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Germany supports demand that Ankara must recognise Cyprus

Benefits and problems from the EU membership.

Germany supports demand that Ankara must recognise Cyprus

Postby fi » Thu Aug 04, 2005 7:34 pm

BERLIN - Germany’s conservatives, staunch opponents of Turkish European Union membership and tipped to win elections in September, yesterday backed French comments casting doubt over an October 3 start to Ankara’s entry talks.

Raising a potential new hurdle for Ankara, French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin said Tuesday the Turks must recognize EU member Cyprus, the subject of a decades-old dispute between Turkey and Greece, before any talks could begin.

Germany’s Christian Democrats (CDU), whom polls tip to win an election slated for September 18, said they shared Villepin’s reservations and urged Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, a firm backer of Turkey’s bid, to clarify his position.

“Villepin is right. It is indeed difficult to imagine that negotiations can start with a country that has not beforehand recognized every single member of the EU,” Friedbert Pflueger, the party’s foreign policy spokesman, told Reuters.

“Ankara’s position does not make sense and goes against the spirit of the criteria set for opening talks on October 3. Now the (German) government must state clearly how it will deal with this issue,” he said in a statement read out by an aide.

Downward spiral

CDU deputy Wolfgang Schaeuble, who along with Pflueger is a key voice shaping the party’s foreign policy, thought otherwise.

“To my recollection, the Council decision was that a way be found so that Turkey must recognize all EU members before the start of entry negotiations,” he told Reuters by telephone. ... ?aid=59319
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Postby ChomskyFan » Fri Aug 05, 2005 9:02 am

I will explain to you what is happening in Europe right now, Politicians are beginning to realize their futures are at stake in especially France and Germany (elections), because of the lack of understanding of public opinion between the populace and politicians, in regards to the Turkey issue, this is especially heightened. Austrians despise the notion of Turkey being let into the EU, and their Government has mirrored this, French have also disliked it (citing it as one of their main reasons in a Gallup poll for rejection of EU Constitution) - And one of the reasons Sarkozy is so popular and now Chirac's administration is starting to become Anti-Turkish Membership, Germany is the same, the Christian Democrats have struck a chord with their dislike of Turkish Membership, and so the Schroeder Administration is following suit. I believe, having spoken to Dutch Friends, this is true in Holland as well as people are really beginning to dislike Muslims (which I don't agree with for clarification - But it's just a fact) over there since the murder of a great freethinker, Theo Van Gogh. The whole of European Governments (excluding British obviously) are starting to wake up and listen to their people regarding Turkish Membership. If Sarkozy and The Christian Democrats get in, Turkey can forget about membership, unless it changes it's militant stance regarding certain issues.
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