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Paradise Island.

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Re: Paradise Island.

Postby miltiades » Wed May 17, 2017 5:56 am

miltiades wrote:I have said this and have honestly believed it for many years now , the more I come here the more I'm convinced that this here island IS Paradise on earth . OK , I take on board the fact that I'm not here 365 days a year , I don't have to go to work - I do have to collect my granddaughter from school though - and I don't worry about the bills or other such mundane tasks.
Where else in Europe , forget third word nations , would be able to sit on your veranda , as I'm doing now , topless with shorts and ...sock-less while enjoying a cool beer , I tell you nowhere !
The weather is more than fabulous is bloody marvelous , as for the women , well after seeing Mrs Kafenes I can tell you women here are the prettiest in Europe and I know a thing or 1000 about pretty women I can tell you !!
Special day today November 11th 2011 , my gorgeous granddaughter Christina is 7 years old !! Pappou naturally will take her out after school and spoil her rotten and why not !!
Back to Paradise and the beautiful weather we are now having , it makes you forget the political affairs and concentrate on the little pleasures that cost you absolutely nothing , gazing at the clear blue sky without a cloud in sight and the sun shining gloriously
May I say , ZITO H KIPROS THE GREATEST NATION ON EARTH ( America is second )

I just had to bring this thread back to life. Almost 7 years ago on a short visit tp Cyprus i posted this.
Been here a month and s day and my views then are re enforced. 56 years ago at the age of 15 i left this island , now at the age of 71 i have re entered Paradise. Our island is indeed , to me at least heaven on earth. Let us hope that we can somehow find an amicable solution and live side by side with our t/c compatriots in peace and harmony. To all my T/C friends I say this. Embrace this island as your ONLY mothetland, the same I say to all my G/C friends, GR included.
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