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Things that hurts us....

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

Postby Piratis » Mon Jul 26, 2004 10:05 pm

There were many actions against not just Turkish Cypriots but Greek Cypriots by people that were theoretically responsible to the RoC. And I am not just talking about 1974 but the years before. Sampson didn't appear out of nowhere. Was it only in 1974 he act agaiinst national interest and can be classed as a 'traitor' or do you consider his actins in 1963-4 as the actions of a 'traitor?'.

I searched Google for "Samson" and "1963", but I couldn't find any information. So I can't comment on the specific question.

In any case, the president was Makarios, and everybody had to follow the direction that he wanted. I am not saying that Makarios never did mistakes and can not be judged. What I am saying is that people elected him, and therefore he was the one who was supposed to control everything and take the decisions and not anybody else.
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Postby MicAtCyp » Mon Jul 26, 2004 10:08 pm

Mehmet wrote: No I didn't know about EOKA b recieving cheques. Were these from a governmet or from overseas supporters (in the same way Irish Americans support the IRA?).

No they were from the US Government. Some department as I recal but I can’t remember which exactly. The ex-Minister of Works Averof Neofitou mentioned at a TV interview a few months ago that his uncle was getting cheques from the same source too. It is a well know fact, many Greek Cypriots in this forum can confirm that Eoka b was getting US Government cheques. Simple members of Eoka-b thought they were getting aid because of their struggle to overthrow "The Fidel Kastro of Medeiteranean i.e the communist Makarios". They thought that he was their obstacle for declaring Enosis .Those times we had Eoka B blowing up Police Stations and organising attacks against supporters of Makarios, and on the other side we had Makarios with his reserve body, and the paramilitary troops of crazy Lyssarides (ex leader of EDEK/socialist party) fighting each other. Sometimes when Eoka B would have nothing else to do they would attack innocent TCs too.

So the Eoka bs were thinking the US was helping them to overthrow Makarios whereas what the US actually wanted was the complete destabilisation of the state for the final blow, i.e the Turkish Invasion.

PS. I think Eoka b was founded in 1971. Before that it was "Ethnico Metopo/National Front", but anyway just the name differed between the two. They were both the same thing and basically had the same members.
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