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a Cypriot an American and a Brit go on a safari....

We all need a good laugh.

a Cypriot an American and a Brit go on a safari....

Postby wyoming cowboy » Wed Feb 02, 2011 12:32 am

A Cypriot an American and a Brit decide to go on a safari together

At the end of each safari they were ordered to disclose what wild animal they had killed that day to the warden.

1st day American..2 lions 1 giraffe Brit..1 monkey 2 snakes Cypriot..0

2nd day American..5 lions 2 monkeys Brit..3 lions 5 giraffe Cypriot..0

3rd day American..4 gazalees 1 snake Brit..1 giraffe Cypriot...0

4th day American..1 lion Brit..1 monkey Cypriot..7 nomistarakia

5thday American..0 Brit..0 Cypriot ...23nomistarakia

The warden looks at the cypriot and says the first couple of days you shot nothing, all of a sudden these past two days you have been killing nomistarakia, What the hell are nomistarakia?

The Cypriot walking in the jungle with my shipeto, and I see these black things on two feet, coming at me, i raise my shipeto, As soon as they see me put my shipeto up, they scream mister...and then i shoot them with my shipeto.
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Postby CBBB » Fri Feb 04, 2011 7:40 am

The old ones are the best!
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