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Postby IMPOSTALIEDUS » Tue Jun 29, 2010 2:29 pm

The problem gasman is ,that when you live in the country perm, you only notice the normal price rise, for instance ,just 3 years ago the gb pound bought 1,45 euro ,so if a coffee was 3 euro, a tourist was paying aprox 2 pound,a few months ago when people were booking thier holls the euro was 1.08 making the cup of coffee nearly 3 pound. this is only on one item . when i visited the roc i was shocked at the price of of simple items , 4 coffee in debenham store 16 euro and at the time the euro exchange was on par with the pound ,so for me to pay 16 british pounds for 4 coffee made me feel so sick i could not drink it, a lot of tourists are holidaying outside the eurozone, Turkey being the biggest draw for the brits at the moment,
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