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Postby cyprusgrump » Wed Oct 05, 2005 6:02 pm

sneezing7 wrote:Out of Curiosity can I use Playstation online via Satelite?????

I have asked Cyta, and they have NO idea if their system is compatible with the Sony Network.

Yes and… er no. :)

We provide a LAN connection from our satellite modem which can be connected directly to a PC or via a router to any other LAN enabled device. We can even support Apple computers which I understand that Cyta doesn’t have drivers for (but that might just be ISDN, I can’t remember).

The ‘problem’ is that the round trip to our satellite and back (33,000Km away!) introduces a latency (or delay to you and me) of around ½ second so playing fast-moving games on your PS2 might put you at a disadvantage.

However, I have another customer that played games via his Cyta dial-up account that found the average latency while playing games was 400-600mS anyway so you might not find it a disadvantage if you currently dial-up.

Bottom line is we can connect you and don’t prevent you from playing games on our network. :wink:
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