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Blonde cowboys

We all need a good laugh.

Blonde cowboys

Postby Smiler Brian » Fri Jun 17, 2011 6:15 pm

Two blonde cowboys, Deke and Luke, were sitting drinking in a saloon bar in the wild west when another cowboy enters the bar, beneath his arm he has the severed head of a red Indian.
The barman excitedly tells the whole bar of his long standing promise. “I hate red Indians, they killed my family and burned my house down, anyone who brings me the head of an Indian will get $1000 in cash – no questions asked”
The barman gives a wad of cash to the cowboy and he sits down to have a drink.
On the way back to the ranch Deke and Luke happen upon a lone Indian, Luke shoots him and he falls from his horse and down a deep ravine. They make their way down and find his body. Luke draws a large Bowie knife and starts to hack the Indians head off. Deke taps him on the shoulder and says “I think you should see this”.
“Quit interrupting me, I’m kinda busy” Luke says.
“No, you REALLY need to see this” insists Deke.
Luke looks at Deke who is pointing toward the top of the ravine, where there appears to be half the Sioux nation watching them.
“Holy shit” declares Luke.
“Yep” replies Deke “Looks like we’re gonna be millionaires”
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