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4 peeps and a baby

Visiting Cyprus? Ask any questions you have here.

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4 peeps and a baby

Postby karl » Mon Feb 08, 2010 3:00 pm

Hi everyone my first post on here, hope its as freindly as it looks.
My wife, her parents myself and our little 6 month old daughter (now) so add on as many months as appropriate for time of travel)) are seriously contemplating going to cyprus (paphos) early this year, we have considered as early as march but that depends on weather and wether theres much open then.

So my questions? firstly taking our little toddler, we are contientous of what we feed her in regards to much salt and sugar, and like to give her fresh ingredients if we can and of course is only just weaning at the moment so has anyone any experience of taking children this young, are there any concerns or tips to offer? secondly march, I know its not going to be blisteringly hot but is it a comfortable tempreture / sunny? and is everything open/ as available as it would be later on in the year?

depending on the response regarding time of year we might consider going about may time, I assume that would be warmer. Any info would be great thx. Karl.
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Postby apc2010 » Mon Feb 08, 2010 10:31 pm

Hi there march is a very hit and miss month regards weather ,but things should be open by then (we hope) .You might find may a better options but could be hot for a young baby.My advice is go online and check average temps.good luck
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Postby EricSeans » Mon Feb 08, 2010 11:15 pm

We drove from UK to Cyprus with a baby the age of yours and also a toddler and have lived there through the spring and summer months. Sensible precautions re sunscreen and staying indoors 11am-3pm prevailed for the hot season. Our baby was on extended breast feeding but for solids Cyprus has loads of fresh wholesome ingredients. Cypriots are very child-orientated so people would always help with warming milk, heating food, bottles etc. It's a great place to bring your baby.
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