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The Swedish Legend Of SkogsTurken

We all need a good laugh.

The Swedish Legend Of SkogsTurken

Postby Cap » Wed Jun 01, 2011 9:51 pm


Skogsturken (“Forest Turk” in Swedish) is a video clip about a hapless quarrel at the Djäkneberget (a well-known park in Västerås, Sweden) that went viral in 2006, after remaining in obscurity for several years. The quarrel began after an unknown man (presumably a friend of the cameraman) threw a frisbee across the park, inadvertently hitting a man dressed in white (dubbed as the “Forest Turk” due to his appearance) and causing his drink to spill over the white dress shirt. Furious over the spill, the man approached the cameraman and angrily questioned their motives, asking “what am I gonna do with my fucking shirt?” and later uttering the very original curse “Mother’s death!”

But since there was no clear motive (as it appeared to be accidental), the whole episode was deemed as hilarious and exploitable by the Swedish netizens. The video was originally called “Too Serious”, but it was quickly renamed “The Forest Turk” after the surrounding forest and spread rapidly in Sweden; there are all sorts of remixes and spoofs as well, which can be found here. The video has been also featured on Swedish television. .

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Postby CrookedRiverGuy » Thu Jun 02, 2011 12:02 am

Proving what?


Sorry, I didn't get it at first, it has become "art":
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