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The village bird

We all need a good laugh.

The village bird

Postby mem101 » Wed Mar 30, 2011 1:23 am

I heard this joke from a cousin last time I was visiting my village. Stop me if you've heard it.

A bird flew over to church one day, and decided to make a toilet out of the steeple while he was resting there. The priest was very angry and said, "What kind of christian are you? That's sacrilege!" The imam from the mosque down the road had seen the whole thing and said to the priest, "That bird isn't a christian at all, he's a muslim! I thought you knew that!" The next day the bird flew over to the mosque, and s*** all over the minaret. The imam was clearly furious but both he and the priest were also very confused. They decided to ask, "You s*** on the church and you s*** on the mosque! If you're not a christian or a muslim, what are you?" The bird answered, "I'm a Cypriot."
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