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Settlers in Northern Cyprus

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

Settlers in Northern Cyprus

Postby Turker » Wed Jul 14, 2004 1:42 am

Before the referanda, Kofi Annan asked both sides to give him a list of settlers who came the island after 1974 and inhabited at least one year in the last 5 years.

Mr. Talat gave him a list of 42.000 people or so.

That is, according to the official documents, and de facto, there are not more than 45.000 settlers. Statistics that claim it to be over 100.000 is ridiculously exaggerated.

I want to state something here. Please, please don't form your oppinions only with the documents of your nation, but also look up the resources of the other nation's or neutral ones'.
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