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A few thoughts

Propose and discuss specific solutions to aspects of the Cyprus Problem

Postby repulsewarrior » Sun Mar 28, 2010 6:11 pm

...indeed, i'd love to.

yialousa, cyprus is "Greek" today, so to is Greece, but if you love the diversity of this planet, consider this language (and its culture) is threatened with extinction simply because of it size relative to a whole.

what is your fear? that things will not stay the same?
beyond Greek, what about the whole; and equality.

as "Greeks", our tolerance is measured. as Persons we fight for our Identity. but as an Individual what do we fight for? The Justice you seek, is it not Universal?

consider Cyprus, it's relics, the Heritance it has is not all Greek. More importantly as a whole, their wealth benefits most greatly all of Mankind. they have survived because they are living. never mind the romantics of what was, the world has evolved, our isolation as an island ends, and with our membership within the EU we embrace the changes which came with an end to the Industrial Age. beyond the Modern Age, comes the Processing of thought and in that to survive we, Cypriots, must provide a useful service, since we are so small, beyond our own cultural boundaries. Example, our efforts in English on this forum. there are Nations and States. No one can separate my bonds with Greece because I am by origin "Greek", it is a National identity. as a Cypriot i chose to accept the challenge of Sovereignty for our self representation, Bicommunally, meaning as Individuals we are united in defending our Basic Human Rights, and as Persons our Rights are equal in sustaining our distinctions as National Assemblies. what happened to the Communal Chamber, ask yourself; but since no one discusses this shame the truth of the matter is revealed, a cowardice on both sides. furthermore, if your "Plan B" is to allow the island to be torn in two, you would still be a "Greek" but Cyprus ceases to be. Greece did not give us this great gift, a chance to end our subjugation, directly, Humanity did that through the good offices of the UN. Like Greeks as "Greeks" we can show the members of this global community a way further. As Cypriots, we can choose to provide sustenance to "Greeks", "Turks", "Maronites", "Armenians", "Romes", "Jews", and others, where as Persons they can sustain themselves.

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