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Cyprus beaches some of the cleanest

Visiting Cyprus? Ask any questions you have here.

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Postby BOF » Sat Jun 12, 2010 8:21 am

bsharpish wrote:Low nutrient levels.
Lack of deepwater currents from the atlantic via Gibralter.
150 (or so) million fish eaters around its shores.
5000+ years of significant fishing.
Limited circulation and volume of water concentrates pollution and stratifies water affecting oxygen level.
The aswan dam reducing nutrient input.

Pick any or all of the above factors

The Aswan Dam was a major disaster for the Med i agree.
I Dont think the millions of gallons of untreated sewerage flowing from Gaza can be helping.. fish is off the menu for a while.
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Postby Gasman » Sat Jun 12, 2010 9:27 am

Oracle can explain about the dog poo. Cypriots do not pick up after their dawgs and nor does she - it's ridiculous to be so hung up about it (apparently)!

As for Brits and sunblock - cheap shot Oracle for another chance to bash the Brits (your HOST countrymen) but that's the best laugh I've had for ages. More proof you know very little about life in Cyprus.

It's the LOCALS who slather it on one another all day on the beach - they are paranoid about anything to do with 'beauty' (check out BODYLINE on every corner!) And they have to be extra careful after all that depilating once they've lost the protection of their fuk oats (the blokes too). Most of the old cypriot blokes are covered in thick hair from the shoulders down. All the younger ones are shiny and hairless as a baby's bum! (Well apart from the almost obligatory ridiculous long pony tails. I think that's a 'Greek' thing!)

Whereas everyone knows why they call Brit Tourists 'BEETROOT PEOPLE' - it's because most of them don't have the sense to put sunblock on before going out in it! They are used to weather where it takes you a week to turn from pale blue to white in the sun! I am sure you must see them in their thousands in Pafos and Polis both British outpost towns! But then as you claim that most people in the UK think you are 'English' going on appearance and until you tell them you are GC, I'm also sure you have to use plenty of it too on the rare occasions you step onto these shores.
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Postby grote smurf » Fri Jul 16, 2010 9:27 am

I've been a week in N-Cyprus now. And been shocked by the rubbish on the beaches. For a region which is so dependent on tourism, I don't understand they let this happen. I wont be coming back because of this and with me many others.
They expand the roads which is totally unnesesairy (i'm here in peak season, no traffic at all) and waste money on 100's speed cameras but they let thier counrty deterriorate... They should fine on littering instead of speeding.
Could be so nice... what a shame.
grote smurf
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Postby Gasman » Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:08 am

Check it out:

Mention these eyesores and get told to fuck off out of Cyprus - didn't you know it was the tidiest, cleanest of places on earth? Everywhere else comparing badly to it (apparently)
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