commerce has called on the EU Commission to get involved in efforts aimed at overcoming the difficulties being faced in the implementation of the Green Line and Financial Assistance Regulations.

The call was issued after a meeting between members of the chamber and the Head of the Task Force for the Cyprus Turkish People-Andrew Rasbash.

In a written statement, the Chamber President Günay Çerkez said that a large number of people have become victims as a result of arbitrary and inconsistent implementations in trade within the framework of the Green Line Regulation.

“The EU has a responsibility in overcoming these difficulties but has not been able to take necessary measures so far” Mr. Cerkez complained.

The President said, while passing goods to the South from the North, Turkish businessmen are facing new conditions which have not been announced before.

Mr Çerkez said that the people of the TRNC is not feeling any positive effects of the two regulations in their daily lives.

During the meeting with Mr Rasbash, the Chamber presented a report to him highlighting the difficulties being faced in the implementation of the two regulations.
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Postby SKI-preo » Thu Dec 24, 2009 1:43 am

It is very difficult(probably impossible) for the EU to do what the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Commerce is asking. Ultimately what the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Commerce is trying to do is maintain/cement division. It sounds like the Chamber of commerce has nothing to do with commerce and more to do with prehistoric ethnic politics.

The EU is not stupid and can see what they are trying to do. It makes makes much more sense for the EU to require integration. I think that the fairly successful Norwegian legislative regime requiring a minimum of 40% female directors on the boards of public listed companies is something that would be useful. Talat and his girlfriend should implement a parallel corporations law program strictly requiring say 20% Turkish Cypriot membership of all boards of publicly listed companies. I also think given the fact that females are currently graduating in higher numbers it makes sense to get more women in executive positions.

Businesses will then be about business not primitive ethnic politics. Cypriot corporations will benefit by drawing on the country's diverse ethnic make up and for a tiny place like Cyprus this makes more sense as corporations can utilize the entire educated population. Not just members of ethnic group A or B.

Integration through quotas should be enforced strictly across the board including the make up of political parties and trade unions.Maybe even the national soccer team should have a quota.
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Postby boomerang » Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:07 am

what the bayaraki boy is saying is we want the EU to get involve when it suits us and we do not want the EU to get involve when it doesn't...

make up your bloody minds you morons...
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Postby Malapapa » Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:22 am

SKI-preo wrote:Maybe even the national soccer team should have a quota.

Not sure quotas are necessarily a good idea; certainly not in football. Look at a fellow EU member, not known for its racial tolerance, France...


Winning teams in all fields tend to pick the best people for the job.
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Postby larnacaman » Wed Aug 11, 2010 9:09 pm

This is an old Thread now, but still relevant, as nothing here ever gets solved fairly and squarely!!

The EU will not get involved with anything to do with the bickering morons that cause and keep the divisions between the two sides going. They see it and have stated it publicly, that the problems here is a merry-go-round sustained by the FEW!!!

So, identify these sustaining blocks on ''Both sides'' to any advancements, and get them the hell, out of the way. Replace them with ''Free Thinking'' individules who's only purpose, is to do the job they have been employed/commissioned to undertake, without any of the ulterior motives we have been seeing here for years.

Old men with vengeance, should be put out to pasture, there's no place from them in the modern world, and especially not here. ...There just too dammed dangerous to have around, and in the long run will cost you time money and the ultimate goal ...Unity....

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