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How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

Postby Bananiot » Wed Aug 18, 2004 9:27 am

Bankers and priests? Sounds exciting but I much more prefer to base my inferences on the man on a sound scientific basis rather than intuition. The sound scientific basis is none else than the 50 years the man has in cypriot politics and the numerous articles which he has written and in which he makes known his ideas on the cyprob. His involment in the issue as a negotiator, minister, MP and now as a president.

Papadopoulos has never been an advocate of a federation, bizonal or whatever. He has rejected much "milder" plans which hardly included a federal system. You are entitle of course to believe, like Christofias prior to the presidential elections, that "the man has changed sior".

By the way, an extreme right winger, needs to be defined. In my opinion these people, in contemporary politics, are mainly characterised by strong national-chauvinist viwes with populist aproaches on all other major issues. Thus, its not that difficult to "brand" our politicians and I would be most surprised if Prodromou, for example, falls into a different category.
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Postby Piratis » Wed Aug 18, 2004 8:17 pm

Papadopoulos has never been an advocate of a federation, bizonal or whatever.

And this is why we call our acceptance of a federal solution a compromise.

Papadopoulos, like the great majority of Greek Cypriots are not federation advocates of course. But like most of us, Papadopoulos has accepted a federal solution as a compromise.

Papadoulos said several times that the solution will be based on a federal system, if you don't believe that he means it then this is your problem.

To me he sounds very honest and what he says is something I agree 100% with: Federation yes, but not just about anything they give to us that they call federation.
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