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Salary in euros?

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Salary in euros?

Postby nina__2b » Sun Aug 21, 2005 11:42 am

Could anyone care tell me how much cyp per month do kindergarden teachers earn in Cyprus? How much is it in euros?
Can one be transfered to a public school in Greece after teaching for some years in Cyprus?
Also, is there a possibility to learn turkish there? I'm greek and I speak english, german, and a little french, and want to learn turkish. I'm very good at computers too. Could it be easy for me to find a part time job there?
If someone could answer any of my questions I'd really appreciate it.
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Postby Piratis » Sun Aug 21, 2005 12:02 pm

I can't help you much but this is what I know:

Teachers of public schools in Cyprus are paid much better than those in Greece. I guess this should be the case with kindergarten teachers. However in the private sector the salaries are definitely lower.
This is just a guess but for private sector I would say something like 500 CY pounds per month (875 Euro) and in the public sector around 650-700 CY pounds per month (1135-1225 Euro) for new kindergarten teachers.

Also, is there a possibility to learn turkish there?

Yes, in Greece there is no such possibility?

Could it be easy for me to find a part time job there?

Part time job as a kindergarten teacher or as anything?

I don't know what the demand for kindergarten teachers is right now, but if you have the skills it will not be hard to find a part time job. (but the salary of a part time job will be much lower of course)
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Postby sk » Sun Aug 21, 2005 12:38 pm

in public kindergardens the salary is good as piratis said.of course it increases every year.
i know for sure that more than 600 greeks from greece are on the waiting list to get a place as high school teachers(gymnasio kai lykeio) and to transfer back to greece when they get a place there. i suppose this should be valid for kindergarden teachers too.

ps. elementary school teachers start with 750-800 pounds(about 1400 euros) a month,it should be similar for you too.
try to contact the ministry of education in cyprus and ask first if there is a waiting list, then contact the greek one and ask if you can transfer later back to greece.
as for a part time can always work as a tourist guide since you speak so many languages....
as for learning turkish,there are afternoon goverment programs that are really cheap,where you can learn a lot of languages(apogeumatina epimorfotika programmata ypourgiou paideias).again you can find out when they start be calling the ministry.
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