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TC teachers offer Greek lessons

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)


Postby Mustiejodu » Fri Nov 27, 2015 7:09 pm

paliometoxo wrote:
Acikgoz wrote:Think it's a great idea.

Anything happening like that in the South? Oops sorry forgot that it is the land of the haters in the South - funny that guess you're like the American south back in yesteryear - the land of the bigots and racists.

Authorities won't stop it. A language is not a body, an organisation, something you have to make a point against. Hard to make a point against a language - Greek language isn't the cause of our isolation, it's the bigoted people of the South.

I'll take the other side to the bet - Palio - you're in for $100 yes? - shall we say loser pays up in 3 months?

its been happening int he south for a long time we just dont feel the need to announce it on the news.. its a big deal for the north because everyone knows how much they are trying to turkify the north so its a very big shock to most..

i met tcs who come in the south to avoid army and like greek better then turkish,,

Your only learning Turkish for intelligence purposes . Who do you think your kidding . Never heard so much bullshit .
infact when you go for a job goverment jobs you have to speak turkish english and greek.. in the north do they give a fuck if you speak greek? NO

infact all the tcs are taking the jobs... would the north hire a gc in a million years anywhere in the goverment jobs? even if its just picking up the bins?!? i think NOT..

i had tc friends in the south working for the ID card and passport desk i had tc friends working allover in goverment jobs while i couldent have anything because i dont speak turkish.. but yes we have been teaching it for many years... you cant compare the south to the north invaded because the north doesent give a shit.. we have nothing in the north while we give everything to the trnc citizens

I'll take the other side to the bet - Palio - you're in for $100 yes? - shall we say loser pays up in 3 months?

your on!! the turks are even baning turkish cypriot dialect which is probably banned because the gcs and tcs have so many words in common you really think they will allow the teaching of greek?!!?

just like in turkey they allow kurdish language to be tought right??

or did the goverment state on tv its not a language to be tought?? and thats a muslim language whatever.. you do you think they say about greek!?! haha

easy money ;p
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